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A Dream Wedding Event Tent in Cambodia

In Cambodia, we designed a 15x33 meter event tent with glass walls and elegant fabrics, blending tradition and modernity for a dreamlike wedding atmosphere.
Updated: February 23, 2024
Published: December 25, 2023
a frame event tent

Project Details:

Built Year:2022
Built Duration:10 days

 Event Wedding Tent

Tent Size:




a frame event tent

In the vibrant landscape of Cambodia, where tradition meets modernity, our collaboration with a renowned local event tent company has not only stood the test of time but has evolved into a harmonious symphony of creativity and functionality. This partnership, marked by mutual trust and innovation, recently embarked on an exciting project – orchestrating a wedding that would be more than just an event; it would be a celebration of love, culture, and exceptional design.  

Project background of event tent

Embarking on a journey to bring a cherished client’s dream wedding to life, we were presented with a canvas ripe for innovation. The task was ambitious yet invigorating: to craft a event tent that would not only host a sizeable gathering but also radiate sophistication and distinctiveness. Through careful dialogue and iterative consultations, we settled on a 15*33-meter tent, masterfully blending grandeur with practicality.

Our design for the event tent’s structure, meticulously planned to occupy an area of 400-500 square meters, offered us a fresh slate for artistic expression. In tune with the client’s yearning for an opulent environment, we chose an unconventional path – installing full glass walls interlaced with soft, elegant fabrics. This approach fostered a dreamlike setting, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors. By day, this bespoke structure bathed in sunlight, turning into a radiant sanctuary; by night, it morphed into an enchanting realm under the stars.

The essence of our creativity shone through the addition of sliding glass doors. Customized to echo the region’s cultural heritage, these doors served as a metaphorical portal, ushering guests into a world where tradition and modernity coalesce. This fusion of cultural depth with contemporary design stood as a tribute to our dedication to surpassing client expectations, not just meeting them.

Interior design was pivotal in shaping the ultimate wedding ambiance. We crafted custom fabric décor that enveloped the space in warmth and romance. Every aspect, from fabric selection to décor arrangement, was thoughtfully executed, ensuring a harmonious marriage of cultural opulence and contemporary elegance.

Challenge & Solution about a-frame event tent

Wedding event tent in Madagascar

The intricate task of aligning the client’s aspirations for extravagance with budgetary limits demanded profound insight into their vision. Initially suggesting a high-end setup, we quickly adapted to the financial constraints, shifting to a more economical yet equally impressive tent design. This adjustment not only highlighted our adaptability but also underlined our commitment to crafting a solution that resonates with both the client’s dreams and fiscal considerations.

Key Refurbishment Features: A Symphony of Design and Functionality

15X33X3m Wedding Event Tent

The dimensions carefully chosen to meet space requirements while allowing for an intimate atmosphere.

120X48X3mm Aluminum Frame

A robust framework providing structural integrity, ensuring safety and stability.

850gsm PVC Tarpaulin Roof Cover

White in color, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical weather protection.

Tempered Glass Wall and Sliding Glass Door

The incorporation of these elements not only brought in natural light but also added a cultural touch to the design.

Outcome: A Event Tent of Success

The completion of this project goes beyond the installation of a tent; it marks the creation of an immersive experience where cultural heritage intertwines with modern sophistication. The tent stands not merely as a structure but as a vessel of memories, symbolizing the union of two souls amidst the rich tapestry of Cambodia’s cultural legacy.

As the client received the finished tent, the feedback was immediate and effusive. The success of the project was not just in meeting the client’s expectations but in surpassing them. The harmonious fusion of design, functionality, and cultural resonance left an indelible mark on the client’s satisfaction.

Wedding event tent in Madagascar


As the echoes of joy from this wedding celebration reverberate, we look ahead with anticipation. This project has not only strengthened our existing partnership but has set the stage for more collaborative ventures where we continue to transform dreams into reality, one event tent at a time.

In the heart of Cambodia, where tradition dances with innovation, this wedding tent is not just a structure; it’s a testament to the seamless integration of culture, design, and celebration – a true masterpiece in the art of event architecture.

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