Innovative Marquee Design for the London Lego Exhibition

Collaborative journey with Belgian event company unfolds into a marquee marvel, redefining industry standards and fostering enduring partnerships.

Project Details:

Built Year:2017
Built Duration:7 days
Sector:Lego Exhibition
Tent Size:

One set of Curve 30×60



Table of Contents

Project background

In 2017, we embarked a marquee on a remarkable journey with a prominent Belgian exhibition and event company. This creative partnership marked a significant departure from their previous reliance on rented event tents. Our initial encounter took place during the 2016 Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, where our client visited our booth. This serendipitous meeting gave birth to a unique vision: a Curve 30×60 event tent, destined to leave its mark on an exhibition in London, UK. However, before the project could unfold, a series of meticulous steps needed to be taken to ensure its success.

The client, eager to ensure the utmost wind resistance and safety, insisted on adhering to European standards. To meet these demands, a comprehensive wind resistance report was generated and presented to the client for approval. This report not only provided assurance but also secured the necessary building permit for the project. With this crucial step complete, the client, back in Belgium, confirmed the order.

Before proceeding to production, we conducted a comprehensive review of all order details, ensuring that every aspect was in line with the client’s vision. This stage also involved a site visit from the client, who took a keen interest in inspecting the tent’s fabric printing. The impeccable attention to detail, combined with the client’s satisfaction, culminated in a seamless balance payment and a precisely executed delivery.

Challenge & Solution of Event tent

marquee event tent

The project was no ordinary feat. The centerpiece was an impressive 30×60 Arcum event tent with a side height of 4 meters. Its installation was scheduled in the UK, where local labor was enlisted for the project. However, the local crew’s expertise in handling event tent structures was limited, requiring innovative solutions to ensure a successful outcome.

To bridge this knowledge gap, we initiated a comprehensive online installation service. This service encompassed an array of critical elements, including step-by-step guidance on structure assembly, tent fabric installation, base fixture, and the intricacies of overall structural assembly. The meticulous support extended to providing the UK government agencies with detailed structural calculations and a comprehensive wind resistance report.

The online assistance, delivered with precision, not only facilitated the event tent’s smooth installation but also solidified our commitment to the project. It set the stage for a durable and fruitful partnership that extended beyond this single endeavor. Subsequently, the client initiated several more orders, illustrating their unwavering trust in our expertise and services.

Efficiency in Construction

One of the project’s notable aspects was the remarkable efficiency with which it was executed. From assembly to disassembly, the entire process unfolded with impressive speed. Reduced turnaround times and immediate usability of the structure provided a level of convenience and flexibility that elevated the project’s overall viability.

Cost-Effective Solution

The event tent wasn’t merely a testament to its stability, safety, and aesthetics. It was also a tribute to efficient design and material choices. This cost-effective approach, extending from the initial design stages to material selection, had a significant influence. In particular, the focus on aluminum event tents emerged as the preferred choice for most clients. These structures, aside from their stability and aesthetics, boasted the ease of setup and dismantling, rendering them a cost-effective solution that can be reused for future events. This translated into a seamless, hassle-free solution for our clients, which always aligns with our core philosophy.


In conclusion, this project represents a celebration of innovation, cooperation, and the art of surpassing expectations. The challenges encountered were not roadblocks but stepping stones towards the realization of a vision that transcended boundaries. The event tent, beyond its role as a structural marvel, became a symbol of collective accomplishment, setting new industry standards and defying conventions. It embodies the transformative potential of visionary design, relentless dedication, and streamlined solutions that empower businesses and elevate experiences. The project’s success, underscored by the enduring partnership it fostered, stands as a testament to the resilience and innovation that propel our industry forward.

This partnership was not merely about setting up an event tent; it was about crafting a spectacular experience and leaving an indelible mark on the world of exhibitions and events. It’s a testament to the spirit of exploration, innovation, and collaboration that lies at the heart of the marquee industry.

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