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Elevating Experiences: Crafting an Unforgettable FamilyMart Journey in Taiwan

Taiwan's FamilyMart revolutionized retail with a 12x15m event tent—a blend of transparency and security. Adaptive, immersive, and impactful, it crafted a lasting community legacy, redefining retail dynamics.
Updated: February 23, 2024
Published: December 11, 2023
Family markert tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:7 days

 FamilyMart Supermarket

Tent Size:



Taiwan, China


Family markert event tent

Project background of event tent

In the spring of 2023, a Taiwanese visionary embraced the challenge of redefining the retail landscape for FamilyMart during a pivotal renovation phase. The chosen vessel for this metamorphosis? A 12*15-meter aluminum alloy event tent – a dynamic canvas that would serve as both a shelter and an immersive stage for innovation.   

Challenge & Solution about event tent

Family markert event tent

The architectural saga unfolded with the glass-fronted façade, an artful dance of transparency and advertising. Advertisements strategically adhered to the glass from within, creating an ethereal yet impactful connection between the external world and the curated retail haven. The sidewalls, draped in durable tent fabric, not only fortified the structure but also embraced the role of expansive canvases, turning the temporary space into a visual symphony.

Inside, the retail symphony played on. A fusion of carefully curated interior lighting, air conditioning, and decor transformed the tent into a sensory haven for shoppers. Yet, the challenge lay in the robustness needed to weather Taiwan’s unpredictable winds. The engineering masterpiece unfolded – cross-bracing and steel cables intricately woven into the tent’s fabric, promising not just security but an unwavering stability against the elements. The integration of an automatic door system and alarm system, seamlessly woven into the structure, ensured operational fluidity without compromising on security.


Amidst the ephemeral structure, a story of innovation and immersion unfolded in vivid detail.

Immersive Brand Engagement

FamilyMart’s metamorphosis went beyond convenience; it became an immersive journey. Advertisements strategically placed on glass and fabric turned shoppers into participants in a visual narrative. The event tent transformed into a living canvas, elevating brand engagement and turning routine shopping into a memorable experience.

Adaptability in Adverse Conditions

The 12*15-meter event tent emerged not just as a shelter but as a testament to adaptability. Meticulous engineering fortified the structure against Taiwan’s unpredictable weather, offering a secure and resilient retail space even in the face of adverse conditions. Shoppers experienced seamless shopping, irrespective of external challenges.

Operational Harmony

The technical integration of an automatic door system and alarm system was a harmonious ballet of security and accessibility. The event tent’s entrance became a portal that seamlessly balanced security needs with the welcoming essence of a traditional supermarket. Shoppers moved effortlessly, contributing to a retail experience that was secure, convenient, and engaging.

Strategic Branding Collaboration

The fusion of Shelter’s identity with the store’s design transcended mere physical branding; it evolved into a multisensory celebration. Seamlessly integrated within the very essence of the building, Shelter’s presence was more than just a logo—it was an essential thread in the tapestry of the shopping journey. This artistic alliance between Shelter and FamilyMart transformed the store into a visual symphony, enriching the atmosphere and etching a memorable impression on each visitor.

Community Impact and Enduring Legacy

The FamilyMart Supermarket project, initially planned as a three-month venture, blossomed into a vibrant community landmark. Its influence extended well beyond the sphere of retail, drawing in not only regular customers but also intrigued passersby captivated by its unique architectural design. The project’s enduring success bolstered brand presence and ingrained a lasting legacy within the hearts and minds of the local populace.

FamilyMart Experience in Taiwan


As the project neared its conclusion, the FamilyMart Supermarket in Taiwan transcended its role as a mere shopping venue; it transformed into a dynamic mural of community and innovation. In those transitory months, Shelter and FamilyMart didn’t just construct a store—they crafted a narrative. The 12×15 meter event tent, though fleeting in its physical presence, stood as a beacon of creative synergy and collaborative spirit. This endeavor underlined a profound truth in the world of retail: adaptability is not just a survival strategy—it’s a conduit to forging memorable, transformative experiences that linger in the collective memory long after the physical structures have vanished.

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