Building Success: Crafting an Iconic Campaign Tent in Taiwan

Project Details:

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Built Year:2023
Built Duration:5 days
Sector:Campaign Headquarters
Tent Size:10×20×4 meters
Location:Taiwan, China

Table of Contents


Project background

In 2023, our Taiwanese client required a temporary campaign tent for a local parliamentary candidate. The tent’s size was limited to approximately 200 square meters, but it needed to exude an upscale and sophisticated ambiance. Given that influential local figures and media would attend the campaign, there were stringent requirements for aesthetics and safety. A standard tent configuration with fully enclosed sides would not meet the event’s specifications. Due to local cultural preferences, it was essential to incorporate vibrant colors into the design. Consequently, we opted for a red canopy, which was favored locally. The final design featured ABS hard walls and glass panels. Following discussions with government authorities, they endorsed our proposal swiftly, and the project was approved.

Challenge & Solution

High Wind Load Requirements

One of the primary challenges we faced in this project was the need to meet stringent wind load requirements. Given the importance of safety in temporary structures, we needed to ensure that the tent could withstand the strong winds that are sometimes experienced in Taiwan. To address this, we utilized 1122034 mm aluminum frame profiles, which provided the necessary structural integrity. However, this alone was not enough.


To further enhance the stability of the tent, we collaborated closely with the client to implement additional safety measures. This included the installation of external steel cables that could withstand the force of strong winds. These cables were strategically anchored to surrounding structures and the ground, effectively preventing any sway or instability in the tent. In addition to the steel cables, we incorporated stone piers as additional supports. These piers were placed at key points along the tent’s perimeter, providing additional ballast and reinforcing its stability. These measures ensured that the tent remained secure even in adverse weather conditions.

Procurement Challenges

Another significant challenge we encountered during this project was related to the procurement of the red PVC fabric. The client’s preference for red canopy fabric, while aesthetically pleasing, posed a logistical challenge. The minimum order quantity for this fabric exceeded the amount required for the 200-square-meter tent. Negotiations with suppliers initially proved fruitless, as they were unwilling to accommodate a smaller order.

Procurement Solution

To overcome this challenge, we devised a solution in close consultation with the client. We decided to purchase the entire minimum order quantity of red canopy fabric, which allowed us to meet the project’s specifications. While there was excess fabric, we assured the client that it could be used for future events, thus ensuring that no resources went to waste. This solution not only addressed the procurement challenge but also demonstrated our commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


Enhanced Exposure and Publicity

The campaign tent we constructed played a pivotal role in the local parliamentary candidate’s election campaign. Its high-quality design and vibrant red canopy drew significant attention, both from the public and the media. As a result, the event received substantial media coverage, boosting the candidate’s exposure and improving their chances of success. The tent’s aesthetic appeal and the positive impressions it left on attendees further contributed to its success.

Positive Feedback and Acclaim

The tent received widespread acclaim for its aesthetics, safety, and overall quality. Attendees at the campaign event and media representatives were impressed with the design, and many commented on its upscale and sophisticated appearance. This positive feedback not only reflected well on the candidate but also enhanced our reputation as a provider of high-quality temporary structures.

Successful Project Completion

The campaign event, where the tent served as a central element, concluded successfully without any hitches. The tent’s stability, even in adverse weather conditions, ensured the safety of all participants. This success bolstered our client’s confidence in our capabilities and led to further collaboration.

Increased Government Collaboration

The positive outcome of this project had a lasting impact on our client’s relationship with local government authorities. The successful event and the exposure it generated prompted increased cooperation opportunities with government projects. This collaborative synergy between our client and government entities promises a bright future for future ventures.


The challenges we encountered during the project, such as meeting high wind load requirements and overcoming procurement obstacles, were effectively addressed through innovative solutions. The outcome of the project was overwhelmingly positive, with increased exposure, positive feedback, and strengthened client-government relations. This campaign tent project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and client satisfaction.

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