Mexico 30x70m Multi-Dome Event Tent

Mexico's 30x70m Multi-Arch Event Tent redefines architecture with visionary design, eco-friendly practices, and structural prowess. A celebration of sustainability and creativity, it leaves an indelible mark on large-scale events.

Project Details:

Built Year:2021
Built Duration:3 days
Sector:Conferences, Wedding Banquets, Coming-of-Age Galas, Birthday 
Tent Size:

30m Width x 70m Length x 5m Height Aluminum Alloy Event Tent, occupying 2100 square meters


Mexico City, Mexico

Table of Contents

Project background

event location

In the vibrant landscape of Mexican event planning, a monumental challenge unfolded before us – to craft not just a tent but an architectural masterpiece for a pivotal government forum in September. With dimensions stretching 30 meters in width and 70 meters in length, the canvas for creativity was as vast as the challenges it posed.

Challenges & Crafting Solutions

event location

Architectural Innovation Unleashed

The initial challenge beckoned us to transcend the mundane and embrace a design that echoed sophistication. The solution materialized in the form of a multi-arch configuration, a departure from conventionality. This visionary design choice metamorphosed the tent into a symbol of avant-garde elegance.

Ground Realities: A Play on Sustainability

The chosen venue, a stadium’s grassy field, mandated an eco-conscious anchoring solution. Conventional methods were discarded in favor of steel stakes, driven strategically to secure the tent without leaving an environmental footprint. This not only ensured stability but also heralded a commitment to sustainable event solutions.

Structural Prowess for the Grand Stage

The client’s vision extended beyond a mere shelter; they sought a platform capable of bearing the weight of intricate promotional materials and dynamic lighting setups. The 30-meter span event tent, constructed with robust 120x250mm aluminum alloy, emerged as an engineering marvel, providing not just shelter but a canvas for creative expression.

Versatility as a Guiding Principle

Flexibility became a cornerstone of our design philosophy. The tent’s adaptability allowed for seamless transitions between different spans – 30m, 20m, and 15m. This design ingenuity not only heightened functionality but also enhanced the tent’s overall utility, catering to diverse event scenarios.

Implementation: Unveiling the Marvel in Event

event location

Aesthetic Symphony

The multi-arch configuration breathed life into the tent, transcending mere functionality to become an emblem of architectural ingenuity. Surpassing aesthetic expectations, it transformed the event space into a mesmerizing spectacle resonating with the forum’s profound significance. Each arch became a brushstroke in a visual masterpiece, capturing attention and fostering an immersive atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Anchoring Ballet

Our commitment to sustainability took center stage with the strategic use of steel stakes for anchoring. More than a practical choice, it became a choreography of eco-conscious practices. These stakes not only secured the tent but also left the grassy venue untouched, adhering to stringent environmental standards. This eco-friendly ballet earned accolades, setting a new standard for responsible event infrastructure.

Structural Poetry in Aluminum Alloy

The high-strength aluminum alloy frame emerged as the unsung hero of the event, showcasing its prowess in seamlessly supporting promotional displays and intricate lighting installations. The tent metamorphosed into a dynamic space that not only housed but accentuated the event’s essence. The structural poetry unfolded, captivating attendees with its robust integrity and adaptability.

Versatility Unleashed

The tent’s flexibility in span configurations proved to be the event’s silent orchestrator. From hosting expansive discussions in the 30-meter span to orchestrating intimate breakout sessions with the 15-meter setup, the tent effortlessly adapted to the evolving needs of the forum, amplifying the overall experience. It was a versatile stage, playing different roles with grace.


The fruition of these groundbreaking solutions birthed an outcome that goes beyond mere excellence—it’s a symphony of triumph resonating far beyond conventional realms. The Mexico 30x70m Multi-Arch Event Tent didn’t just materialize as a shelter; it unfurled into a transformative odyssey, pushing the boundaries of what an event space could be.

The transparent PVC canopy, intricately woven into the multi-arch design, spun an ethereal ambiance where natural light pirouetted gracefully. It wasn’t just a tent; it unfolded as a canvas where light and architecture engaged in a spellbinding ballet.

The deliberate use of steel stakes wasn’t merely about efficacy; it embodied a conscious embrace of environmental stewardship, seamlessly harmonizing with contemporary sustainability benchmarks. The tent’s structural prowess wasn’t a mere showcase; it stood as a dynamic canvas for imaginative expression and seamless technological integration, establishing a new zenith in event architecture.


In conclusion, the Mexico 30x70m Multi-Arch Event Tent is more than an event structure; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. Beyond being a shelter, it became an immersive journey, challenging norms, and crafting new benchmarks for future events.

This project isn’t just about pushing the envelope; it’s about redefining what’s possible in event architecture. It’s a celebration of sustainability, creativity, and excellence woven into every aspect of our endeavor. As we bask in the success of this collaboration, we eagerly anticipate future ventures, each an opportunity to continue reshaping the landscape of large-scale events. The Mexico 30x70m Multi-Arch Event Tent didn’t just meet expectations; it redefined them, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of government forums and beyond.

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