15 by 45m Car Show Tent for Benz Vehicle Exhibition in Pebble Beach - Thermo Roof Tent Structure 2

15 by 45m Car Show Tent Covers Benz Vehicle Exhibition

Shelter provides this car show tent at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for displaying the Benz car new series line and classic vehicles. Not only allow Mercedes to showcase the cars, but also entertain clients and host events. The completed exhibition hall, a 15 by 45m flat-top tent structure with 6m eave height. With the total 675sqm footprint, the structure creates 400 capacity interior space.

The Features of Benz Car Show Tent

  • Glass walls and doors allow the sunlight come into the tent space. Also, create the panoramic view for the clients to enjoy the Pebble Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Glass wall is usually applied in thermo roof tent design to enhance the elegant building appearance.
  • With the customized fabric and logo, the whole car show tent exterior is offering the high recognizability.
  • Considerate the crowd visiting and exhibit cars laying, we used the floor system with customized material which can support the extreme weight.

The Review and The Best Tent Installation Award

With top-class structures and professional installation technology, this Benz car show tent has awarded The Best Tent Installation from Special Event.

“It’s rewarding to execute our client’s visions successfully; to be recognized as ‘the best’ is the icing on the cake,” said Keith Krzeminski, vice president of Shelter Structures America Inc. “The quality of the design and work produced by the team under such an incredibly tight deadline is tremendous.”

Material & Size Option of Car Show Tent

Main Profile:

  • Framework: Hardpressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Available Size: 112 x 203 x 4mm x 4mm 120 x 200, 120 x 250 x 4mm
  • Feature: Stainless, Lightweight, 4 Channel

Cover Material:

  • Available Option: 850g / sqm Block-out white PVC Tarpaulin, 950g / sqm transparent PVC Fabric
  • Features: Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)


  • Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.

Item Width Height Bay Seat
F010005 10m 4m 5m 60 – 250
F015005 15m 4m 5m 150 – 400
F020005 20m 4m 5m 250 – 400
F025005 25m 4m 5m 400 – 1000
F030005 30m 4m 5m 400 – 1200
F040005 40m 4m 5m 800 – 1600

Structures & Appearance Design of Car Show Tent

Technology Specification

Shelter car show tent - thermo roof tent - inflatable roof top


Using 120W inflator machine to fill the air between the PVC fabric and framework. Compare with original tent roof, thermo roof system creates better performance in heat blocking and cold insulation. If you are planning an outdoor event in the extreme area, thermo roof tent will be the better choice.


For better wind loading function, the basic tent shape is a gable roof with 5 degrees slope. Usually, we will surround the gable by 4 hard panel where is the perfect area to show the brand logo and present the event theme. Also, we offer unique banner design for your actual demand.


Rainwater will affect the durability and self-cleaning function of PVC fabric. If the rainwater accumulates on the rooftop for a long time, the cover membrane will get dirty and hard to clean up. For avoiding this situation, we build up the effective drainage system by gutter and solid pipe. The rainwater will accumulate in four corners and pound through the pipe.

Appearance Design

[GIF]white-FLAT-ROOFING-TENT-20X20M--car show tent for Benz Vehicle Exhibition(1)


For different event theme and natural environment, Shelter offers numerous color options for covered PVC membrane and carpet. Just send us the color code or pattern you want.

Shelter car show tent - customized logo printing design for thermo roof tent3


Generally, the gable of thermo roof tent is surrounded by solid banner to show the event theme or present the brand logo. In addition, printing the logo or slogan on the top banner and rooftop is the perfect design to enhance the brand fame also. The eyeball will be attracted by the distinctive tent appearance during the large outdoor expo.

Shelter car show tent - customized accessories option for thermo roof tent 3


  • Clear glass wall is the common sidewall option for thermo roof tent to brighten the tent exterior appearance.
  • Soft top lining and curtain will be the perfect decoration for tent interior space. Of course, you can choose the different color to fix the event theme.
  • If you will set the light and sound system for your event, install tension fabric will help you to block the machine perfectly.

Processing Technology


Depend on our clients’ demand for capacity, location climate, building foundation and event theme, SHELTER’S experienced sales and design team will offer turnkey tent solution including the tent size, fabric type, roof type. Also, we provide the customized design for fabric printing. Shelter has made custom fabric design for butterfly theme restaurant and LEGO brick exhibition.


Accurate produce is the most important factor for tent design. Shelter has introduced advanced CNC technology machine to cut the material, drill screw holes and design the fabric shape. Different from manually cutting, CNC technology will create high precision and make all components connect perfectly.


After cutting the PVC fabric (depend on technology material), we will use the heat-pressure machine (the temperature reaches to 517℃ ) to weld the fabric tightly for large roof fabric. For installing safely and conveniently, Shelter will polish and rivet the screw hold, assemble the basic main profile for our clients.


For higher effectiveness of package, Shelter introduced CNC package machine to pack the aluminum profile carefully. For PVC fabric, we will pack them in the bag to avoid the dust and scratching.


For 100% safety of our structures, we will make installation test before delivery. So you can set up the tents smoothly on your job-site. Also, we will send our technology staff and project manager to provide installation guidance if you need.
Timely delivery is the promise to all of our clients, we provide timely Door to Door delivery to any corner of the world.

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