Generally, construction tents usually used for the temporary wedding venue, festival celebration, hospitality hall, pop-up shop. At the same time, the prefabricated tent also used as a semi-permanent building like loading bay canopy in logistics, warehouse for industry, office, base camp for military, eco living room in campsite and more. So, how can the construction tent work for long-term application in the outdoor? Maybe you have some considerations about the material warranty, the performance of weatherproof, anti-chemical function and more. Let’s get study of whether the aluminum tent can be used as a long-term building or not!

The Warranty of the Main Profile and Covered Membrane of Tents

The quality of the main material is one of the most important factors of the warranty. The aluminum alloy frame is the widest material for structure tents in the market. In Shelter, we chose the high-quality aluminum alloy with 20+ years lifespan. The covered PVC coated polyester fabric creates 5 years warranty in outdoor using.
PGA Tour US - Lounge Tent in Golf Events - VIP Hospitality Hall with Arch Roof (8)

The Performance in The Extreme Weather Condition

All of the aluminum alloy frames is reach the aviation standard T6061/T6 which creates strong hardness, glossy appearance, and scratch-resistant feature. The wind loading of the whole structure up to 120km/h. Ensure the safety of the construction tent, Shelter provides customized aluminum alloy thickness service and structural reinforcement solution. In addition, the PVC membrane can keep its function under -30℃ to +70℃ temperature.
Shelter Industrial Canopy - Semi-permanent distribution center - logistic warehouse - Loading Bay Canopy -5

The Effect of Outdoor Environment

It is hard to avoid the environment effect during outdoor using. We have made the considerate surface treatment for the aluminum alloy – hot dip galvanized which create a perfect performance in keeping the glossy appearance, chemical resistance, and anti-rust. And the self-cleaning and scratch resistant function keep the PVC fabric durable in the outdoor situation.
25x100m clear span conference hall - large exhibition tent with glass wall in Zimbabwe (8)

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