Project Details:

Built Year:2018
Built Duration:4 days
Sector:Agriculture Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:15x25x4 m

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In 2018, Shelter Structures Warehouse was entrusted with a remarkable project in the agricultural sector in Australia. The challenge at hand was to construct a transit warehouse for an Australian agricultural trading company. This warehouse would serve as a vital hub for the inbound and outbound flow of packaged grain products.

 Located in an area surrounded by hills and forests, away from the coastline, the warehouse was set to withstand maximum wind loads of 100km/h. With a mere four-day construction timeline, Shelter Structures faced a unique set of challenges in providing a swift and resilient warehousing solution. This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, showcasing how Shelter Structures delivered a rapid deployment grain transit warehouse tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Project background


An Australian agricultural trading company approached us for their need of a warehouse, acting as a transit warehouse for the purpose of inbound and outbound of their packaged grain products. In another word, this warehouse would function as the local agricultural trading depot, storing pre-packed agricultural goods at normal temperature. 

After communication with the client, we understood that the stored items were aiming to be transported by trucks, forklifts were required to access into the warehouse. The erection location for this warehouse was surrounded by hills and forests, which was away from the coastline. By investigation, the wind load situation was not very critical, which had the max wind load of 100km/h. This factor was extremely important for our final design of our solution.

Our solution was included with our modular Arch Series tent, which also referred to as the Arch Series due to its arch roof design. Due to the reason that this warehouse was intended for the storage for room-temperature items, this kind of agricultural storage warehouse normally was designed for relatively short eave height, so we implemented of our standard 4-meter eave height in this case. In the same time, the structure had to be fully enclosed with wall panels and constructed on a concrete floor.

With decades of experience and our expertise, we integrated various features, amenities and services to the client. Ultimately, they selected the Shelter Structures A Series for their warehouse needs.

Challenge & Solution

During the communication with the client regarding our solution, we encountered several challenges. The first one was the terrain condition itself. As the construction site was on soil, according to our engineering calculations, the analysis from our technical team in designing agricultural warehouses and application to international standards, we had the conclusion that the warehouse tent structure must be erected on a concrete field. 

As a result, we communicated with the client and advised them to firstly construct a 17x27m concrete floor, which was not difficult to achieve locally. This concrete floor, together with our tent frame structure, could withstand the required wind resistance.

In addition, we designed the lighting package, ventilation system, and forklift access lanes to enhance the versatility of the warehouse as a storage facility for agricultural finished products. These facilities were integrated into our final solution which was crucial in optimizing the warehouse’s performance.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 15*25*4m size
  • 850gsm white PVC tarpaulin roof
  • Composite wall panels
  • Lighting system
  • Ventilation system with industrial vents
  • Designed forklifts lanes
  • Constructed on concrete floor

Outcome of Storage Tent

Modular structure flexibility

We stock inventory in 5-meter bay increments for the main profiles and beams of our structures, which can be rapid used in manufacturing for the clients’ required and customized structures. That was why we were able to expedite product delivery significantly by utilizing our existing column inventory.

Rapid Deployment

Our agricultural tent structures, as well as the solutions, using of aluminum alloy profiles and flexible roofing and sidewall materials, which are convenient for assembly and disassembly. In the meantime, this enhanced the overall cost-efficiency of the solution.

Durability Warehouse

Durability is another key element of our warehouse tents. Many farm sites have inclement weather conditions, heavy wind, rain and even snow that could put finished grain commodities and equipment in risk. It requires strong and durable warehousing solutions that can withstand extremes of temperature, humidity, and even natural disasters. We have various ways to reinforce the structures, for example, in the designing and manufacturing process, we can enlarge the profiles for stronger stability, or using different wall panels to empower the durability of the whole structure.


The successful completion of the Rapid Deployment Packed Grain Transit Warehouse in Australia stands as a testament to Shelter Structures’ expertise and commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the field of agriculture warehousing. Despite the challenging terrain and stringent wind load requirements, our team seamlessly integrated a modular Arch Series tent with a 4-meter eave height, ensuring efficient storage of room-temperature agricultural goods. By advising the client to construct a concrete floor, we overcame the terrain obstacle and provided a durable foundation for the warehouse.

Our dedication to customization and flexibility shone through as we implemented a 15x25x4m structure with white PVC tarpaulin roofing, composite wall panels, a lighting system, ventilation, and forklift access lanes. The result was a warehouse that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

The outcome of this project underscores our commitment to modular flexibility, rapid deployment, and durability. Our structures are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while maintaining cost-efficiency and adaptability. The Shelter Structures A Series proved to be the ideal solution, showcasing its strength in the agricultural sector.

This case study not only highlights the successful execution of the project but also serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing tailored, high-quality warehousing solutions for our clients in the agricultural industry.

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