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Resistant Ice Tent Develop Training in Harsh Winter

In Russia, a multi-purpose Ice Rink Tent was built to withstand harsh winters, serving as a training ground for local athletes in various winter sports.
Updated: February 29, 2024
Published: September 5, 2023
sports tent

Project Background

Our Ice Rink Tent is in Russia and shows what good engineering can do. The Orenburg State Sports Department wanted us to make a place for many kinds of winter sports like skiing, figure skating, and hockey. These sports are very important in Russia. The goal was to make a place where local athletes could practice and get better. The area where the tent is has very cold winters and a lot of snow. So, we had to think carefully about how to make a tent that could handle that and last a long time.

The Client’s Vision

The Orenburg State Sports Department had a clear, well-defined vision. They wanted a facility that could withstand the harsh Russian winters while providing a versatile space for various ice and snow sports. They were not merely looking for a tent; they were looking for a monument to Russian sporting prowess, a symbol of national pride.

Why TFS Tents?

Our TFS series tents caught the eye of the department for their unique blend of aesthetic appeal and functional durability. Known for their exceptional snow load performance, these tents were the ideal choice for a project that demanded both form and function, aesthetics and utility.

Project Features & Highlights

sports tent

The Tent’s Architecture

The cornerstone of this project was the TFS series tent, a marvel of modern engineering. Measuring a sprawling 33×62×4m, the tent was designed to be more than just large; it was designed to be a fortress against the elements, a sanctuary for athletes.

Material Selection

From its robust 850gsm double-coated PVC fabric to its customized 130×310×5 mm aluminum frame, every component was meticulously chosen for its ability to withstand extreme conditions. The tent’s cutting-edge thermo technology provided an additional layer of protection, ensuring that the interior remained usable even in the harshest of winters.

Project Challenges

sports tent

Engineering Hurdles

The project was not without its challenges. The extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall in Russia meant that standard designs would not suffice. The roof purlins had to be re-engineered to handle the additional snow load, and the walls—crafted from corrugated board by the client—had to be seamlessly integrated with our PVC fabric.

Collaboration and Iteration

Numerous discussions and design iterations were required to arrive at a solution that met all the client’s requirements. Each meeting was a step forward, each iteration a lesson learned, culminating in a design that was both robust and functional, a true engineering feat.

Project Outcomes & Features

Media Spotlight and Acknowledgments

The project didn’t just meet expectations; it surpassed them, capturing the attention of local media outlets and the community. The accolades didn’t stop there. Vladimir Antmanis, the First Deputy Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Orenburg Region, publicly lauded the project. This wasn’t merely a construction endeavor; it was a declaration of skill and tenacity, a triumph over adversity.

Influence on the Community

The tent’s impact goes beyond headlines. It has evolved into a community cornerstone, serving as the venue for a variety of sports events and as a practice arena for emerging athletes. The structure stands as a tangible representation of the remarkable outcomes possible when technical expertise aligns with unyielding resolve and community needs.


sports tent

Acquired Wisdom

The journey from the project’s conceptual stage to its successful completion was filled with invaluable lessons and insights. It underscored the necessity of designing for extreme environmental conditions and highlighted the benefits of a synergistic relationship with the client, a partnership built on trust and expertise.

The Road Ahead

As we look back on this groundbreaking endeavor, we’re imbued with both satisfaction and a sense of forward-looking enthusiasm. Our increasing proficiency in Thermo tents and TFS series tents gives us confidence that future ventures in harsh climates will not merely fulfill but surpass all expectations, setting new benchmarks in the field.

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