Huawei Grand Pavilion Project: Elevating Events to Extraordinary Experiences

Huawei's 30x50m Grand Pavilion project showcases structural brilliance, design finesse, and event synergy. Meticulous testing, grassland-friendly anchors, and glass elegance define the canvas, amplifying the SHELTER brand.

Project Details:

Built Year:2018
Built Duration:7 days
Sector:Huawei Dinner Party
Tent Size:




Table of Contents

Project background

event tent

In the dynamic landscape of event management, our company embraced a significant opportunity in 2018 – a collaboration with Huawei, a flagship enterprise with a resounding impact both nationally and internationally. The mission: orchestrating a grand pavilion for a Huawei banquet. The chosen canvas for this spectacle was a mesmerizing grassland, offering a natural tapestry to enhance the grandeur of the occasion. Extensive on-site surveys and consultations culminated in the selection of a 30×50-meter pavilion with a soaring 6-meter side height, a canvas worthy of the Huawei brand’s stature.

Challenge & Solution

event tent

The banquet’s distinguished guest list, coupled with the high-profile nature of the event, mandated an unprecedented level of attention to detail. While a 30-meter span might be perceived as routine in the tenting realm, the sheer scale of Huawei’s requirements demanded a meticulous approach to structural safety and design finesse.

Structural Mastery: Testing the Limits

Our commitment to safety and reliability took center stage. Rigorous testing procedures were implemented, generating comprehensive reports that not only met industry standards but surpassed them. The challenge was not merely erecting a tent; it was about creating an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blended aesthetics with structural integrity.

Grassland Harmony: Anchoring Innovation

The grassland setting posed a unique challenge – how to secure the pavilion without compromising the natural beauty underfoot. Enter innovation. Steel anchors became our solution, delicately balancing the need for stability with the preservation of the grassland’s aesthetic appeal. Each anchor became a testament to our dedication to both form and function.

Illuminating Brilliance: The Dance of Light

Beyond structural concerns, the pavilion’s allure lay in the symphony of lights, decorations, and ventilation systems. Crafting the perfect ambiance required a choreography of lighting arrangements, the meticulous setup of the banquet hall, lounge areas, and the integration of air conditioning. Each element was carefully curated to complement the natural surroundings, turning the pavilion into a stage for an unforgettable experience.

Glass Elegance: Transparent Sophistication

Choosing glass walls was a conscious decision, adding an element of sophistication to the structure. The transparent panes dissolved the boundary between the pavilion and its scenic surroundings, creating a seamless visual experience. The glass not only provided a window to the natural beauty outside but also reflected the prestige associated with the Huawei brand.

Technical Triumph: Assembly Artistry

The success of any project hinges on flawless execution. Here, our technical team emerged as unsung heroes. The intricacies of the pavilion’s design demanded precision during on-site assembly. Their expertise ensured that the structure rose majestically, seamlessly blending into the landscape. The process was a testament to the synergy between human craftsmanship and technological precision.

Key Refurbishment Features of Event Tents

event tent

Size: 30x50x6m – A canvas tailored for Huawei’s grand vision.

Customized Frame: The backbone – a robust 120x300x5mm aluminum frame.

Cover Elegance: 850gsm double-coated Red PVC fabric – a vibrant yet durable choice, coupled with glass walls and doors.

Interior Symphony: A harmonious blend of intricate interior decoration, thoughtfully placed lighting, and an efficient ventilation system.

Furthermore, the interior of the marquee underwent a meticulous transformation, underpinned by thoughtful decor, immersive lighting arrangements, and an efficient ventilation system. These elements collectively bestowed upon the marquee a dynamic and welcoming ambiance, effectively complementing the diverse range of exhibits and activities that unfolded within its capacious confines.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, and the Huawei banquet unfolded within our meticulously crafted pavilion, the outcome surpassed expectations. The fusion of swift assembly, optimal space utilization, captivating aesthetics, structural dependability, and the finely curated interior elevated the event to a symphony of success.

Brand Amplification: Huawei and Beyond

Beyond the immediate success of the event, our collaboration with Huawei resonated as a powerful amplifier for the SHELTER brand. The prestige associated with Huawei reflected on us, opening avenues for potential collaborations with various brands seeking the same level of excellence.

Versatility Unveiled: A Tent for Every Occasion

The pavilion’s variable design, accommodating 30-meter, 20-meter, and 15-meter spans, showcased the versatility of our event tents. This adaptability not only increased the utility of the pavilion but also broadened the spectrum of potential clients and events.


In the final analysis, the Huawei Grand Pavilion Project transcended the realm of tenting; it became a testament to our commitment to crafting experiences. The pavilion was not just a structure; it was a stage for the extraordinary. As the curtains closed on this chapter, the echoes of success reverberated not only in the Huawei banquet but in the industry as a whole. This project exemplifies our ethos – to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, one tent at a time.

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