With our deep industry expertise and research and development capabilities generated over the past 30 years, we can provide space solutions for all types of space scenarios and have strong production and delivery capabilities. Here, you can find the perfect tent solution for various scenarios. Each product we deliver is unique, with a durable structural design and a comprehensive space solution that enhances the overall user experience in different spaces.

10K sqm

Avg. daily productioncapacity

200 km/h

max. wind load( 125mph )

60 m

Max. width,no limited of lenght

125 kg/㎡

Max. snow load

10 m

Max. eave height

3 level

Max. level of the structure

20 m

Max. ridge height

95 %

of the building can be reused when relocation

Our Factories

We have three processing centers globally, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, and our strong factory system enables efficient production and fast delivery. We understand that every event or project is crucial to you. Through lean production and efficient project management, we can effectively reduce your pressure of project delays and delivery quality concerns. Your expectations are our commitment, and we are willing to be your reliable business partner.

Shelter architecture technology

Additionally, we have a strong financial foundation and guarantee to ensure that we have all the resources required for the project on the production line. Because we know that time is essential to you, we consider on-time delivery as the fundamental principle of our cooperation and will consistently guarantee it throughout the process.

Our Advantages

By the way, we have the most comprehensive range of tent accessories and supporting products in the market. Not only can we provide a technical team to upgrade your tent, but we can also create a personalized atmosphere for your activities or projects and provide a one-stop solution, so you no longer need to worry about complicated project support.

Our Future

In the future, we will continue to prioritize innovative product development, customized solutions, and cost-effective and high-quality product offerings as our core business strategies, providing unparalleled space experiences for your commercial activities.

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We are not only a supplier, but also experts in space solutions

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We’re not only a canopy manufacturer, but also experts in space solutions

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