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Innovative Wedding Tent Creates Blue Memories

Discover our expansive 30x50m Luxury Wedding Tent, crafting dreamy experiences with ocean-hued ambiance and adaptable spaces. A landmark project in Hainan, catering to diverse event needs.
Updated: February 23, 2024
Published: January 21, 2024
wedding tent, commercial tent for wedding

Project Details:

Built Year:2019
Built Duration:7 days

Wedding Tent/Event tent

Tent Size:



Hainan of China

Transformative Luxury: Wedding Tent Innovations in Hainan

Project background

Like many other celebrations, weddings celebrate the transition from one identity to another.

In 2019, in Hainan Island, China, a wealthy local businessman was looking for a special wedding venue, hoping to use the tent structure in a new way, so that it can show a different effect and texture.

As the wedding day approached, the owners’ ideas for the wedding hall began to take shape, hoping to use the architectural language to remember this important and unique moment, but also to create something very personal. In addition to being his own wedding venue, it was also the beginning of a high-return investment for him. He plans to use the venue for wedding rentals so that more people can have the wedding of their dreams in the future. And a wedding tent designed to attract guests all year round.

Shelter Structures recommended the 30 × 50 meter gable tent to the owner based on actual needs. Initially, we proposed to use white tarpaulin, but the customer chose transparent tarpaulin for aesthetic reasons. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we recommend adding curtain options and providing wedding tent decorations such as venue planning and tables and chairs. With extensive experience, we offer professional advice to our clients. The customer compared the prices of several tents for events suppliers and finally chose us.

wedding tent
wedding tent

The luxury wedding tent is used as a venue for other events after the wedding is complete.

Challenge & Solution of Wedding Tent

1/ The challenge of step-by-step communication

Since it is not connected to the end customer, the intermediate communication needs to be passed layer by layer. In order to let the end customer get the accurate information of the shelter tent solution, all the drawings and technical details are sent to the intermediate customer at the first time, so that the customer can use the drawing data to convey information to the end customer.

2/ A model for the wedding tent field

We have accumulated many successful cases in the field of wedding, providing customers with a wealth of picture cases as a reference. These cases have become our stepping stone, demonstrating our professional competence and rich experience.

3/ Card floor appeal

The customer needs the floor, although our card floor is relatively expensive, but the load-bearing, structural stability is very attractive to customers, after communication and suggestions, the customer finally determined that the tent will be equipped with card floor system.

4/ Strategies for creating a romantic atmosphere in wedding tent

We also made a table and chair plan for the customer, the customer is very satisfied, for the transparent tarpaulin service life is not long to inform the customer, we recommend customers to use white tarpaulin, but still respect the customer’s choice. The customer wants to create a romantic atmosphere under the night, so we have increased the curtain to create a more romantic scene, indeed transparent tarpaulin with lighting + curtain is a better choice.

5/ Response to urban construction

The Wedding shelter tent was actually built in the city, but the customer did not specify in advance, all were not equipped with weighing plates, the customer according to the suggestion of local procurement to solve this problem, the subsequent construction is basically no problems, lighting, transparent tent, platform structure, a landmark project landed in Hainan.

Key Refurbishment Features of Wedding Tent

  • Size: 30*50*6m Luxury wedding tent
  • Customized 120*300*5 mm aluminum frame.
  • 950gsm transparent PVC fabric
  • With card floor

Outcome of Wedding Tent

1/ Luxury Experience: 30 x 50 meters Luxury wedding tent features

The Luxury wedding tent has a large space of 30 x 50 meters, and the main hall contains a stage for weddings and engagement ceremonies, which can accommodate hundreds of guests. Functional support Spaces such as bridal and guest rooms, dining facilities and storage are located behind the main wedding stage. Together, all these Spaces create an unforgettable and dreamy experience, with royal blue lighting and draperies presenting the color and texture of the ocean. This approach not only subtly adds a sense of ceremony to the wedding venue, but also avoids the design becoming a blind imitation of classical architecture.

wedding tent

The luxury wedding tent is equipped with royal blue lights and curtains, presenting the color and texture of the ocean.

2/ Elaborate design: Wedding tent space layout

The space of the Wedding tent is organised and divided according to the movement of guests from the arrival area into the main hall for seating. Walking past the drop-off area, guests can stop in three node Spaces, including a photo gallery, a check-in desk and a space to take photos with the couple. The distance between each node varies, mainly depending on the length of time guests spend in it, in order to better control the flow of people.

3/ Natural light and open space

The natural light that enters the wedding tent changes the expression of the interior space over time. Luxury wedding tent adopts a large net span structure with no columns in the middle, and there is no vertical structure in the interior and eaves of 50m long and 30m wide, forming a very open space.

4/ Multi-functional design: Large event tent multi-scene application

In addition to weddings, the large event tent is planned to be used for private banquets, stand-up dinners, seminars, meetings and concerts, so the interior of the wedding tent is warm, elegant, peaceful and eclectic. It is structured to deal with the various scenarios envisaged.

5/ Perfect witness: The wedding is perfect

The end customer’s wedding was successfully completed in the presence of our large canopy tent. The customer is very satisfied, which also increases the possibility of further cooperation. Beautiful, quick to build, easy to decorate, in line with the aesthetic of the wedding, many factors converge into the advantages and characteristics of Shelter wedding tent, become a domestic label project.

wedding tent

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