NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Stock Car Racing Event Tents

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event tents: Customized aluminum structures, 15-day construction, withstood 9-month usage. Modular, customizable, and suitable for temporary scenarios. Professional engineering team and turnkey solutions offered.

Project Details:

Built Year:2015
Built Duration:15 days
Tent Size:

2 tents 10x25x3 m – M series (Half A Frame)

1 tent 10x15x2.5 m – M series (A Frame)

1 tent 25x15x4 m – A series (Arch Frame)


Project background

event tents

In 2015, we were proud to provide 4 event tents for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, which was the 67th season of professional stock car racing in the US. NASCAR is a famous sports event for car fans and gathers many reputative car racers for each season. The 4 tents acted as the resting space and ceremony space for all the racers, for a 9-month period. They were seen as the temporary event shelters.

After communication with the client, we understood the events shelters need to be robust for at least 9-month usage as well as with aesthetics. They needed to be erected as a square field, two tents situated at the left and right sides, one sat in the middle and the other one located in the behind. The client sent us the 3D rendering, we noticed that each single event tent, at both ends, was half of A frame tent, and the fabric covers need to have color painting for logos. The half A frame event tents and the arch frame tent were of our M series and A series, with 166mm alu profile were implemented which were sufficient for this timeline. 

Regarding the tent in the middle, we recommended the client that in order to withstand the local weather, especially for those rainy days, our M series would be more effective and sturdy for rain-resistant than the flat-roof structure. Eventually, when we provided the designing drawings, the client accepted our methods.

Challenge & Solution of Event tent

event tents

During the communication with the client regarding our solution, we understood that the construction site was of temporary-constructed concrete terrain, this significantly increased the challenge. And considering the harsh weather during the 9 month period, how to strengthen the structures is our top priority.

Due to the span of the Arch Frame and half A frame tents, and the smaller alu profile was used for cost saving, the 166x88mm profiles, the structures needed to make more adjustment for their stability. Besides the expansion bolts, we used concrete blocks to strengthen the structures to withstand the possible 100km/h wind. Furthermore, adding more purlins and supporting bars could enhance the stability for the whole structures. So more purlins were added to the roof, together with the roof bracing.

It is very important for any of our clients to inform us the erection location and using period, from which we can accurately design and engineer the effective strengthen solution against the possible harsh weather and also can recommend the appropriate aluminum profile size to the clients. Aluminum structures are more suitable for this kind of temporary/ semi-permanent events than steel structures, which reduce the total erection time and cost.

event tents

In this case, due to the events would have ceremonies in the nighttime, our lighting package was implemented. For the requirement from the client, different types of PVC fabric covers were used for the roofing and the side walls, respectively 850g/sqm and 650g/sqm for the purpose of cost saving.

Color painting fabric needed the additional manufacturing time, normally 5-10 days more. The client provided the drawing and finally was satisfied with our final painted roof covers.

Key Refurbishment Features

event tents
    • Customized size:

    2 tents 10x25x3 m – M series (Half A Frame)

    1 tent 10x15x2.5 m – M series (A Frame)

    1 tent 25x15x4 m – A series (Arch Frame)

    • Aluminum alloy frame, 6061-T6
    • 850gsm white PVC roof and 650g/sqm PVC wall
    • Lighting package
    • Constructed on concrete floor
    • With concrete blocks
    • 166x88mm aluminum profiles

Benefits Of Storage Shelter Solutions

Modular Structure - High Flexibility For Temporary/ Semi-permanent Scenarios

Due to the modular structure we utilized, all the frames and conjunction parts were prefabricated, which showed out that no onsite welding were needed on site. All columns, bars, bracing, PVC fabrics and amenities were transported to the site for direct erection, these alu structures are more convenient and cost effective than steel structures for temporary/ semi-permanent scenarios. Easy installation and disassembly are the prominent features.

Customized Designing and Engineering

Our structures can be fully customized, including roof, walls, sizes, amenities and more. The most vital aspect is that we can design and engineer to meet your final goals. Take this case as an example, the client needed a cost saving way for the event tents in such 9-month period, we applied smaller alu profiles to reduce the overall structural cost, in the same time, using concrete blocks and adding roof bracing to stabilize the whole structures.

Every details can be customized by us, even the specific height and length; we also consider your final goals, with feasible designs and engineering, we do not comprise on the quality.    

Professional Engineer Team

Some of our clients face difficulty in selecting the right series for their structure. Our professional engineering team is here to assist you. We always recommend the most suitable series for your needs, complete with customized parts.

Additionally, in certain countries, local certifications for structures, especially temporary ones, involve strict and complex regulations. However, you can rest assured as we take care of 80% of the process for you. Our engineering team designs and provides various documents such as simple drawings, CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and mechanical reports for your structures. We also handle all the necessary paperwork required by your local institution, ensuring compliance with local standards. The remaining 20% involves having our documents certified by local authorities.

Turkey Solutions

We provide turkey solutions, not only for the structures. Your need is our priority. In this case, the client needed to hold ceremony during the night time and needed to show aesthetics for this high-end sports event, we design and provide our lighting package and color painted fabric covers to meet his needs. All our solutions are focusing on your needs and ensure the quality of our structures.

More Suitable Than Steel Structures

Steel structures offer advantages such as increased sturdiness, cost-effectiveness, and larger span availability. However, the majority of steel structures are not prefabricated, requiring on-site welding or other operations. For temporary and even semi-permanent buildings, our aluminum structures present several advantages over steel structures. These include lightweight materials, ease of international freight, cost and time savings during erection, anti-corrosion features, and more.

Shelter Structures is committed to aluminum structures, providing more than just a building.

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