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Home -- Blogs -- What is Industrial Outdoor Storage? Why is it Essential for the Storage of Industrial

What is Industrial Outdoor Storage? Why is it Essential for the Storage of Industrial


A leader in logistics and operations, Caesar expertly manages the complexities of large tent installations for international events.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: April 12, 2024


Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) stands out as a critical development for outdoor storage. IOS is crucial for warehouse equipment, raw materials, and other vital assets. This guide explores IOS, showing how it supports e-commerce, logistics, and industry. You can find every answer to industrial outdoor storage. We will explain why it's essential for outdoor industrial storage and your investment.

Industrial Outdoor Storage 3

Understanding Industrial Outdoor Storage:

Industrial outdoor storage, also called IOS, is the collective name for all outdoor storage product types in the field of industrial storage. IOS can utilize outdoor space to store equipment, raw materials, finished products, and building assets associated with industrial operations. These areas are often used as an extension of an indoor storage facility. Also, you need a separate place to store vehicles, construction equipment, building materials, or containers. IOS has a long history of development within the industry. Still, due to its essential role in e-commerce and logistics, IOS is becoming increasingly popular in outdoor industrial storage. With the increasing demand from consumers, the growing demand for last-mile logistics facilities is becoming important. Overall, industrial development makes these IOS products an emerging building asset in commercial real estate. Specifically, these IOS products are deployed on land for industrial purposes. Tenants can store their belongings outside, often accompanied by several temporary or semi-permanent buildings. Outdoor industrial storage has gained popularity recently due to its role in e-commerce and logistics, providing generous returns for investors and users. IOS is often used where equipment, vehicles, bulk materials, or finished product warehouses are stored and generally built directly by companies or real estate agency developers.

How it Differs from Traditional Storage Methods

IOS differs from traditional storage products in several ways. Traditional storage usually involves closed spaces such as warehouses or storage units. However, IOS uses outdoor space for direct storage. It builds some warehouses for temporary or semi-permanent use.

IOS is usually used to store trucks, trailers, large equipment, containers, and materials. It can improve land with walkways, perimeter fencing, and lighting. Moreover, traditional storage often includes climate-controlled environments for various items, including personal belongings, furniture, and temperature-sensitive merchandise.

IOS also offers efficiency advantages over traditional storage. With Outdoor Industrial Storage, there are no issues with building height, stacking requirements, or other limitations that may be present with conventional indoor storage options. In the Outdoor industrial storage field, prefabricated building components can effectively speed up the construction time of temporary or semi-permanent buildings. Applying products such as IOS can significantly shorten the construction time and cycle. It reflects the growing demand for flexible and efficient storage space in the commercial construction and real estate fields.

Industrial Outdoor Storage 1

Types of Industrial Outdoor Storage(IOS):

IOS product solutions usually address specific needs, and these solutions may vary. Outdoor Industrial Storage generally includes the following products:

Temporary Industrial Shelters

Temporary industrial shelters are portable structures designed to provide additional space for industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities. They are prefabricated and modular, making them easy to handle and transport. They can be quickly installed on various surfaces without needing a semi-permanent foundation. These Temporary Industrial Shelters are designed to reduce energy costs, store materials, or create temporary or semi-permanent workspaces. Temporary Industrial Shelters are more than just short-term solutions. They can also serve as durable semi-permanent structures. What can provide businesses with high-quality additional space, capacity, and shelter? IOS offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods with the flexibility to meet various needs, such as manufacturing challenges, storage requirements, or temporary workspaces. Some companies on the market specialize in Industrial Shelters, such as Rhino Shelter, Sprung, and Service Rentals, Inc. For example, Rhino Shelter's 40' x 60' x 18' Portable Building (Round) is famous in industrial and agricultural settings for storing large vehicles or serving as an instant barn. As an equally professional Industrial shelter manufacturer, SHELTER provides all the above solutions, such as TFS Clear Span, portable or semi-permanent warehouse structures, cargo storage, and temporary storage locations. If you are interested, you can contact us directly.

Industrial Storage Tents

There are two main types of industrial storage tents: clear-span and multi-span.

