Arch Roof Event Wedding Party Tent In Australia

Creating a groundbreaking event marquee with innovative design, transparent glass walls, and versatile features defying conventions, offering unique event experiences.

Project Details:

Built Year:2020
Built Duration:15 days
Sector:Event Wedding Party Tent
Tent Size:




Table of Contents

Project background

Our longstanding partnership with a distinguished Australian event company has brought forth a captivating challenge the creation of an exceptional event marquee that exudes innovation. The canvas stretches over 375 square meters, destined to redefine the very essence of event spaces with its novel approach.

Challenge & Solution

In our pursuit of the extraordinary, we offered the client two size alternatives, 15×30 meters and 15×25 meters, with the latter emerging as the embodiment of 375 square meters of limitless potential. Departing from the conventional, we embraced an artful arc roof design, eschewing the commonplace pointed peak. This striking architectural choice bore an aesthetic that was as daring as it was attention-grabbing.

Our creative journey extended to the marquee’s fabric canopy, which became a canvas for self-expression. Radiant in red on top and soft beige on the sidewalls, it projected a mesmerizing visual symphony, standing as an emblem of unmatched elegance and allure.

In the realm of walls, we ventured into uncharted territory. Tradition gave way to the avant-garde as we merged transparent glass with fabric, creating a dynamic interplay of form and function. To enhance practicality, the design incorporated glass doors and windows, making it a versatile space for a myriad of events, from stately weddings to vibrant soirées.

Key Refurbishment Features

Arcum Distinction: The marquee’s Arcum-style design boasts a spacious 15x25x4 meters footprint.

Aluminum Fortitude: An impeccable aluminum frame, fashioned from standard 166x88x3mm profiles, lends unyielding structural integrity.

Red Radiance: The roof unfurls resplen dently in 850gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin, finished in a daring shade of red, symbolizing both resilience and opulence.

Transparent Temptation: The marquee envelops itself in transparent tempered glass walls, blurring the line between interior and the world outside.

Doorway to Elegance: The inclusion of double glass doors elevates the entry experience, an embodiment of sophistication.

Beige Beauty: Side walls are conceived in inviting beige-hued 650gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin, complete with transparent windows.

Outcome of Event Tent

event wedding tent

The culmination of artistic ingenuity and engineering precision has given birth to a marvel that defies conventional expectations. This marquee stands as a testament to both striking design and unwavering strength. Its formidable aluminum frame guarantees the safety and comfort of every event participant, while the swift installation process ensures utmost convenience for organizers.

As nature’s capriciousness unfolds, the marquee remains a stalwart bastion of protection. Boasting waterproof qualities and flame-retardant attributes, it harmoniously combines safety with style. The unique design, highlighted by the graceful curve of the roof, the resplendent red canopy, and the transparent glass walls, caters to the diverse requirements of clients who seek a space that is not just captivating but also eminently functional.


To encapsulate our collaboration, the Australian event aficionados and we have given birth to an extraordinary marquee that shatters convention and embraces innovation. It isn’t just an architectural marvel; it’s an entire realm of experience. It represents a commitment to exceeding boundaries, reshaping the narrative of event spaces, and filling them with a unique blend of individuality and aesthetic grandeur.

This marquee isn’t your typical venue; it’s an evocative canvas where celebrations and unity are taken to the pinnacle of grandeur. It stands as a vivid testament to the limitless prospects of creativity and the remarkable outcomes born from collective effort. In essence, it’s an ode to the ever-expanding horizons of event tent design.

Beyond its role as a mere venue, this marquee is a conductor of profound experiences. With every event it houses, it weaves together a tapestry of lasting memories, bridging the present to the tapestry of time, and leaving an indelible mark on all who are fortunate enough to partake.

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