Event Tents: Tailoring Experiences in Indonesia

Building trust with a client in need of event tents through references and a virtual facility tour, leading to transformative and memorable event experiences.

Project Details:

Built Year:2023
Built Duration:1 days
Sector:Event Tent
Tent Size:

A-Frame 20x25m, 850g fully enclosed canvas



Table of Contents

Project background

In June 2023, we were introduced to a potential client, initially in contact with the company’s owner. However, due to the owner being on vacation with family, communication was not convenient. The owner inquired about the specifications of a 20×25-meter event tent. Subsequently, the owner provided me with the contact information of an employee to facilitate communication. Once I connected with the employee, they directly requested a price quote for a 20×25-meter pagoda-style event tent.

In the local event tent rental market, it is common for customers to invest in 20-meter-span tents with variable lengths of 10 and 15 meters. This versatility allows customers to use a single event tent for various occasions. We promptly provided a quotation based on this standard.

Challenge & Solution

event tent

Initiating contact with the client, we faced the challenge of building trust as they were not familiar with our company. The price quote alone couldn’t sway the client’s decision. To address this, I organized an online meeting to discuss the event tent’s details. During this meeting, the client shared references from other customers, and it so happened that I was acquainted with these customers, all of whom had previously purchased event tents from our company. This introduction of trusted references significantly boosted the client’s confidence in our offerings.

In their industry, where events often require an abundance of event tents, the ability to source additional tents from friends and acquaintances is a valuable advantage. Clients within their circle often assist each other in providing event tents when one’s inventory falls short.

Before the meeting ended, our department took the client on a virtual tour of our facility via video call. Customers were amazed by our facility, which included a tour of our office, factory floor, aluminum frame tent assembly area, PVC tent fabric production shop, and rooftop sample display area. They had never seen such a factory before, including our sample area which was also electrified and watered, which made the customer increase his trust in us even more. In addition to the activity tents he needed, we also showed them our other products about culture and tourism, which they showed great interest in and said they might try to cooperate in the future as well!

The meeting concluded with the client expressing their satisfaction with our company and requesting a quote for sea freight before making a final decision. Subsequently, the client, considering our proposal, decided to purchase two 20×25-meter event tents and had them in use by October.

Outcome of Event Tent

With the arrival of those two expansive 20×25-meter event tents, our client’s business witnessed a profound metamorphosis. These were no ordinary tents; they were the keys to unlocking unforgettable experiences. Our event tents, born from innovative design and modular adaptability, breathed life into a multitude of events – from elegant weddings and high-stakes corporate gatherings to lively festivals and captivating exhibitions.

These event tents did more than just fill a need; they redefined industry standards, ushering in an era of convenience and adaptability. Our client, with a substantial inventory, was now the master of their own destiny. The ability to craft tailor-made event solutions provided them with a distinctive edge in a competitive market.

As word of these exceptional event tents spread, our client’s reputation soared. Their portfolio of successful events expanded, and the industry took notice of their exceptional inventory, turning to them as the ultimate resource.


In conclusion, this partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative event tents. We didn’t just provide tents; we ushered in an age of reimagined events where the ordinary became extraordinary. This collaboration showcases the potential of crafting solutions that genuinely align with our clients’ distinctive needs, pushing the boundaries of the event industry to create extraordinary moments.

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