Clear Span Structure:

Clear-span structures, also known as clear-span tents, provide maximum unobstructed interior space without needing interior posts or legs, making them ideal for industrial storage. They span up to 174 feet wide, 80 feet high, and almost any length.

Multi-span Structure:

Multi-span structures have one or more internal columns or legs to support the structure. They also come in various widths and heights; their length can be adjusted in spaced increments.

Industrial Canopy Shelter

Industrial Canopy Shelter is an IOS tent product that provides shade and protects people and assets from weather elements such as rain, hail, snow, and UV rays. They are often used in industrial settings such as loading dock covers, warehouse extensions, or short-term storage solutions. Industrial canopies often use heavy-duty PVC fabric and frames made of aluminum or steel. Weather-resistant, durable, and sometimes flame-retardant and waterproof. Typical products include A Frame Tent, Frame Tent, Pole Tent, High Peak Roof, and other Outdoor Industrial Storage tents.

Metal Trusses Structures

Metal Trusses are commonly used in Outdoor Industrial Storage Solutions due to their strength, durability, and ability to withstand harsh environments. Because of the Structure's inherent strength, wider spacing between trusses is allowed, creating more overhead storage space and reducing the need for internal bracing. This makes them ideal for more significant buildings such as barns, warehouses, and stadiums.

Metal buildings with trusses can be constructed from high-quality sheet metal with a tensile strength of 80,000 PSI and an impact rating of 4, ensuring they can withstand harsh weather conditions. These structures are designed to meet or exceed local building code wind and snow load requirements.

Therefore, Metal Trusses is also a sturdy and durable choice among IOS products. They are suitable for use in large storage structures. The cost of these structures can vary, but they offer the advantages of maximizing storage space, resisting the elements, and complying with local building codes.

Industrial Outdoor Storage 4

How do you choose Outdoor Temporary and Semi-permanent Industrial Storage?

Both temporary and semi-permanent outdoor storage solutions offer advantages. Temporary Building solutions provide versatility and flexibility. They can be used for various purposes and moved to different locations, making them an excellent choice for businesses or individuals with changing storage needs. Semi-permanent buildings are durable and rigid. They are more expensive and time-consuming to build, but they provide long-term storage solutions. They can be customized or expanded to meet specific needs. Regarding cost, temporary buildings are generally cheaper than semi-permanent buildings due to the reduced need for materials and labor. However, considering factors such as maintenance, relocation, and potential replacement, the total cost of a temporary structure can be comparable to a semi-permanent structure over time.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs

When choosing between temporary and semi-permanent outdoor storage solutions, it is essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and long-term plans. A temporary structure better suits those with changing storage needs or a limited budget. In contrast, a semi-permanent structure better suits those with long-term storage needs and a larger budget.

Key Considerations in Selecting Industrial Outdoor Storage(IOS):

When choosing a site for Outdoor Industrial Storage, several key considerations must be remembered. These include the type of IOS product you need (such as Industrial Storage Tents and Temporary Industrial Shelters), your size and capacity, and your budget for building the storage unit. Applicable safety and regulatory requirements may be encountered when constructing IOS products. It's important to carefully evaluate these factors to choose the Outdoor Industrial Storage solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Purpose to Storage

First, the purpose and type of materials to be stored should be assessed. This may influence the screening methods, such as fencing or landscaping, which can provide security, privacy, and visual appeal.

Storage Space Requirements

In addition, the size and capacity of the IOS space are also significant. The transportation and logistics industry and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) are substantial users of the IOS space and require infrastructure that can efficiently accommodate tractor-trailers, equipment, materials, and cargo.

The Cost Of Industrial Outdoor Storage(IOS)

The definition of Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) can change depending on the location and use. It's important to look at the unique needs and requirements of each industry or region. This includes considering the budget for materials, how durable and weather-resistant the storage needs to be, and the costs and needs for maintenance.

How to Maximize Outdoor Industrial Storage

To maximize the efficiency of your Outdoor Industrial Storage, you can adopt various strategies based on your needs. First, using different product combinations of IOS and other combinations of StructureStructures can effectively improve space utilization and density and obtain greater inventory capacity without expanding facilities.

Secondly, cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage of outdoor industrial storage locations. It often offers a more affordable alternative to traditional indoor warehouse space.

