Shelter’s Pagoda Tents: A Testament to Durability and Style for Event Celebrations

Shelter Structures' Pagoda tents have demonstrated their robustness and elegance in France, serving as a dependable and sophisticated solution for various events. Constructed in just one day, these tents were chosen for their durability to withstand storms and their capacity to host celebrations for up to 40 people within the picturesque setting of gites. The client's trust was earned through assurances of quality, timely delivery, and support in logistical challenges, reinforcing Shelter’s commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional service
Pagoda tent

Project Details:

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Built Year: 2023
Built Duration: 1 days
Sector: Changing Rooms
Tent Size: Pagoda 5x5m, 2 sides plain white, 2 sides with window
Location: France

Table of Contents


Project background

In early February 2023, the client came to us to find 25m2 structures (new or used) for his property consisting of 8 gites, to allow 40 persons to celebrate their events from the beginning of April to mid-October. The tent must be strong and resistant. Considering the required structure specifications and our project experience in France, as well as the high labor cost local, we recommended the Pagodas, which are widely used for events, parties, celebrations, weddings, receptions, etc.

Challenge & Solution

At the beginning, the client was more concerned about the quality and the delivery time, and asked if a return is possible if the product is not satisfied. After providing him the production time and the sea transportation time, showing him some of our projects we have made there, and telling him how we have helped our other clients in France to get the building permission from their government, he finally has trusted us and have made the decision and ordered.

When the order is under production, he started to consider the delivery problem and would like a door to door delivery to make things easier, especially he does not have a local customs agent or forwarder to help him with the import customs clearance. To resolve this problem, I have recommended our cooperative forwarder to get a quote and see what services they can do. Unfortunately, our forwarder could not provide the door to door delivery as requested, but we can help deliver the packages to the nearest local warehouse from the clients. The good news is the clients can contact the warehouse agent and ask them to help assist with the customs clearance and the delivery from the local warehouse house to the project site.

As soon as the tents were shipped, we have provided the full set of customs clearance documents and installation drawings, including base plate plan, structure assembly drawing, installation manual, and installation video.

When the vessel almost arrived, we kept him informed timely of the vessel arrival and asked him to contact the agent ahead of time to make the preparations for the import customs clearance, then he could collect the packages from the warehouse in time, to avoid unnecessary extra warehouse charges.

When installing the tents, the client mentioned he did not find the hooks to install the rain gutters and asked for pictures to see if he can source it locally and we have couriered the hooks when the client confirmed he could you not find it there.


From the inquiry was started, then order, shipping, and finally installation, it is a process of resolving the problems one by one for the client, to make the client feel comfortable without worries about his purchase decision. The client is very happy with the tents because there was a storm and the tents held up well, which has proved the tents are strong and resistant.


Throughout the course of this project, from the initial inquiry to the final installation, our team demonstrated a profound understanding of the client’s needs and an efficient problem-solving capability. Despite facing challenges in delivery and installation, we maintained close communication with the client at every step, ensuring his requirements were met. The ultimate satisfaction of the client serves as the greatest testament to our efforts, especially when they witnessed the tents standing firm in a storm. This not only validated the quality and resilience of the Pagoda tents we recommended but also underscored our commitment to our client’s needs. This project reaffirms our dedication to providing the best solutions and services to our clients, regardless of the challenges encountered.

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