A Tale of Innovation and Collaboration in 15X15 Event Tent Design in Belgium

Belgium's event industry saw innovation unfold as a 15x15m tent transformed into a dynamic space with butterfly decal charm and efficient construction, harmonizing cost-effectiveness and eco-consciousness. This symphony of collaboration and design dynamism sets the stage for future immersive experiences.
Event location

Project Details:

Built Year:2018
Built Duration:1 week
Sector:Butterfly restaurant
Tent Size:

one set of Curve 30×60



Table of Contents

Project background

Event location

In the creative tapestry of Belgium’s event industry, our collaboration with a dynamic exhibition company took flight in 2018. Having previously embraced the sweeping curves of a Curve 30X60 event tent, their appetite for innovation led to envisioning a unique dining haven. The sketch unveiled a 15×15-meter curved tent, flanked by 5-meter eaves on both sides, weaving a narrative of aesthetics and functionality.

Event Challenge & Solution

Event location

Design Elevation

The challenge emerged in refining the 15×15-meter canvas. Elevating the design, we proposed the addition of 5-meter eaves on either side, transforming a mere tent into a versatile space for seating or decorative flair. This metamorphosis embodied a marriage of aesthetics and practicality.

Print Magic on a Budget

The canvas yearned for the flutter of a butterfly logo, initially slated for direct printing on ABS panels. A budget-friendly alchemy unfolded as we suggested the charm of butterfly decals. This not only danced lightly on expenses but also provided a visually enchanting alternative with the flexibility of customization.

Global Collaboration Choreography

Geographical distances dissolved as we orchestrated seamless collaboration from a digital stage. Real-time online support became the choreography, guiding the local team through the tent’s dance of assembly. This virtual duet ensured confidence in the local team, transforming distance into a symphony of successful execution.

Local Harmony with Tent Wisdom

Opting for local hands in the setup dance introduced a challenge of limited familiarity with our structures. We orchestrated a virtual tutorial, a ballet of online guidance, comprising step-by-step instructions, structural insights, and even a digital bow to local authorities for wind resistance reports.

Efficiency in Construction

The reimagined design not only added wings to creativity but also streamlined the construction ballet. The 15×15-meter curved tent, now with added eaves, showcased a ballet of efficiency, unraveling and assembling with the grace of a seasoned performer. The tent’s portability waltzed in, allowing for a pas de deux of flexibility across diverse venues.

Cost-Effective Symphony

Event location

Decal Delight

The choice of butterfly decals over direct ABS printing composed a symphony of financial sensibility. This economic harmony not only played a melody of immediate cost savings but also composed an ode to customization possibilities.

Aluminum Alloy Overture

The aluminum alloy tent, a sustainable overture, played a tune of cost-effectiveness and eco-consciousness. Its recyclable notes not only resonated with savings but harmonized with environmental chords, offering an eco-friendly melody in the world of event tent solutions.

Dynamism in Design

The heartbeat of innovation pulsates in the versatile design of the 15×15-meter tent. The addition of 5-meter eaves on each side elevates its presence beyond a mere shelter, transforming it into a dynamic space where functionality meets flair. The interplay of curves and edges creates a captivating silhouette, capturing the essence of the client’s vision. This design dynamism not only caters to immediate needs but lays the foundation for a flexible canvas that adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of event aesthetics.


The final crescendo witnessed the metamorphosis of a mere concept into a captivating reality. The 15×15-meter curved tent, adorned with butterfly logos and flanked by elegant eaves, stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration and innovative solutions. The client’s applause echoes not just as a singular success but as a prelude to future symphonies.


In the grand finale, this project echoes our commitment to orchestrating excellence in event tent solutions. Beyond tents and structures, it underscores our dedication to crafting unique spaces that transcend the ordinary. As the curtain falls on this collaboration, it rises on the anticipation of future performances where we continue to compose immersive experiences that redefine the very fabric of events.

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