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Cartoon Marquee Crafted Marvels at Beijing Anime Expo

Transformative marquee solutions for the Beijing Cartoon and Anime Expo, a symbol of reliability and a stage for local and international brands to shine.
Updated: February 21, 2024
Published: October 26, 2023
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Project Details:

Built Year:2008
Built Duration:5 days
Sector:Cartoon and Animation Exhibition
Tent Size:

30 meters in width, 165 meters in length, 4 meters in height



Project background

a Soccer Tent Enhance Sporting Events in Mexico

In 2008, the emergence marquee needed of the Beijing Cartoon and Anime Expo created ripples of excitement within the entertainment realm. This monumental event, driven by the collaborative effort of Beijing Television, promised grandeur on an unprecedented scale. With a sweeping initial estimate of 5,000 square meters, the Expo’s significance was underscored by its exclusive live broadcast on national television.

With the keen attention of an eager audience, it was imperative to set the stage for a remarkable spectacle. Therefore, it became essential to anchor this burgeoning project with a sturdy and expansive marquee, ultimately settling on a 30×165-meter configuration. However, the significance of this venture was paramount, as it had the potential to define the reputation and reach of numerous domestic brands. As we embarked on this collaborative journey, we aimed to turn it into an iconic event.

Challenge & Solution

a Soccer Tent Enhance Sporting Events in Mexico

Any endeavor of this magnitude comes with its share of complexities. As the designated structure provider, we were entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that this colossal event went off without a hitch. While a 30-meter span might be considered conventional in our industry, it bore the weight of tremendous expectations and responsibilities.

Structural integrity and wind resistance were paramount, and we left no stone unturned to ensure the marquee’s robustness. Rigorous testing and the development of detailed reports put to rest concerns regarding its safety and resilience.

A unique challenge presented itself in the form of preserving the pristine condition of the ground beneath the marquee. The grounds could not be damaged in any way, as it was crucial to maintain the aesthetics of the site. To address this, we implemented innovative solutions, deploying weight distribution plates and cushioning mechanisms that not only protected the ground but also enhanced the marquee’s visual appeal.

Additionally, we faced the intricate task of seamlessly integrating numerous elements, from lighting to layout, exhibition halls, rest areas, and air conditioning systems. Every facet had to be carefully calibrated to align with the available space and the anticipated visitor count. These intricacies demanded meticulous planning and coordination, ensuring that the actual execution closely mirrored the initial vision.

With Shelter’s technical prowess and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the on-site assembly proceeded with remarkable efficiency. The marquee, standing tall and majestic, served as the vital epicenter for the entire Expo. The successful execution of this project garnered widespread acclaim, reflecting the dedication and precision that characterized Shelter’s involvement.

Key Refurbishment Features of Marquee


The structural cornerstone of this endeavor was the 30x165x4m agricultural expo marquee. It featured a custom-built 120x300x5mm aluminum framework, which served as the bedrock of its robustness. Its striking exterior was crafted from an 850gsm double-coated red PVC fabric, adding a vibrant and eye-catching dimension to its presence.

Furthermore, the interior of the marquee underwent a meticulous transformation, underpinned by thoughtful decor, immersive lighting arrangements, and an efficient ventilation system. These elements collectively bestowed upon the marquee a dynamic and welcoming ambiance, effectively complementing the diverse range of exhibits and activities that unfolded within its capacious confines.


The success of the Beijing Cartoon and Anime Expo stood as a resounding testament to the transformative influence of Shelter’s marquee solutions. This remarkable journey was not just about supplying tents; it was about providing the canvas for an extraordinary tapestry of experiences.

The event showcased the potential of creative and technical prowess, redefining the boundaries of the marquee industry. As the marquee stood sturdy and unwavering throughout the event, it was more than a structure; it was a symbol of reliability. The event was a stage where local and international brands could shine, solidifying their positions and showcasing their offerings.

For Shelter, this was more than just another project; it was a defining moment. This partnership exemplifies the potential that lies in crafting solutions that truly meet the unique needs of our clients, transcending the ordinary and exploring the extraordinary in event tent design.


In conclusion, this collaboration represents the power of innovation and the heights that can be achieved through concerted efforts. It symbolizes the creation of memorable spaces where exceptional experiences are birthed, leaving an indelible mark in the sands of time. With this project, we didn’t just build a marquee; we built a legacy.

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