Shelter Carport and Patio Corer – Strong, Simple, Wide Uses

Flat Roof


Arched Roof – Single

Arched Roof – Double

Specification of Shetler Carport and Patio Cover

F01-5630 18.4 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m) 120km/h 0.2kn/m^2 185-190KG
A01-5630 18.4 * 10 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 3 * 2.3m) 120km/h 0.2kn/m^2 185-190KG
A02-5660 18.4 * 20 * 7.5ft (5.6 * 6 * 2.3m) 120km/h 0.4kn/m^2 380-400KG
A05-5256B 17.0 * 18.4 * 12.5ft (5.2 * 5.6 *3.8m) 120km/h 0.18kn/m^2 350KG

Material Detail

Frame Structures:

  • Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061 / T6
  • Thickness: 2.5-4.0 mm thickness
  • Strength:High Strength (12-14HW) , Tensile Strength (Ultimate)> 290 MPA
  • Features: Stainless, Lightweight


  • Material:anti-UV coating polycarbonate panel
  • Panel Size:600mm length *2 mm thickness
  • Features: Waterproof, UV Resistance, B1 Fire Retardance


  • EPDM Waterproof Strip
  • Stainless Steel Connector

Colors of Carport and Patio Cover

Rust-resistant coated frame made of heavy-duty aluminum. Two standard aluminum frames colors are in stock.

B35 #Champagne
B36 #Silver Matte;

2.0mm solid polycarbonate roof panels are highly impacted, shatter resistance and waterproof. It ‘s virtually unbreakable, advanced engineered

The colors of the Polycarbonate Panel can be chosen in:

  • Clear;
  • Light Grey;
  • Dark Grey;
  • Brown


Carport, Patios & Shading Solution

Residential Use

residential use -car and bike shed-carport and patio cover-Shelter Carport

Shelter aluminum carport and bike parking shelter extend the lifetime of your vehicles offering advantages of cover, security, and parking. 18*10ft polycarbonate 1 car aluminum carport could be built at the porch or an entrance. We recommend placing a bicycle and a motorcycle shed as close as the car porch cover.

residential use - flat roof patio cover-shelter carport and patio cover

Designing a polycarbonate veranda deck or aluminum patio covers around your poolside, you can add a whole new space to your home! All your patio furniture is covered when it comes to this fantastic layout.

Shelter covered patio can be designed with an LED lighting system. From creative themes to pretty decor and entertaining activities, you can throw easy, low-maintenance pool party ideas to your family and friends. And it would make your summer better than ever.

residential use -Patio BBQ Covers

Create a beautiful and weather-tight patio kitchen with Shelter cantilever arched roof outdoor kitchen barbecue cover exclusively. Convenient to install and use.

We make 98% UV, water & mildew resistant polycarbonate covers for any item. With this garden kitchen/barbecue awning, you can extend your home living space and own an easy to clean cooking area.

Awning Additional Use-garage shelter-front door sunshade- Carport and Patio Cover-Shelter Carport

There are many ways to bring awning to backyard outdoor space.

Rain cover can be attached to the home or free-standing to best suit your backyard or terrace. Besides, there are many awning styles include a flat roof, arched roof options for additional coverage.

Commercial Use

commercial public use-Walkway Shelter

It is possible to stay weather-protected between buildings with a walkway shelter. Sunshield Shelter is a brand subsidiary of Shelter Structures specialized in the covered walkway, pop up portable shelter, carport and patio cover, etc. And we can provide both free-standing and wall-mounted walkway systems in varying designs. It could also be customized in curved  patio cover awnings for hotel/resort.

carport and patio cover_bus stop shelter-polycarbonate cover

Modern train/bus shelter improves comfort and safe for most passengers. An advertising lightbox provide eye-level exposure to pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Shelter could offer bus stop shelter with advertising showcases! Submit a Free Quote today for prefab bus and transit Shelters.

carport and patio cover_boat cover-metal shelter

Want to protect your boat or personal watercraft, jet ski while increasing the value and appeal of your water sports business? Dock slipcovers/dock and deck shades protect your boat from nature’s harshest elements. It can mount to edge of dock and cantilevers out over the water and your boat.

Shelter carport commercial public use -EV stand Toll Gate Cover-carport and patio cover

Commercial overhead metal gas station shelter / toll gate cover for sale now. Sunshield Shelter customized polycarbonate shelter for Gas Station, EV Charging, and Toll Gate.  And if you’re looking for a gas station canopy, our elegant designs will keep your customers safely undercover and add value to your business.

carport and patio cover-shopping car shelter- awning for commercial use

Shelter aluminum awning also can be used for commercial/ public space cover or as a storage shelter. For example, keep parking lots neat and eliminate damage to carts using our easy-to-assemble pre-fabricated shopping cart corrals shelter.

Choose from silver anodized aluminum, champagne anodized aluminum. An advertising lighting box for your “Advertised Specials” or Rental Income is available.

Advantages of Shelter Carport

UV protection carport- Protect your car paint

√UV Resistance

①Functional coating provides complete UV blockage and anti-yellowing
②Protect your car paint

Keep clean under snow and rain day - Shelter Carport

√Keep Clean under Snow & Rain

①Withstand snow loads up to 50 cm thickness
②Impact-resistant and 100% waterproof carport with polycarbonate roof

heat blocking - Keep the car cold - Shelter Aluminum Carport

√Protect Against Sun

①Be cool and enjoy a cooler interior.
②Functional coating provides complete UV blockage and anti-yellowing.

why choose shelter carport- our team

Our Team

For all those years, with the help of an excellent and professional team, SHELTER has been long to serve our clients with carport, patio cover solutions, and first-class sales services.

why choose shelter carport- world class cnc machine

Our Technology

World-class advanced production machine and technology for high-quality carport and patio cover

why choose shelter carport- our certificate

Our Certificate

All carport and patio covers from SHELTER have been tested with extremely strict examination and qualified to be shipped all around the world.

Carport Quality Contrast

technology-&-quality-contrast_metal carport main beam contrast

SHELTER – Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy
Higher hardness and thicker AA 6061-T6 frames bear the main force. Size:111*176*2.5mm

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Low-quality Aluminum Alloy
Many Factories Supply Profile with Reduced Thickness not Same as Announced. Most Collapse is Caused by Thin and Low-Quality Alu Profile.


technology-&-quality-contrast_polycarbonate carport roof contrastSUNSHIELD SHELTER – Premium Polycarbonate Roof
Shelter is Using High-quality anti-UV coating PC Sheet (Raw material from Bayer,10 Years Warranty)

OTHER SUPPLIERS – Unstable Polycarbonate Roof

Jerry-built Polycarbonate Shelter without UV Layer by small factories and unreliable suppliers


Projects Show

carport dealer bannar

We are looking for worldwide carport distributors or possible partners(open to talk) to expand our business especially in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia, etc.  Also, we are still looking for some skilled installation teams to support the carport installation service. If you’re looking to expand your business and increase your income, partner with SUNSHIED SHELTER to become a dealer or distributor! We offer a high commission + bonus

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