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industrial tent | February 26, 2024
industrial tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2012
Built Duration:14 days

Industrial Tent

Tent Size:

Herringbone top 25×80×4



Industrial Tent Solutions: Adaptable and Durable Design | Shelter Structures

Project Background


Shelter Structures' Cooperation with Iranian Customers

Busy streets, bustling people, neon dazzling, light color trance, also magic also true. How to describe the desire for mobility and freedom in the form of a cafe on the streets of Iran at the end of the hustle and bustle. So in the illusion of reinforced concrete and plexiglass, Shelter Structures look for a breakthrough.

Customer Contact and Needs

In 2012, we (Shelter Structures) received a contact from an important customer in Iran. The client indicated that they needed a semi-permanent industrial tent to expand their storage space and add office space.

Design Requirements

The client specifically emphasized that they wanted the industrial tent to be not only robust, but also attractive in appearance. In addition, considering the climate of Iran, the industrial tent needed good insulation to adapt to local temperature changes.

Choose the most minimalist and recyclable materials to withstand particularly dry climates to meet regional availability, long-term durability, and minimize the need for regular maintenance.

Geographical Advantage

The customer had a flat cement floor in an ideal location, which made it easy to set up the industrial tent. The cement floor provides a solid foundation for the construction of the industrial tent, greatly simplifying the installation process and ensuring the stability of the structure.

Construction Process of Industrial Tent

Given the ideal condition of the site provided by the customer, our engineering team was able to carry out the construction work smoothly. During the design and construction process, special attention was paid to the stability and thermal insulation of the tent structure to ensure that the specific requirements of the customer were met.
Finished semi-permanent industrial tent with robust ABS siding for enhanced aesthetics and insulation, tailored for extended storage and office space.

industrial tent

Challenge & Solution

Optimizing Structural Stability with Cost-Effective Solutions in Industrial Tent Design

At the beginning of the design, by understanding the needs of the customer, we understood that the local wind load is 100km/h. Therefore, we recommend that customers play all the roof steel cables to stabilize the roof and tarpaulin. However, the customer needed a more cost-effective solution, so after internal discussion, we added stone blocks to each base, which is also a cost-effective and stable structure.

Precision-Guided Assembly Process for Industrial Tents

In the process of construction, the customer's workers were not very familiar with the construction of industrial tent at the beginning, and there were some problems. We recommend that customers strictly follow the construction drawings, manuals and videos provided by us.

Construction Procedure of Industrial Tent

First, each base of the industrial tent is fixed by measuring the site size. A structural frame is then placed next to each base, standing up one unit after another. Of course, in this process, as the top height reaches 8 meters, professional tools, cranes, must be used to pull up. Next, the side wall wind bracing is fixed, and the second unit is lifted by a crane. When all the units are pulled up, the top cloth and side walls can be assembled.

Integrating Metal Elements to Commemorate Company Heritage

Several materials are used in the Industrial tent space, with the walls and ceilings still made of metal panels. The designer believes that structure is everything and painted the entire metal structural system to represent the metal color of the plant, which is intended to praise the company's materials and its image and history of more than 40 years.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Insulation

This time, in order to meet the customer's demand for beauty and heat insulation, we used ABS board on the side wall of industrial tent, which is strong, beautiful and heat insulation.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

The project is located outside the urban planning area, so the surrounding infrastructure is weak, and due to the shortage of local artisans and the rising cost of building materials, the owners need to build it themselves and reuse old materials.

Results and Feedback of Industrial Tent

Finally, based on our meticulous one-to-one guidance, the successful completion of the semi-permanent industrial tent not only enhanced the customer's storage and office space, but also met their dual needs for aesthetics and functionality. The customer was satisfied with the end result of the project and our solution was highly valued by them.

Key Refurbishment Features

Size: 25*80*4m Industrial tent, survival tent

Customized 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

850gsm PVC fabric

ABS wall panels


Our tents can be used not only for outdoor events, but also for industrial areas and reserve areas. Extremely high suitability and the customized services we provide, so that any customer needs can be met. At Shelter Structures, customer outreach and building safety have always been Paramount.

Industrial tent is available for a variety of applications

Music festival

Tent wedding

Healthy retreat

Mobile storage service

Birthday party

Festival celebration

Temporary meeting room
The solid frame of the industrial tent of this project has an expansive modular structure that can be customized for shell and use.

industrial tent

About Shelter Structures

Shelter Structures manufactures tent structures for a wide range of applications, suitable for any outdoor event or festival. The construction is not limited by the scene, the appearance is magnificent, the structure is stable and durable, and it is favored by users!

With our deep industry expertise and R&D capabilities over the past 20 years, we can offer space solutions for all types of outdoor scenes and have a strong capacity to produce and deliver industrial tents. Here you will find the perfect tent structures solution for every scenario. Every product we offer is professionally customized with a durable structural design and comprehensive space solutions that enhance the overall user experience in different Spaces.
Skilled workers and a crane are meticulously assembling the metal framework of an industrial tent, highlighting the precision and teamwork required to erect such structures.

industrial tent

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