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Built year: 2017

Built duration: 3 day

Sector: Mining Warehouse & Storage

Tent size (length/ width/ height):

15x30x4 m

Location: China

Project background

In 2017, we had a significant project in China to support a client’s coal mining exploration activities in a remote area. After communicating with the client we understood his requirements that an onsite temporary warehouse solution was needed for the storage of mining facilities and exploration equipment.

As a common sense, mining sites are often located in remote suburban areas far from established infrastructure, and the need for temporary storage for mining facilities, exploration equipment, and various materials became vital. In this case, there was quite a far distance between the mining site and the client’s offsite warehouse, which would lead to significant time and cost wasting once kept transferring back and forth between the two locations.

To ensure seamless and smooth exploration work and to meet the timeline of the task, the client accepted our proposal for establishing an onsite temporary storage warehouse. This solution not only minimized the logistical challenges but also optimized operational efficiency by providing a nearby hub for mining facilities and equipment.

Challenge & Solution: Tailored Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Our team was entrusted with the task of designing and implementing a tailor-made solution that would not only meet the client’s immediate storage needs but also ensure the specific storage functionality in terms of the mining industry. In another word, the warehouse solution needed to be versatile and efficient – considering the sizes of mining facilities, the total volume of the goods to ensure max space utilization, the access of any operational vehicles and the stability of the structure under unpredictable weather condition etc.

Fortunately, the designated location for setting up this temporary storage warehouse had a sufficient distance from the center of mining exploration, therefore there was no need to concern the damage and risk related to blast impacts and explosions. Consequently, recommending our blast resistant tents to the client was unnecessary. However, we still faced challenges with the local ground conditions and the potential severe weather.

The ground was covered with gravel, which might lead to instability of the structure. From this aspect, it was included as part of our solution that creating a relatively level surface was considerably important. Further to secure the tent, we employed a strip foundation and utilizing the expansion bolts on the floor base plates for enhanced anchoring.

In terms of the severe weather conditions, particularly strong winds, achieving the resistance of the big wind load became crucial. Our final design specified to withstand wind load of up to 120 km/h. Moreover, to achieve this, we used ABS solid panels to reinforce the tent’s stability and incorporated cross steel cables on the roof structure. While ABS solid panels could not offer significant insulation feature, but had the better reinforcing on the structural integrity of the tent.

Additionally, according to the client’s specific operational needs, we included two open spaces (two open units) on one side wall to facilitate the access of operational vehicles and personnel in and out of the tented area, which were strategically positioned to optimize efficiency and convenience.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 15*30*4m size temporary warehouse building
  • Main profile (120x350x5mm)
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof
  • ABS solid panel side wall
  • 2 Open units


Effecient for tight deadline

For mining projects, one of the most important aspects is the tight deadline. In this case, the installation period only took 3 days and it can be put into operation, which led to time and investment cost significantly reduced.

It saved the transfer time as well between the mining site and their offsite warehouse.

Flexibility of relocation and re-use

Mining facilities and mining materials are frequently needing to be relocated from one mining site to another. Because of the lightweight, these temporary warehouses are better option for mining. From the aspect of versatility of the prefab warehouse tents, they can be re-used, for instance, for storage and also can be for internal operations.


Durability is another key element of prefab warehouse tents. Many remote mining sites have inclement weather conditions, heavy wind, rain and even snow that could put mined commodities and equipment in risk. It requires strong and durable warehousing solutions that can withstand extremes of temperature, humidity, and even natural disasters.


The mining industry, with its unique challenges and remote locations, demands solutions that are both efficient and adaptable. This project in China underscores the unparalleled advantages of onsite temporary storage facilities in such settings. By addressing the specific needs of the mining sector, from the intricacies of equipment storage to the unpredictability of weather conditions, our temporary warehouse solution proved to be an invaluable asset. It not only streamlined operations by reducing transfer times and costs but also showcased the versatility and durability of our prefab tents. As mining activities continue to expand into more remote areas, the need for such innovative, flexible, and robust solutions will only grow. Our commitment to understanding and catering to the distinct requirements of each industry ensures that we remain at the forefront of providing tailored storage solutions that drive operational efficiency and success.

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