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Crafting Grand Celebrations: The 40x50M Event Tent in Lagos

Efficiently constructed in one week, SHELTER's 40x50M event tent in Lagos, Nigeria, blends stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Overcoming challenges with determination, the tent's grandeur symbolizes collaboration and commitment. The seamless assembly, cost-effective sustainability, and client satisfaction resonate as a celebration of trust, anticipation, and a commitment to crafting unforgettable narratives in the heart of Lagos.
Updated: February 22, 2024
Published: December 18, 2023
Wedding event tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2014
Built Duration:One week

Lagos, Nigeria

Tent Size:

One sets of Curve 40×50



40x50M Event Tent Project In Nigeria

Project background of event tent

In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where vibrant cultures  intertwine, a visionary collaboration unfolded between SHELTER and a distinguished windows and doors company. The genesis of this partnership traced back to the 2014 Canton Fair, where serendipity brought together two entities destined to craft something extraordinary. The client, a connoisseur of elegance and functionality, envisioned a semi-permanent wedding venue that would transcend the ordinary. Thus, the concept of a 40x50M event tent took root, a canvas upon which timeless celebrations would be painted. The discussions at the trade fair were not just about dimensions; they were the first strokes on a masterpiece that would soon grace the Nigerian landscape. The client’s enthusiastic embrace of the idea culminated in a confirmed order, marked by a substantial $5000 deposit paid on the spot. As the client returned to Nigeria, plans solidified, and SHELTER’s role expanded beyond tent supplier to a collaborative partner providing on-site support, including tailored ground plans for the chosen venue.

Challenge & Solution about a-frame event tent

Wedding event tent in Madagascar

The ambitious vision of a 40x50M event tent with a 4-meter side height was not without its challenges. The initial excitement of arrival in Nigeria gave way to the realization that efficiency levels differed from what our team was accustomed to. The tent’s grandeur demanded specialized equipment for installation, and here we encountered our first hurdle. The local facilities were not equipped to handle the scale of our endeavor, prompting us to navigate with a smaller crane, extending the timeline of installation. As the intricate dance of tent assembly unfolded, challenges persisted, particularly during the installation of main pipes. The absence of scaffolding meant our team had to resort to manual climbing, adding an element of risk to the construction process. Despite these unforeseen hurdles, after ten days of concerted effort, the tent stood as a testament to collaboration, determination, and SHELTER’s commitment to delivering on its promises. The challenges, though formidable, were surpassed, and the client’s satisfaction echoed through expressions of contentment and gratitude.

Outcome: A Event Tent of Success

Efficiency in Construction: Orchestrating Seamless Transformations

The construction process became an orchestration of seamless transformations, turning an empty space into a venue of grandeur. Swift assembly and disassembly became the hallmark of our efficiency, ensuring reduced turnaround times and immediate usability. The tent’s portability emerged as a key asset, not just facilitating adaptability to diverse venues but symbolizing the fluidity of celebration itself.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Sculpting Stability and Aesthetics

These event tents transcended mere structures; they became sculpted solutions seamlessly blending stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Every aspect, from meticulous design considerations to material selection, embodied efficiency. The aluminum alloy tents, chosen for their versatility, did not just provide a venue; they championed eco-conscious practices through recyclability. This cost-effective approach ensured that the tent not only guaranteed stability, safety, and aesthetics but also reflected a commitment to sustainability, becoming a beacon of form and function in unison.

Client Satisfaction and Anticipation: Nurturing Trust and Expectations

Client satisfaction became more than a transactional outcome; it evolved into a crescendo of trust and anticipation. The successful integration of the tent into the vibrant Nigerian landscape was not just a construction achievement; it was a testament to SHELTER’s commitment that exceeded the client’s expectations. The positive experience forged during this project not only solidified the existing collaboration but also became a catalyst for future projects, as the client eagerly anticipated further celebrations woven around SHELTER’s event tents.

Wedding event tent in Madagascar


In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, where celebrations are not just events but narratives of joy, SHELTER’s event tents have become integral chapters. They are not just structures but storytellers, crafting tales of dedication, resilience, and the promise of more celebrations to come. As the canvas of collaboration extends, each tent stands not just as a construction but as an artifact of enduring partnership, where SHELTER continues to craft unforgettable celebrations, one masterpiece at a time.

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