The Ideal Choice for Indian Weddings: The 50X100-Meter Marquee

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Project Details:

Built Year:2021
Built Duration:3 days
Sector:Rental Wedding Event
Tent Size:one sets of 50X100m

Table of Contents

Project background

Nestled in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, a local marquee rental company found itself in pursuit of the perfect solution for its flourishing wedding and event business. While they had previously acquired smaller tents like peak tents and smaller span marquees, the demand for larger and more versatile structures became apparent. In the year 2019, they embarked on a significant endeavor by procuring their very first 50X100-meter marquee from our company, positioning them as one of the top three companies in the region to possess such an expansive marquee. 

The exterior design of the marquee was meticulously tailored to suit the unique demands of the Indian wedding industry. The client’s specification included a marquee with a 5-meter eave height and sections no longer than 6 meters to ensure cost-effective transportation. What truly set this marquee apart was its remarkable adaptability, with the capability to transform into both 40-meter and 30-meter spans, offering unprecedented flexibility to cater to diverse event requirements – truly a game-changer in the wedding market.

Challenge & Solution

wedding tent

Client Referral and Confidence-Building

The genesis of this remarkable project was rooted in the recommendation of a trusted friend of the client. Having explored various marquee factories during their visit to China, the client made a resolute decision to partner with our company, solidifying their intent with a substantial deposit. This initial step underscored the client’s seriousness and laid the foundation for a relationship built on trust.

Efficient Production Timeline

Upon securing the client’s deposit in August, the countdown began for a challenging production timeline of just 25 days. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to meet this stringent deadline, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every facet of the marquee’s construction adhered to the most stringent standards of quality and safety. This was a test of our organization’s efficiency and commitment to delivering excellence.

Transparent Communication

Our dedication to meticulous material selection and structural design was palpable throughout the project’s lifecycle. We went the extra mile to maintain complete transparency by documenting the entire production and shipping process through video recordings. This wasn’t merely a matter of formality; it was a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to delivering a product of the highest caliber. The video updates allowed the client to follow every stage of development, even from a distance, providing them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their investment was in capable hands.

Adaptability and Customization

In aligning with the client’s specific requirements, our marquee design ingeniously incorporated adaptable features. These features endowed the marquee with the capability to seamlessly transform into both 40-meter and 30-meter spans. This design innovation didn’t just boost the marquee’s utility but also underscored our proficiency in crafting customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We recognized that versatility is often the key to success in the event industry.

Outcome of Wedding Tent

The procurement of the 50X100-meter marquee proved to be a game-changer for our Bangalore-based client specializing in event tent rentals. This versatile marquee, tailored for the unique demands of the Indian wedding market, catapulted them into a top-tier position in the industry. Its adaptability to transform into 40-meter and 30-meter spans enhanced their ability to cater to diverse event needs, solidifying their reputation for excellence.


In conclusion, our collaboration with the Bangalore marquee rental company exemplifies the power of innovation and customization in the event tent industry. Challenges, including a tight production timeline, were overcome through dedicated teamwork and transparent communication. The marquee’s adaptability showcased our ability to provide tailored solutions.

This project underscores the importance of collaboration and trust, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties. The 50X100-meter marquee redefines event tent standards in India, setting a new benchmark for adaptability, quality, and excellence.

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