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Luxurious wedding tent by Shelter Structures delivers a dreamy, romantic setting with transparent canopies and custom designs, impressing guests.

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luxurious wedding tent | February 23, 2024
luxury wedding tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:5 days

Atrium Event tents for Wedding

Tent Size:




Luxurious Wedding Tent Creates Dream Venue | Shelter Structures

Project background

In 2023, a senior government official from Indonesia plans to set up a luxurious wedding tent on his private lawn. As their own wedding venue, the client has extremely high requirements for every detail of the wedding and wants to be personally involved in every stage of design and planning.

Design and customer requirements

Combined with the needs of customers and the actual situation of the site, we recommend a 20*25 meters herringbone canopy design. Luxurious wedding tents crisp and rigid geometric lines, the interpretation of direct affectionate overbearing, with the natural interpretation of the soul resonance and fate. At first, we recommended the use of white tarpaulin, but the customer for aesthetic considerations, eventually chose transparent tarpaulin, to enhance the visual effect of the wedding.

In order to further add to the gorgeous feeling of the wedding, we also recommend that customers add a curtain option, which not only beautifies the interior of the tent, but also creates a romantic atmosphere for the wedding.

Site planning and equipment arrangement

In addition to the special requirements of the outdoor wedding tent itself, the customer also needs a complete site planning and equipment planning scheme such as tables and chairs. Based on many years of experience, we provide our clients with a complete set of venue layout and equipment arrangements to ensure that everything is in order on the wedding day.

Price comparison and final selection

Even if the customer has compared the price with other domestic suppliers, they still choose our service. This is not only because of our professionalism and attention to detail, but also because we offer integrated solutions that fully meet the individual needs of our customers.

wedding tents

Challenge & Solution

Customer communication and solution confirmation

Given the client's high attention to detail, we provide all drawings and technical details in a timely manner, ensuring that the client has an accurate understanding of every aspect of the scheme.

Through multiple rounds of communication, we fully understand the needs of customers and site characteristics. Considering our extensive experience in wedding projects, we also showed our clients our previous successful cases about luxurious wedding tent, which became a stepping stone for our cooperation.

Transparent canopy and drapery design

In the end, the client chose a transparent luxurious wedding tent with white drapery. The combination of transparent tarpaulin with lights and curtains creates a romantic and dreamy wedding atmosphere.

Although we remind customers of the shorter service life of transparent tarpaulin and recommend the use of more durable white tarpaulin, we still respect the customer's choice. Fresh and simple pure white wedding, bring a sense of freshness. There are gentle wind and romantic blue swimming pool, there are customers who are illuminated by the sun under the shade, and there are sincere friends who come to congratulate them, this moment is always heart-pounding.

Tables and chairs are equipped with site adaptability

In addition to luxurious wedding tent design, we also provided the customer with a table and chair installation solution, which the customer is very satisfied with.

Considering that the actual construction site is grass, we are specially equipped with steel suitable for this kind of ground. During the construction process, our team overcame various challenges to ensure the smooth progress of the luxurious wedding tent project.

Project landing and success

Through careful planning and execution, the transparent luxurious wedding tent project successfully landed in Indonesia and became an iconic wedding venue. The perfect combination of lighting, transparent canopy and drapery creates an unforgettable wedding experience for customers.

Modern Wedding Tent Decor

Key Refurbishment Features

Size:  20*25*4m luxurious wedding tent

Customized 112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.

950gsm transparent PVC fabric


Project success

The light and green natural environment with the transparent luxurious wedding tent as the background creates romance and harmony with nature. 500 square meters can realize the backyard wedding with many people. The client's wedding is successfully completed under the witness of our tent, with luxurious wedding tent as proof, with the grass as oath, put aside everything, return to love, an ordinary day is given a solemn and sacred meaning, sincere and eternal love and luxurious wedding tent.

Find a meadow to complete a ritual of love, and let the breeze speak of unspeakable love. Let all things beautiful, romantic not only poetry and distance, and you in the human vegetation, this is nature's best blessing for love. Through the noise of a window, clear the fog of the morning, in the sun to lock the joy of a star flower, the moon meets from the cloud, the flower meets the wind. Those who have seen flowers will understand the gentleness of the wind.

High quality design is praised

The customer was very satisfied, there were many local officials involved in the wedding, and their subsequent tent needs could also be connected through this project. This also increases the possibility of further cooperation. The smile of the customer is the most beautiful ripple.

Beautiful, quick to build, easy to decorate, in line with the aesthetic of the wedding, many factors converge into the advantages and characteristics of Shelter Structures wedding shelter, becoming an international landmark project.

Pure white oil painting wind wedding, when the brush fell, the paint touched the place full of fragrant flowers, flower branches swaying in the flowers, like a floating dream as beautiful, accompanied each other through a long and brocade life.

Why luxurious wedding tent at Shelter?

Rich in experience

Shelter Structures' design team has extensive industry experience and is recognized by a wide range of customers.

Scheme customization

Customize suitable tent and interior layout for customers, the effect is off the charts, and the sensory presentation is beyond expectation!


Shelter Structures has a professional outdoor tent for outdoor use production team, the execution team, to provide a strong guarantee for the success of each event.

Perfect after-sales service

Have a professional after-sales team, 24 hours continuous online to provide you with professional service.

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