Crafting Unforgettable Memories: The 15x30m Wedding Tent and 5x5m Pagoda

Project Details:

Built Year:2018
Built Duration:3 days
Sector:Wedding/ Event
Tent Size:Main hall 15x30m with glass walls, Entrance hall
Pagoda 5x5m

Table of Contents

Project background

Unveiling Challenges and Pioneering Solutions

The path to realizing this vision was a tapestry of obstacles and opportunities for ingenuity

Nature’s Embrace: Nestled on a mountainside, the estate offered breathtaking panoramic views. The challenge was to design a space that would dance in harmony with this enchanting beauty. The answer lay in the form of a 15x30m marquee tent, gracefully curved, and designed to be open, both in spirit and in structure. Transparent walls brought the outside in, allowing guests to bask in the verdant glory of the estate, from the lush landscapes to the distant mountain vistas.

Weathering the Elements: The region’s climate was fickle, marked by heavy rains and spirited winds. It wasn’t just a question of whether the tent could withstand the elements, but also how to prevent water from permeating the roof and base. Our solution was born from precision: structural calculations led us to opt for larger aluminum profiles, a sturdier choice that came with an added cost but ensured the tent’s robustness against nature’s furies.

Guarding Against Water: The kedar of the roof fabric presented a unique challenge. It was slightly smaller than the grooves of the aluminum beams, a potential gateway for water during prolonged rainfall. To shield against this, we innovated a waterproof beam flap, a subtle yet effective way to seal the grooves, keeping the interior dry and comfortable.

Foundation of Strength: To keep water at bay from the base, we constructed a concrete foundation plan. This ensured a secure and dry interior, a comforting refuge in inclement weather.

Guiding Hands On-Site: Committed to delivering on time, an engineer was dispatched to the installation site, providing valuable on-site guidance. This hands-on support streamlined the tent’s swift and efficient setup, making it event-ready as envisioned.

Celebrating Triumphs and Resilience

The fruits of this labor were nothing short of spectacular. The client didn’t just find satisfaction; they were genuinely delighted with the tent’s quality and design. Even when nature unleashed its fury, and trees were uprooted, the tents stood steadfast. While one eave purlin bore the brunt of a fallen tree, it did not falter, underscoring the tent’s robustness.

Today, this tent serves as a beacon of elegance and steadfastness, gracefully enduring India’s fickle climate. The client continues to host a plethora of events, harnessing the full potential of their versatile, reliable event space.

This project epitomizes our unwavering commitment to structural integrity, innovative solutions, and hands-on assistance. It showcases a remarkable 15x30m marquee adorned with graceful glass walls, resilient against the elements. It is an emblem of reliability, sophistication, and the perfect setting for crafting unforgettable memories.

The triumphant conclusion of this project underscores the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, and the marquee remains a testament to our dedication to curating memorable event spaces.


In conclusion, this project exemplifies the harmonious fusion of artistry and engineering. The 15x30m marquee tent, adorned with elegant glass walls, has proven its resilience in the face of nature’s whims. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to structural integrity, innovative solutions, and hands-on guidance. This tent continues to be a beacon of reliability and sophistication, hosting a myriad of events in India’s ever-changing climate. It’s a living canvas for crafting indelible memories, proving that excellence in design and functionality is the hallmark of an extraordinary event space.

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