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Overcoming Challenges and Building Partnerships in Event Marquee Solutions

In 2023, we successfully delivered a custom 20x40m polygon tent for an urgent Italian government event, overcoming tight deadlines, language barriers, and weather challenges, fostering client satisfaction and future partnership potential.
Updated: February 29, 2024
Published: September 18, 2023

Project Details

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:1 days
Sector:Rental Event
Tent Size:One set of polygon tent, 20x40m
event tent


event tent

Project background

Our client, who had previously purchased marquees in Europe, made their first marquee purchase in China for an urgent government event. The client required a rapid turnaround time for this project.

Challenge & Solution

event tent

Customization Under Tight Deadlines

The foremost challenge faced in this project was the client’s urgent need for a customized polygon tent. With the order confirmation in March and delivery required by April, time was of the essence. Our team swiftly swung into action, focusing on tailoring the tent to the client’s precise specifications for side height and peak height.

Materials Selection for Local Event Conditions

A critical aspect of this project was ensuring that the polygon tent could withstand the local weather conditions in Italy. We meticulously considered factors such as wind and snow loads, making material selection a paramount concern. This involved the careful selection of robust materials that would guarantee the tent’s stability, even in the face of adverse weather.

Overcoming Language Barriers Through Effective Communication

One of the notable challenges we encountered during this project was the language barrier, as our client did not speak English. To ensure seamless communication and a clear understanding of the project requirements, we harnessed the power of translation software. This approach enabled us to engage with the client in their native language, facilitating discussions on intricate design details, assembly instructions, and precise quotations. Overcoming this language barrier proved to be a crucial factor in the overall success of the project.

Client Satisfaction and the Promise of Future Collaborations

The ultimate challenge we faced was not only meeting but surpassing the client’s expectations. Our goal was to deliver a marquee that not only met their specific requirements but exceeded them. The client’s satisfaction upon receiving the goods was a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. It not only signified the successful completion of this project but also laid the foundation for the potential of future collaborations.

Building a Solid and Enduring Partnership

One of the most gratifying outcomes of this project was the establishment of a robust and lasting partnership with the client. By consistently surpassing their expectations and delivering a customized marquee tailored to their unique needs, we earned the client’s trust and loyalty. This partnership has set the stage for ongoing collaboration on future projects, highlighting the mutual trust and confidence that exists between us.

Efficient Construction for Convenience and Flexibility

Efficiency in the construction process was pivotal in addressing the challenges at hand. The swift assembly and disassembly of the marquee not only met the demanding deadlines but also provided unparalleled convenience and flexibility for the client. The ability to have short turnaround times and immediate access to the marquee empowered the client to focus on their event planning with unwavering confidence.

Cost Efficiency for Savings and Sustainability

Our unwavering commitment to cost efficiency offered a significant solution. By offering aluminum alloy marquees, we didn’t just ensure stability, safety, and aesthetic appeal but also provided a highly cost-effective option. These marquees boast easy assembly and disassembly, along with the potential for reuse in future events. This approach not only delivered cost savings to the client but also aligned with sustainability goals, reducing waste and resource consumption.


In summary, this project serves as a shining example of our capacity to confront challenges head-on and deliver tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. It underscores our dedication to effective communication, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, firmly establishing the groundwork for enduring partnerships and continued success in providing top-tier marquees for a wide array of occasions and industries.

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