Transforming Taiwan’s Sports Scene with Event Tents: A Basketball Court Canopy Project

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:3 days
Sector:Baketball Court
Tent Size:19x30x7 m

Table of Contents

Project background

In 2023, a Taiwanese client embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize the sports experience for enthusiasts in the region by envisioning an event tent that could host basketball games and events regardless of the weather conditions. Their vision was to create a basketball court that could host games and events regardless of the weather conditions. To achieve this, they needed a state-of-the-art event tent that would not only provide shelter but also adhere to stringent safety standards due to the challenging weather conditions in Taiwan.

Upon careful consideration and technical consultation, it was determined that a 7-meter high event tent could meet Taiwan’s wind load requirements. This project marked Taiwan’s inaugural foray into the sports market with event tents, holding significant strategic importance. After multiple rounds of calculations and technical input, a solution was formulated: a 19×30-meter event tent with a towering 7-meter sidewall height. The client was thrilled with this proposal, and the project smoothly transitioned into implementation.

Challenge & Solution

The primary challenge lay in the unprecedented height of the event tent, reaching beyond the typical 6-meter range. Such a lofty structure demanded meticulous attention to structural safety, especially in areas with high wind conditions. The solution required reinforcing the tent’s stability, and the client, appreciating the importance of structural integrity, readily accepted our suggestions to incorporate external steel cables and additional ballast weights. These adjustments were carefully calculated to ensure compliance with local wind load regulations, thus resolving the structural concerns.

While the framework challenges were being addressed, the issue of canopy fabric arose. Considering the damp and rainy climate of Taiwan, it was important to choose a fabric that could withstand prolonged exposure without compromising aesthetics. To tackle this issue, the client opted for a dual-color canopy: white on the outside for a clean and appealing look, and silver on the inside. This choice not only enhanced longevity but also minimized the visual impact of any potential mold growth over time. By adopting this dual-layer canopy, the client successfully navigated minimum order quantity requirements, ensuring the availability of materials for future projects.

Despite the complexity of constructing such a tall structure, the detailed blueprints and construction recommendations provided allowed the client to complete the assembly in just three days. Additionally, the installation included lighting, catering to both daytime and nighttime activities. This seamless execution of the project effectively addressed all challenges, and the event tent was ready for action.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Size: 19x30x7m basketball court event tent
  • Customized 112x203x4mm aluminum frame
  • 850gsm double-coated Red PVC fabric
  • Integrated lighting system

Outcome of Event Tent

The arrival of Taiwan’s pioneering sports-oriented event tent marked a watershed moment. Distinguished by its swift setup, impeccable aesthetics, robust endurance, and unwavering stability, this project redefined the realm of possibilities for sports aficionados and club proprietors alike. It extended operational hours and nullified the capricious influence of weather on sporting activities, emerging as an influential catalyst for the promotion of event tents within the sports sector.

The client’s profound satisfaction with the project’s outcomes fueled an upsurge in the promotion of event tent applications across the region. The presence of tangible exemplars on-site prompted prospective clients to engage local representatives, inaugurating a stream of inquiries. The client adeptly steered local business negotiations, while we continued to supply indispensable technical expertise and steadfast product support. This fruitful collaboration culminated in a strategic partnership, cementing a harmonious symbiosis.


In summation, the Taiwan basketball court event tent project was not merely a transformative initiative; it established a groundbreaking precedent for future endeavors. It unveiled the latent potential of event tents in sports applications, underscoring their unyielding resilience, peerless adaptability, and unparalleled ability to invigorate sports-related enterprises. The triumphant execution of this undertaking serves as a testament to the seamless fusion of innovation and collaboration, transcending the realm of technology, and delivering unassailable client gratification.

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