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Home -- Blogs -- What is Clear Span Building?

What is Clear Span Building?


Expert in advanced structural engineering, Chris has transformed the safety standards of large tent designs with his groundbreaking research.

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: April 11, 2024
  1. Introduction:

People have always discussed speeding up building outdoors. Clear span buildings have become a popular building type. Because the clear span building effectively shortens construction time. This article overviews all aspects of clear span buildings, including the advantages , different types, and prices of the clear span buildings. We hope you can solve the problems before building outdoors by reading this article.
  1. Definition of Clear Span Buildings

Clear span buildings can be referred to as free span buildings with a vast open space. Suitable for setting up commercial outdoor sheltered spaces in a short time. The building structure is made of straight steel beams and trusses. You can do less work and save money on the building. At the same time, clear span buildings can be customized to any length and width. What makes clear span become a flexible choice for temporary and semi-permanent uses.
The Clear Span Structure
The View Of Extended Span Atrium
outdoor event tents
clear span tent


  1. Advantages of Clear Span Buildings

3.1 Customizable for Your Needs

You can tailor your space to fit specific requirements. It's easy to add features or change the design based on what you need. These building structures are adaptable whether you want to be wider or longer.

3.2 Eco-friendly Choice

Choosing Clear-Span buildings is good for the planet. The structures use durable materials and designs that save energy. They also reduce the need for artificial light, saving more energy.
Event Clear Span Buildings

3.3 Easy to Move

Clear Span buildings are like tents that you can transport easily. All parts fit on regular trucks and trailers, allowing you to move them as needed. Because everything is prefabricated parts. This boosts how well operations run, saving time and effort.

3.4 Maximizes Space

Inside a Clear Span building, there is no wasted space. The design removes any barriers, making full use of the available area.
Industrial Clear Span Buildings

3.5 Wide-Ranging Uses

Clear Span buildings work well for many purposes. These buildings fit perfectly in warehouses, farm storage spaces, sports arenas, and event locations.

3.6 Saves Money

Clear span structures cost less because they use straight steel beams and trusses. This design means less work and quicker build times. Metal Clear-Span buildings are incredibly affordable for big spaces because fewer materials are needed.
  1. Different types of Clear Span Buildings

There are primarily two types of clear-span building structures, distinguished based on their frame and construction design:

4.1 Straight Wall Construction

This design has straight walls. It uses a rigid frame, making the building look like a box. These buildings can have different heights and lengths. Builders can adjust them for various projects and needs.
Straight Wall Clear Span Construction

4.2 Arch Wall Construction

This design combines a curved or arched roof with straight walls. The walls can be at the base or slope down from the roof's peak. This design stands out. It suits those wanting a building that looks unique.
Arch Wall Clear Span Construction

  1. Materials Used in Clear Span Buildings

We can use various materials to build the clear span. These buildings aim for an ample, open space inside. The main parts include the frame, covering material, and foundation.

5.1 Frame Materials

Frames are mostly made of steel or aluminum. These materials allow for large, open spaces without internal columns, making the interior space more flexible.
Clear Span Material

5.2 Covering Options

PVC Fabric is a common choice for covering. It is durable, lets light through, and supports quick setup. Fabric structures can go up at a speed of 2,500 square feet each day. They also use fewer materials than permanent buildings. This approach saves money and lessens the environmental footprint.


  1. Common Applications for Clear Span Buildings

6.1 Agricultural Use

Barns and Stables: These clear span metal buildings house livestock, feed, and equipment efficiently, streamlining daily tasks.
Equipment Storage: The clear-span building provides ample space for storing and accessing big machinery and vehicles.
Agricultural Clear Span Buildings

6.2 Warehousing and Storage

Large-scale Storage: Clear-span buildings offer plenty of room for goods and equipment. They make access and inventory management easy.
Distribution Centers: Their open space supports flexible organization and efficient goods movement, which is crucial for logistics.
Warehousing And Storage Clear Span Buildings

6.3 Manufacturing Facilities

Production Lines: Clear span buildings fit heavy machinery, conveyor belts, and assembly lines well. They allow for a layout that matches specific production needs.
Workshops: Clear span buildings offer lots of room for big projects, storing materials, and moving workers around.
Manufacturing Facilities Clear Span Buildings

6.4 Sports and Recreation Facilities

Indoor Sports Arenas:Clear span buildings are perfect for sports that require large, column-free spaces, such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis.
Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers: Clear span buildings adapt well to various activities and equipment setups.
Sports And Recreation Facilities Clear Span Buildings

6.5 Event and Exhibition Spaces

Convention Centers: Clear span buildings suitable for significant events, trade shows, and exhibitions, with customizable spaces.
Banquet Halls: Clear span buildings great for weddings, conferences, and big gatherings, offering a spacious and adaptable area.
Atrium Clear Span Buildings

6.6 Emergency and Military Uses

Temporary Shelters: Clear span buildings can quickly be set up in response to natural disasters or for humanitarian efforts.
Equipment and Vehicle Storage: Clear span buildings useful for military storage of vehicles and equipment and large training spaces.
Tfs Clear Span Buildings

6.7 Aviation Hangars

Aircraft Storage: Clear span buildings fit the wide wingspans of aircraft, allowing for maintenance, repair, and storage.
Aviation Hangars Clear Span Buildings

  1. Case Study: How Clear Span Are Used in Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

7.1 Optimal Space Use

Clear span design allows farmers to store more hay and equipment. It ensures space gets used well with less cost.

