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Chile Distribution Center Warehouse Tents Project 2020

Updated: February 28, 2024
Published: August 28, 2023
Chile Distribution Center Warehouse Tents

Project background

In December 2020, to increase the storage space during the Black Friday period, we supplied two warehouse tents to a famous local logistics company in Chile. The warehouse & storage tents, especially in the area of distribution centers for logistics storage, most are normally used as semi-permanent buildings, while others are of temporary warehouse structures. The client had strict requirements in frame structures, facilities, and accessories. After comprehensive discussions with the client, we noticed that the local conditions were challenging, our warehouses needed to withstand wind loads of up to 140 km/h and also be connected to their existing steel-structure warehouse. This absolutely was a challenge to our solution, but it was also where our strengths stands.

Built year: 2020
Built duration: 10 days
Sector: Warehouse & Storage
Tent size (length/ width/ height): 40x80x5.6 m
Location: Chile

Challenge & Solution

Due to the severe challenge that our warehouse needs to hold the max wind load of 140 km/h, we had to consider more sturdy materials in our solution. For side walls, we had rich experience using composite panels to ensure the stability of the entire structure. But in gable sides, for the same purpose, it was always the challenge in materials and installation.

After thorough research and discussions with our internal technical team, we opted for 50mm color steel composite panels on the gable side. We replaced soft PVC tent fabric panels in this area, as this specific material offers superior heat and sound insulation.

Additionally, considering the large amount of rain, we used galvanized iron gutters for connecting our warehouse tents to the client’s existing steel-structure warehouse. Although the cost was higher compared to soft or hard PVC gutters, it showed better water loading capacity and longer lifespan, achieving the client’s requirements effectively.

Last but not least, one of the key reasons that the client ultimately cooperated with us was our ability to meet their urgent delivery date. We accelerated our production time within 20 days while also providing comprehensive mechanical calculation reports. This technical support is always our core competence in terms of our entire solution.

Chile Distribution Center Warehouse Tent

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 40*80*5.6m & 25*100*5.6m size warehouse buildings
  • Customized 120*300*5mm & 120*350*5mm alu frame
  • Galvanized iron gutters
  • 850gsm white double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof panels
  • 50mm color steel composite panels
  • Industrial ventilation system


Building Stability

Through careful material selection and structural design, we ensured that the warehouses in this project remained stable even in extreme weather conditions. For severe wind, rain and snow loads, we can all handle them. Our client appreciated the robustness and resilience of the warehouse, earning us their admiration.

Project expedited processing solution

Some clients may have urgent delivery time, for instance, this client in Chile had tight lead time to achieve the storage space solution for Black Friday. One of reason is that we have sufficient raw material inventory and we are able to adjust our structures rapidly according to clients’ requirements in terms of technical support. The flexible solution and expedited production ability got many compliments from our clients.

Premium structure and product durability

Currently 3 years from the project, the feedback has been positive from the client. The whole structure has appeared no issue, except for small issue regarding ventilation system. However, our after-sales team solved it perfectly. Quoting from our client – ”The package is very good as ever. We installed all the structure within half a month. Thanks for all.

I am really happy about the whole tent. The installation process was smooth.”

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