Luxury Festival Tents Help with the 16th Farmers & Fishermen Week

Luxury festival tents shine at the 16th Farmers & Fishermen Week, enhancing event ambiance and earning media acclaim for design and practicality.

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luxury festival tents | February 22, 2024
luxury festival tents

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:5 days

Event Tent for Farmers & Fishermen Week

Tent Size:



 10 sets +pagoda


Sumatra province, Indonesia

Luxury Festival Tents Spotlight at Sumatra Event | Shelter Structures

Project background

Project size and requirements

In 2023, we were faced with a challenging project: to provide multiple high end tents for the 16th Farmers and Fishermen Week in Sumatra Province. Customers require event tents not only to show the style of high-end atmosphere, but also to have good ventilation performance to adapt to the needs of large gatherings.

After many rounds of discussion and program optimization, we finally confirmed with the customer a variety of specifications of luxury festival tents, including 30*15 meters, 10*20 meters and high peak tent.

Special requirements for government projects

Since this was a government project, and the attendance included important local politicians and many members of the public, the aesthetics and safety of the tent became the focus of the project.

Our design team carefully considered the exterior design of luxury festival tents on the basis of ensuring the safety of the structure, in order to accommodate the strict standards of government events, while meeting the needs of live broadcasting and media coverage.

The integration of cultural elements

Taking into account the characteristics of the local culture, we added vivid color elements to the design of luxury festival tents. The choice of red cloth is not only a respect for local culture, but also adds a strong color to the festival atmosphere, making the entire event venue more vivid and attractive.

Fast delivery and customer recognition

Our team's ability to respond quickly and deliver efficiently is highly valued by our customers. Under the tight time requirement, we started quickly to ensure that all luxury festival tents were set up in time.

Customers and local authorities have given our solutions a high degree of approval. From the initial communication to the final determination of the project, we demonstrated professional project management capabilities and a deep understanding of the client's needs.

The success of the project not only demonstrates our professional competence in large event tents for outdoor use, but also demonstrates our attention to cultural detail and quick response to customer needs. We are proud to play a key role in such a socially important project.

luxury festival tents

Challenge & Solution

Design challenges under time pressure

As far as this project is concerned, efficiency comes first, which comes from the real pressure of time. Under the condition that the design time is insufficient and the construction time is only 6 days, selecting a mature and fast construction system is the first task of the design work.

The project team first analyzed the area and developed a temporary building solution with a specific function, while the rest of the time was spent on actual construction. After comprehensive comparison, large event tents system becomes our final choice. This cost-effective large event tents structure has strong flexibility and convenience, and its light and transparent temperament is also in line with the spatial intent of the design.

Addressing wind challenges and safety considerations

The main feature of the site is that strong winds, combined with our design of a non-gable side post structure, can pose a threat to the stability of the luxury party tent and generate significant noise. Although it is a temporary building, the wind load requirement is still very high. To ensure the wind load requirements, our technical department also gave all the calculation reports in advance to help win the project. The main challenge in this design was that we wanted to have a good view without standing directly into the wind.

Fortunately, the tent profiles we used fully met the local wind load requirements in Indonesia. Although the construction span of this event is small, our professional team has carefully considered all possible risk factors to ensure the safety and stability of the entire structure. During the event, this high-end and atmospheric luxury festival tents project performed well and was not affected by any wind.

Key Refurbishment Features

Size:  30×15×4 10*20*4 10 + pagoda

Customized 120*300*5mm 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

850gsm double-coated white PVC fabric

luxury festival tents


Activity review

In June 2023, Sumatra province held its 16th National Farmers and Fishers Week, a large six-day event covering multiple specialized aspects of agriculture and fishing. The participants included farmers, fishermen, young agricultural practitioners, researchers, and members of the general public - a staggering 23,000 people.

The important role of luxury festival tent

With its spacious space and flexible layout, the luxury festival tents, provided by Shelter Structures, not only successfully accommodated thousands of attendees, but also unexpectedly became the focus of the event due to its excellent design and practicality.

Media attention and publicity effect

During the event, luxury festival tents received the attention of many local and overseas media in Indonesia and became the focus of the report. Its elegant design and spacious space provide an ideal backdrop for live TV and media coverage, enhancing the social impact of Farmers and Fishermen Week.

Follow-up cooperation opportunities

The successful application of Luxury festival tents demonstrates its great potential in large-scale events, paving the way for future collaboration in more government projects. The high level of customer satisfaction with event tents has further enhanced the credibility and market position of our brand. The symbolic event brought our outdoor event tent to the spotlight, bringing new attention and discussion to the canopy tent space in Indonesia.

luxury festival tents


The project is developed for the site and has universal practicability: on the one hand, luxury festival tents is a self-centered work based on the language of architecture, while on the other hand, luxury festival tents forms a very obvious relationship with the context in which it is located. The creation of the central space of Luxury festival tents opens up the possibility of creating a new open meeting room for the Indonesian Farmers and Fishermen Week project.

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