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Chilean Modular Wedding Tent with Creative Design

Wedding Tent by SHELTER: Unique, modular designs for luxury weddings in Chile. Offering quick setup, creative spaces, and sustainable materials for an unforgettable event experience.
Updated: January 30, 2024
Published: January 4, 2024
Wedding Tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2021
Built Duration:2 days

Event Wedding Tent

Tent Size:


Covers an area of 600 square meters.


Santiago de Chile, South America

Wedding Tent Innovation: Modular Design in Chile

Project background

On the outskirts of Santiago, the capital of Chile, lies a small, picturesque estate that is ideal for luxury weddings and other outdoor events. This estate has extensive meadows and stunning natural views, making it a perfect backdrop for tent wedding venues. In 2020, the client decided to expand the reception capacity of the estate and planned to build a 20×30 meter wedding tent on the grass for a simple backyard tent wedding. In order to make guests feel comfortable, the wedding canopy has an ergonomic minimum height of 4 meters

Project requirements and solutions

1/ Elegant and practical: custom wedding tent

According to the needs of customers, we recommend herring-shaped canopy room, aluminum alloy frame plus white canopy room, simple and beautiful. The total area reaches 600 square meters to meet the needs of customers for small wedding activities of 400 people.

2/ Quick construction: modular wedding tent

Easy to set up, easy to store materials. Our aluminum buildings are lightweight, 5 meters per unit modular design, simple and fast to set up, a 20×30 meters wedding tent with a total of 600 square meters takes only 2 days to set up. The material used is aluminum alloy frame, will not rust, long service life, design life of up to 30 years. After disassembly, the volume is small and only occupies a small place in the warehouse.

3/ Creative space design: flexible wedding tent

SHELTER sought to take the form of a simple tent building and transform expressive design elements into the background of the space to emphasize the artistry of the interior space. Shade structures are convenient for hanging lighting, stage lights or other decorations. The use of monkey claws specially designed for profile hanging reuse can easily hang various decorations such as lighting and stage lights, without the use of stage trusses, increasing the utilization of space. A variety of lightweight decorations can be hung on fancy tents for weddings roofing square pipes to create different atmospheres for different events.

Wedding Tent

Advantages of wedding tent

1/ Elegant structure: Modular aluminum Canopy Tent

The Canopy tent is simple and generous, with its modular aluminum frame visible on the main facade. The outside of the building is covered by a white tarp. Wedding tent structure is strong, easy to set up, disassemble and store, compared with traditional building structure, significantly shorten the construction time. SHELTER is responsible for the fabrication of prefabricated components, which can be assembled in two days. Site construction and landscaping were completed shortly after the building was transported to the site. Thanks to the progressive nature of its modular construction, this structure enables the wedding tent to be easily transported and reused after temporary use.

2/ Multi-functional decoration: Create a dream Wedding Space

Wedding tents for sale at SHELTER, the internal structure is simple, can be matched with a variety of decorations, to achieve different scene needs of customers. In the early morning, the white curtains are blowing gently, open the curtains, the gentle breeze from the face, the air in the house has become fresh and pleasant, everything is so quiet. There was a white tent among the mountains, like an elf in the forest. When night falls, the wonderful night here is just beginning!

The warm tarpaulin, coupled with the simple and fine soft assembly decoration, conveys the designer’s perception of art and “luxury field”. Wedding tent decorations are used among them, and the state of being born in the wild and settling in the room is endless, which is another way of life.

3/ Efficient Planning: Adaptable Event Architecture

The building requires less time in planning and construction, so it can be quickly replaced to accommodate a white tent wedding, reducing disruption to staff and clients.

4/ Practical oriented aesthetic design

Weeding tent’s design scheme is intentionally authentic and rational, reflecting a practical aesthetic. Focusing on the basic structure of the building, the beauty of simplicity is demonstrated with simplified materials, highly consistent color matching and outstanding architectural details. It is an achievement that all involved can be proud of, employing a range of unique solutions that achieve perfect results without compromising on functionality and aesthetics.


Not only does Wedding tent break through traditional design thinking in terms of aesthetics and structure, but it also brings together low-energy systems, environmentally friendly materials, prefabricated and modular construction methods, and energy self-sufficiency solutions as a testing ground for other large-scale projects.

Although modular buildings are known for their sustainability and integrity, their design requires a higher level of complexity, which challenges architects to move away from standard rectangular structures and Spaces. So when reconstructing the spatial layout, SHELTER turned its attention to creating organic shapes by using the gaps between modules. The design fulfills the owner’s vision of a future zero-emission building, perfectly presenting a unique approach to self-sufficiency in a secluded environment.

This collaboration has changed the professional and even public perception of modular wedding tents, proving that canopy tent can create high-quality and more representative buildings, paving the way for the development of modular buildings.

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