Project Details:

Built Year:2017
Built Duration:5 days
Sector:Mining Warehouse & Storage
Tent Size:40x40x6 m

Table of Contents

Project background

A Mexican airline had an urgent need that they required us to provide them with an aircraft hangar large tent. This hangar was for the purpose of maintenance and storage, for the Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B airplane. After thorough communication with the client, we understood that this airplane had an overall length of 29.94 meters (98 feet 3 inches), a tail height of 10.28 meters (33 feet 9 inches), and a wingspan of 27.80 meters (91 feet 2 inches). Since the hangar was to be used for maintenance purpose, waiving off the sidewalls was not a wise option. Considering the local weather conditions, we opted for a PVC sidewall solution, which was sufficient and effective for the situation.

Challenge & Solution

According to the specific requirements from the client, we encountered several challenges, but finally solved them effectively.

The top challenge was the structural designing change due to the strict control of the budget from the client. The aircraft needed to be able to be moved in and out of the hangar from one side, which meant that one side need to have accessibility and the other side could be enclosed. Initially, we designed a 3D rendering for the client, featuring a stacking door specifically for aircraft inbound and outbound. 

However, the client required a more convenient and cost-efficient solution. As a result, our final design involved a clear span style on one gable wall, which indicated this side had no supporting columns, increasing the access flexibility and allow the airplane to move freely in and out. By this solution, it not only achieved functionality but also reduced costs.

Due to that both the roof panels and wall panels in the frame structure were used as PVC material, plus strong winds existed, so we reinforced the structural stability by adding eave supports and roof cables to provide better support for the entire structure. This solution resulted in an effective cost saving as well.

Key Refurbishment Features

  • Customized, 40*40*6m size, with peak height of 12.4m
  • 850gsm white PVC tarpaulin roof, UV resistant & fire retardant
  • PVC panel side wall
  • Additional eave support and roof cables
  • Lighting package


Customized Dimension with Better Accessibility

When it comes to aircraft hangars/ aircraft maintenance storage, our solutions are always customized according to specific types of the aircraft. In this case, the client only required one gable side to be accessible for the aircraft, that was why the clearspan structure was used only for one side. We care about the needs from our clients, as well as the versatility of our space structure solutions, in the same time, structural stability is also vital for our concern.

Cost Effective Control

Cost depends on various factors, material costs, amenity cost and labor cost and more. Once the clients need more cost-efficient solution, we can manage it by providing various alternative solutions but not compromising the structural stability and quality of our structures.


In a nutshell, our project with the Mexican airline exemplifies our knack for delivering customized, cost-effective, and structurally sound tent solutions under tight deadlines. We navigated budget constraints and specific design challenges to create a versatile aircraft hangar that met all the client’s needs without compromising on quality or safety. This success story underscores our commitment to client satisfaction and sets a high bar for future endeavors in the specialized field of tent structures.

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