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Successful Cases of Taiwan Storage Tent Project

Discover our innovative storage tent solution in Taiwan, enduring typhoons and setting new standards. Explore Shelter's robust structures for industrial, event, and storage needs.
Updated: February 23, 2024
Published: January 20, 2024
Storage Tent Project in Taiwan

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:3 days

Storage Tent

Tent Size:



Taiwan of China

Taiwan Storage Tent Success: Innovation & Quality Assured | Shelter

Project Background

In October 2023, Taiwan customers need to provide a 15mx20m material storage tent for local manufacturers. The canopy tent purchased by the customer was almost completely covered with tarpaulin. Considering the strict requirements of the manufacturer, ordinary tarpaulin walls obviously could not meet the requirements of local conditions and service life, so SHELTER suggested that the customer adopt sandwich panel walls.

Because our cooperation has been very pleasant before, the customer is very confident in our program. After we talked to the end users, they liked our proposal very much and quickly decided on the overall project and details.

Challenge & Solution of Storage Tent

Typhoon season in Taiwan

After the end of the plum rain season, China’s Taiwan immediately enters the typhoon season, the time is about mid-June, until autumn, at the latest to November. The heavy rain carried by the typhoon and the powerful plum rain caused landslides, flooding, Bridges, roads, vegetable supplies and other difficulties.

In addition, typhoons will also destroy high-voltage towers and water supply facilities, resulting in power outages, water outages, communication interruptions and other livelihood problems. If you encounter a typhoon during the mountain tour, you should go down the mountain as soon as possible and take refuge in the city. 

If you stay in the mountains, the light may fall into the plight of traffic disruption and food depletion, and if there is a landslide or debris flow at the accommodation point, I am afraid there will be worries about life. Therefore, the wind load requirements of storage tent are very high, and the customer requirements are very detailed and must meet the standard requirements. The windproof index of storage tent must reach level 13.

Building Trust Through Storage Tent Solutions

The customer added the windproof outer pull steel cable according to our configuration, we made a structural report to the customer in advance, so that the customer can successfully get the project, the customer’s self-design also has requirements:

(1) The door part of the Storage tent is a rolling shutter door provided by the customer and is also equipped with a sliding window.

(2) The ground is made of hard ground according to technical recommendations, and the specific bearing capacity is provided.

(3) Cement thickness customers have done more optimized treatment, plus double insurance.

During the construction process, there were still some difficulties. Due to the slight deviation in the opening of our load-bearing column and side column, the customer had a problem in the construction of the sandwich panel wall. Due to the good relationship with the customer, the technical department quickly gave the opening drawings, the customer is also very professional, on-site opening site construction, of course, increased some time costs.

The construction site is complicated, it is inevitable to encounter some problems, find problems, and solve them in time. Appease customer emotions, but increase customer stickiness, but also reflects our ability to quickly deal with customer on-site construction once there is a problem, to solve the problem.

Storage Tent Project in Taiwan
Storage Tent Project in Taiwan
Storage Tent Project in Taiwan

Storage tent successfully completed in Taiwan

Key Refurbishment Features of Storage Tent

  • Customized, 15*20*4m storage tent.
  • Customized,  112*203*4 mm aluminum frame.
  • 850gsm double-coated PVC fabric.
  • Sandwich panel wall fully sealed + customer supplied rolling shutter door + windproof steel cable + sliding window.

Outcome of Storage Tent

An iconic hard-walled storage tent has landed in Taiwan. Customers appreciate our quality due to the robustness and aesthetics of the storage tent sandwich panels. This innovative project was also recognized by the local community, as our output of canopy tent itself and the brand were exported together, which greatly increased the visibility and influence of SHELTER.

The product itself withstood the test of wind and rain in Taiwan, and the cooperation between the customer and the end customer was smooth, which increased the possibility of follow-up projects, and we also benefited. Follow-up cooperation has been carried out more smoothly.

Storage Tent Project in Taiwan
Storage Tent Project in Taiwan
Storage Tent Project in Taiwan

Storage tent interior display

The Future of Storage Tent

Storage tent is often far away from the urban area, usually does not have much intersection with the daily life of the city, and commercial storage canopyfunction is single, the form is mostly large-scale storage buildings, due to the monotonous and closed external impression caused by security and functionality, become an independent place for people to avoid.

At present, the vast majority of storage tent parks that have been built or are under construction have not considered the possibility of opening to the outside world at the beginning of design, and cannot meet the needs of visiting, reception and experience in terms of flow line and function. As a storage building space, there is often a lack of humanization. It is urgent to break through the inherent closed space management mode. Explore a new open design that speaks to the city and the surrounding community to meet the open needs of future multifunctional use and operations.

About Shelter’s Storage Tent

Shelter’s industrial storage tent is a large, clear span structure with no pillars in the middle, which can be used for workshops, temporary storage, storage space for manufactured goods, and even exhibitions, ceremonial celebrations, weddings, indoor or outdoor sports and other events. Due to storage tent’s large interior space, forklifts or other heavy machinery can move freely in the tent. If customers have special size and structure requirements, we can also provide customized storage tent according to actual needs.

With the rapid development of canopy tent industry, the temporary storage network with canopy tent as the main body has initially taken shape, and is gradually developing in the direction of modernization, technology and intelligence. More and more enterprises begin to use cost-effective storage tent, not only because the storage tent construction cycle is short, can be quickly put into use, more importantly, storage canopy can help enterprises solve the problem of off-peak season, reduce operating costs.

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