7.2 Protects Hay Quality

These buildings keep hay quality high. They maintain a stable environment, preventing hay from rotting. This way, hay keeps its nutrients.
Hay Storage Buildings

7.3 Environmentally Friendly

Clear-span fabric structures control temperature and ensure good airflow, creating the perfect climate for hay and equipment. These structures also lower the chances of condensation, mold, and bacteria, making storage areas for feed and grain cleaner and drier.

7.4 Versatile and Cost-Effective

Clear-span fabric buildings are a smart choice for farm buildings. They offer environmental benefits and are more affordable per square foot than traditional buildings. Clear-span structures protect assets from ecological damage when storing hay, machinery, or both.
For farm equipment storage, clear span offers many benefits. These advantages make clear-span buildings a top option for agricultural storage needs:
  • Easy access and movement
  • Great space use
  • Hay quality protection
  • Climate control
  • Good ventilation
  • Affordability
  1. The Installation of Clear Span Buildings

Installation Of Clear Span Buildings

8.1 Pre-Installation Preparations:

Carefully select and prepare the site. Follow local rules and work closely with suppliers.

8.2 Design and Planning:

Choose a suitable design and customization clear span building construction. Make accurate measurements and plan thoroughly.

8.3 Safety Precautions:

Prioritize safety measures, equipment, training, and emergency plans during installation.

8.4 Site Layout and Foundation:

Mark accurately, prepare the foundation, install anchor bolts, and ensure the foundation is level and cured.

8.5 Frame Assembly:

Organize materials well, erect columns and beams correctly, connect components securely, and check alignment.

8.6 Electrical and Plumbing:

  • Plan electrical and plumbing layouts.
  • Conduct thorough inspections and tests.

8.7 Interior Build-Out:

  • Install interior walls and flooring.
  • Meet lighting and HVAC requirements.

8.8 Inspections and Permits:

Complete final inspections, obtain necessary permits and comply with local codes.
  1. Clear Span Building Maintenance

Clear Span Building Maintenance

Clear Span buildings, crafted from pre-engineered steel and lacking internal columns, offer significant maintenance benefits. The strength and longevity of steel reduce upkeep costs.

The open layout facilitates the smooth movement of machinery and goods, boosting operational efficiency. This advantage decreases equipment wear and the chance of interior damage, further cutting down on maintenance demands.
Additionally, the ample overhead clearance in Clear Span buildings affords extra storage space and versatility. This feature encourages a tidy and organized setting, lessening the chance for maintenance concerns.
  1. How Much Does a Clear Span Building Cost?

Clear Span Building Price

10.1 Total Building Cost Range

The price of a Clear Span building can vary greatly, depending on the building's size, materials, location, and custom needs. Basic models usually cost between $20 and $50 per square foot, but prices may rise for larger or custom-designed buildings.

10.2 Metal Building Costs

For metal Clear Span buildings, costs usually fall between $12 and $19 per square foot. More significant buildings might cost more because they need more workers and special construction gear.

10.3 Site Impact on Costs

The building location affects the price. Different ground conditions might need extra digging or unique foundations. This can raise the costs of construction and setup.

10.4 Extra Costs

Remember, the prices mentioned often do not cover land purchase, land leveling, foundation work, and other extra expenses. So, the total cost for a Clear Span building can go well beyond just the building itself.
  1. How to Choose a Reliable Clear Span Buildings Manufacturer

Clear Span Buildings Manufacturer

1.1 Durability Matters

Focus on manufacturers using Aluminum alloy or industrial-grade galvanized steel for frames. A trustworthy manufacturer offers long-term warranties as Shelter Structures does with its 20-year frame and 10-year cover warranties.

11.2 Versatility and Customization

Look for manufacturers that provide customization options. Clear-span buildings should match your specific needs, including size and extra features.

11.3 Customer Service Reputation

The manufacturer's commitment to customer service is vital. Choose one that aims to maintain a relationship with you well after the purchase.
When selecting a clear-span building manufacturer, prioritize durability, customization possibilities, customer service reputation, and cost.
  1. Conclusion

This article has helped us gain a deeper understanding of clear span buildings. Clear Span is indeed a building product that can be set up quickly outdoors and is more cost-effective than traditional buildings. However, you still need to consider all factors to make your final decision. If you have any questions, you are recommended to contact our experienced engineers. Let the architect provide targeted solutions based on your space needs and site size.
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