Thirdly, effective space management is crucial. This includes using vertical storage, reducing aisle widths, and increasing mezzanine floor space.

Fourthly, screening industrial outdoor storage sites can provide security, privacy, and visual screening to neighbors. Standard screening methods include fencing and landscaping, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The Success of Industrial Outdoor Storage(IOS) Learning

A prime case example of IOS can be found in downtown Denver. The vacant lot is zoned for outdoor storage. It includes a 10,000-square-foot industrial building, approximately 6,500 square feet of office space, two pass-through service areas, and 14-foot clear heights. The property is ideally located near the intersection of major transport routes.

The project has become an essential part of the supply chain for retailers and logistics operators. Coinciding with the accelerated development of e-commerce at the beginning of the epidemic, the online penetration rate of the home consumer market increased rapidly, especially the growth in the e-commerce field of large furniture, which further accelerated the demand for IOS. The current market value of IOS is estimated to reach US$200 billion. Despite this growth, IOS still needs to overcome several challenges, including industrial zoning of the land, construction, and large-scale construction, which requires dedicated professional agencies to guide it.

However, a successful IOS installation can provide a significant return on investment. For example, Alterra Property Group's IOS unit, Alterra IOS, has grown its portfolio to nearly $2.5 billion in assets. The success of IOS depends on various factors, including location, size, and the specific needs of the businesses it serves. The site usually ranges from 2 to 10 acres, and most sites have a small building.

Choosing the right location is crucial for the success of an Industrial Outdoor Storage facility. For example, being close to downtown Denver's transportation hubs can greatly enhance Outdoor Industrial Storage's efficiency. In summary, despite the IOS-related challenges, successful Outdoor Industrial Storage can provide a significant return on investment. Factors such as location, size, and the business's specific needs play a critical role in the success of an IOS facility.

Industrial Outdoor Storage 2

Future Developments in Outdoor Industrial Storage and Innovation of Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS):

There is competition in the IOS market, with companies like Alterra and JPMorgan Chase vying for dominance in the Outdoor Industrial Storage market. Alterra has 100 IOS properties in 27 states and recently announced a $1.5B expansion to defend its market position.

IOS is not just a trend but an essential part of modern business strategies for logistics, manufacturing, and distribution companies. It enables end customers to optimize operations, reduce costs, and adapt to market changes. Efficient outdoor warehousing management is crucial for companies to maximize space utilization and ensure asset security.

More and more investors are realizing the potential of IOS, as evidenced by the growing demand and investment in this space. A competitive landscape is emerging, with companies like Alterra and JPMorgan Chase vying for market dominance. With institutional investors paying attention, IOS is becoming a more recognized and sought-after asset class in the commercial real estate market. For investors in this market, IOS must navigate the complex permitting process and ensure facilities meet current requirements. Local engineering consultants can provide you with valuable assistance at Outdoor Industrial Storage.

In summary, IOS is a growing commercial real estate market segment, with increasing demand due to its role in e-commerce and logistics. Investors should understand the licensing process, local market conditions, and competitive dynamics to succeed. Establishing long-term cooperative relationships with upstream professional prefabricated construction factories and downstream terminal logistics users will help you effectively obtain first-hand information and grasp your investment acumen.

How to Choose an Industrial Outdoor Storage(IOS) Manufacturer

These products are custom-designed and manufactured by a reliable Tent Manufacturer to meet specific industrial storage needs. It is essential to make sure that you choose a company with experience manufacturing IOS products and extensive experience in Outdoor industrial storage. Shelter has 20 years of experience in tent design and construction, and we have a local design, construction, and manufacturing team in the United States. We can provide cost-effective and one-stop solutions for your outdoor industrial storage needs.


Wrapping up our look at Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS), it's clear IOS is more than just storage. It's a strategic asset that boosts the efficiency and growth of industries. IOS shines in its flexibility, cost-saving, and boost to logistics and e-commerce. Offering everything from temporary shelters to strong metal supports, IOS provides a solid base for business success in the fast-changing industrial world. Whether starting a new business or growing an existing one, using Industrial Outdoor Storage is crucial for tapping into your industry's full potential.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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