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Top Secret Revealed: Customized Large Tent Solution, You Absolutely Can’t Miss It!

Large Tent by SHELTER: Customized, modular structures for outdoor events. Robust, versatile, and eco-friendly designs for weddings, corporate events, and more. Innovative and personalized spaces.
Updated: February 21, 2024
Published: January 3, 2024
large tent for outdoor event space

Project Details

Built Year:2020
Built Duration:about 3 days

Aluminum Large Event Tent

Tent Size:

30x60x4m, 30x30x4m

Covers an area of 2700 square meters.


Bogota, Colombia, South America

Large Tent Solutions by SHELTER for Outdoor Events

Project background

Autonomous space: Planning the innovation of the company

The client is a dynamic, innovative, practical international exhibition management and overseas brand event planning company. As the scale of the event expanded and the needs of the project diversified, the owner began to consider expanding the company’s multi-functional event spaces.

At the end of 2019, SHELTER received a consultation from a customer that it needed to build a 30×60 meter and a 30×30 meter large tent on its own land for large-scale outdoor events.

Project requirements and solutions

1/ Innovative design: Large Tent structure without support columns

The client now uses a traditional iron structure canopy with a smaller span and support columns that take up space in the middle of the tent. The client wanted to create a canopy tent that was 100% usable without internal support pillars.

We recommend to customers after geometric decomposition and reconstruction of traditional tent iron structure system – 30 meters span aluminum alloy large tent, is a clean span structure, there is no support column, the structure is solid and stable, in line with customer requirements.

2/ Flexible customization: Various sizes of modular Large Tent

The canopy we supply is a modular structure with a pitch of 5 meters, and different sizes of canopy can be built according to demand. The venue provided by the customer can set up a maximum of three sizes of event tents:

  • A 30x90m large tent
  • Two large canopy of 30x45m
  • One 30×50 meter and one 30×40 meter building structure

3/ Climate adaptation: Large Tent ventilation and easy to use design

When the weather is hot, open or remove the side cloth of the large tent, not only ventilation, but also easy for guests to enter and exit.

large tent for outdoor event space

The advantages of Large tent

1/ Strong and durable

The structure of Large tent is strong and firm, which can meet the demand of wind resistance, and is convenient for transportation and construction.

2/ Accurate modular

Large tent is a lightweight prefabricated building system designed for exploring various contemporary outdoor events, which is composed of three parts: prototype design, system design and system design. Thanks to the modular structure of the large tent, event tents of different sizes can be set up according to the size of the event, and zero construction waste is achieved.

3/ Unique personalization

Whether it is climate, temperature, humidity, each step of the event tents for sale at the foot of this is a carefully considered decision. Only by respecting the laws of nature can large tent be more stable and people can get close to nature more calmly in event spaces.

Each event space has its own unique character, from the luxurious wedding tent, the large tent with different styles to the party tent with local character, each format offers a different experience. This diversity makes the large tent ideal for backyard weddings, quinceanera balls, birthday parties, conference events and even corporate team building events.


SHELTER is a professional event tents, commercial storages, temporary building structure for industrial use and dome integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service Manufacturers and suppliers of tent structures such as Tent and military housing.

SHELTER has a professional canopy tent design team, a capable large party tent decoration team, and rich production and construction experience, which can provide customers with a full range of large canopy tent solutions. Can provide customers with design, production, transportation “one-stop service.”

SHELTER is committed to promoting the development of green buildings, and produces container board housing products that meet energy saving and environmental protection standards by optimizing design and using environmentally friendly materials. With advanced production equipment and technology, to ensure product quality and technology level. Strictly control every production link, is committed to providing customers with high quality, reliable and durable large tents for sale.

With its own design and manufacturing capabilities, we can customize container board rooms to meet various functions and use requirements according to customer needs. As the industry’s leading outdoor tent solution provider, SHELTER has always been customer-centric and committed to providing consumers with better products and services.


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