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A Frame Warehouse Tent: A Mobile Storage Solution in Chile

A leading electric construction company in Chile required a mobile warehouse solution for projects nationwide. We supplied a 20x50x4m A-Frame Warehouse Tent, offering quick assembly and adaptability. This cost-effective, robust tent, with its modular design and protective features, exceeded the client's needs, providing a reliable and flexible storage solution across varying locations.
Updated: February 28, 2024
Published: September 11, 2023


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In the dynamic world of electric construction, the need for flexible and mobile warehouse solutions is paramount. This was the challenge presented to us by a leading electric construction company in Chile. They required a warehouse tent that could be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported to various project sites across the country. Our solution? A 20x50x4m A Frame Warehouse Tent that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Project background

Towards the close of 2016, our team was approached with a unique requirement. The client, a major player in the electric construction sector, had projects scattered all over Chile. They needed tents to store cables for these projects. But these weren’t just any tents; they needed to be mobile, allowing the company to relocate them as one project concluded and another commenced.

Challenge & Solution

A Frame Warehouse Tent: A Mobile Storage Solution in Chile

Speedy Assembly and Dismantling

The client’s projects spanned various locations, necessitating tents that could be swiftly set up and taken down. Our recommendation was our signature standard aluminum tent. Designed for efficiency, these tents can be fully assembled in just three days and dismantled in a single day. Their lightweight nature further ensures quick transportation to any site, irrespective of the terrain.

Modular Design

Flexibility was at the core of the client’s needs. Our tents, with their 5-meter modular length design, were perfect for the task. Depending on the site’s dimensions, they could be set up in multiple configurations, such as 20x50m, 20x40m, 20x30m, or 20x20m. This adaptability meant no structural modifications or additional costs were necessary.

Cost-Effective Warehouse Solution

Traditional warehouses come with a hefty price tag. Our tent solution, on the other hand, was a fraction of the cost, ensuring the client enjoyed significant savings. Moreover, once all their projects were completed, the tents could be resold, offering an additional financial advantage.

Key Refurbishment Features


A standard 20-meter width warehouse tent adaptable to various project needs.


A robust 112x203x4mm aluminum frame designed to withstand diverse conditions.


An 850gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin roof cover paired with 650gsm double-coated PVC tarpaulin sidewalls ensures the stored cables remain shielded from the elements.


A Frame Warehouse Tent: A Mobile Storage Solution in Chile

Unyielding Fortress of Practicality

Dive deep into the intricate anatomy of our tent, and you’ll uncover a steadfast bastion of strength. It’s not merely a structure; it’s a solemn promise. A promise that every cable, every tool, and every piece of vital equipment nestled within its embrace is cocooned in unwavering safety. This tent doesn’t just stand; it stands tall and proud, echoing reliability in every meticulous stitch and beam.

Guardian Against Nature’s Whims

When the unpredictable skies weep or rage with fiery fury, our tent stands unflinching and resolute. Cloaked in a formidable shield of waterproof and flame-retardant tarpaulin, it laughs defiantly in the face of tempests and fierce blazes. It’s not merely about keeping the rain out; it’s about crafting an impervious sanctuary against all of nature’s capricious tantrums.

The Chameleon of Dimensions

In a world where one size rarely fits all, our tent audaciously begs to differ. It listens attentively, adapts swiftly, and molds itself to the ever-evolving, dynamic demands of the project. Need more expansive space? It stretches gracefully. Need it more compact? It condenses with precision. It’s not just about filling space; it’s about morphing to become the very space you envisioned, ensuring every single inch serves a deliberate purpose.


Our 20x50x4m A Frame Warehouse Tent in Chile epitomizes the fusion of functionality and flexibility. It stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address specific client challenges. In the fast-paced world of electric construction, where every minute counts, our tent ensures that storage is the least of our client’s worries.

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