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Home -- Blogs -- What Is a Pool Birdcage?

What Is a Pool Birdcage?


Jason is an acclaimed architect in large tent design, known for integrating cutting-edge, sustainable architecture into his tent structures.

Published: June 3, 2024

Pool birdcage is a temporary building that is both practical and artistic. This article will give a comprehensive introduction to pool birdcage, from functionality to advantages and disadvantages, aiming to help you choose the most suitable pool birdcage. Let’s discover how to make it the finishing touch to your pool.

What is Swimming Pool Birdcage?

Pool birdcage is mainly composed of frame, maintenance board and some connecting parts. The maintenance board of the pool birdcage is generally made of PC board (polycarbonate), and the frame is made of aluminum alloy. Together they form a strong yet lightweight structure that combines beauty with practicality and is weatherproof while ensuring longevity.

Pool Birdcage mainly provides swimming pool coverage, safety protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, environment beautification, etc. It meets the diverse needs of home users for swimming pool use.

Pool enclosure 3

Details of the Swimming Pool Birdcage

Main structureAluminum Alloy Profile 6061-T6Yield strength: 240Mpa
Elongation: 10%
Surface sand treatment
Node connection componentQ235 steelYield strength: 235Mpa
Elongation: 25%
Surface hot-dip galvanized treatment
Maintenance panelsPC board (polycarbonate)Translucency
Impact resistance
UV radiation resistance
Wind Load/0.5KN/M2, Conventional Resistance To 10-12 Strong Winds
Snow Load/0.3KN/M2
Service Life/More Than 10 Years

Functionality of Pool Birdcage

In the hot summer, the swimming pool becomes a paradise for people to cool off. Strong sunlight can make people feel uncomfortable, so the pool birdcage plays an important role. Not only can it effectively block the sun, the PC board can also block most of the ultraviolet rays and reduce the water temperature. It provides shelter for the pool and ensures a comfortable swim.

Swimming pools can also be properly protected in winter. One is to prevent fallen leaves and other debris from falling into the swimming pool, making it inconvenient to clean. Second, it can reduce heat loss on the swimming pool surface and maintain a stable water temperature. Because it can be equipped with air conditioning inside to maintain the internal temperature, thereby extending the use time of the swimming pool.

Advantages of Pool Birdcage

The swimming pool birdcage takes into account the needs of use in different climate conditions. With its innovative design, excellent performance and user-friendly functions, it brings unprecedented convenience and comfort to swimming pool users.

Block Debris And Insects

Fallen leaves on the edge of the pool, dust everywhere, and small animals that break into the pool from time to time are all problems in swimming pool cleaning. The pool birdcage can not only effectively block the intrusion of fallen leaves and other debris, but also prevent small animals from accidentally falling into the swimming pool, which can reduce the frequency of cleaning the swimming pool. Swimming pools with pool birdcage can save more cleaning costs than swimming pools without pool birdcage.

Customizable Design

Whether it is a standard-shaped swimming pool, or a special-shaped or irregular-shaped swimming pool, pool birdcage can provide customized solutions. By accurately measuring the size of the pool and adjusting it according to the specific conditions of the site, Shelter will make the pool birdcage perfectly fit the contours of the pool, making it both beautiful and practical.

Cost-Effective Investment

Investing in a pool birdcage is not only for immediate comfort and convenience, but also a long-term economic investment. Once installed, it can continue to provide shelter for the pool, effectively reducing the frequency and cost of cleaning and maintaining the pool. Moreover, the service life of the pool birdcage itself is as long as more than ten years, making it a trustworthy long-term investment.

Extended Swimming Season

If you're in a warm area, the right pool birdcage can keep your pool usable year-round. In summer, it can block a certain amount of sunlight for you and prevent the water from overheating. In winter, when the water temperature drops, additional facilities can be added to increase the temperature. In this way, people can enjoy the fun of the swimming pool no matter when and where they are.

Build a poolscreen enclosure 3

Disadvantages of Pool Birdcage

We must realize that although pool birdcage provides an innovative solution for pool protection, there are still some challenges and considerations. These factors include installation complexity, potential impact on privacy, and the need for routine maintenance.

Installation Complexity

Due to the unique design and construction of the pool birdcage, specialized tools and technical knowledge are required to ensure proper installation. This may include precise measurements of the installation site and ensuring the structure is stable. For users without relevant experience, this means hiring a professional installation team, which increases the cost and time of the initial installation.

Privacy Issues

4mm polycarbonate endurance board has a certain degree of transparency, but this transparency may also raise privacy concerns. Users want more privacy in the pool area, and a transparent pool birdcage cannot fully meet this need. Therefore, when choosing pool birdcages, users should weigh the relationship between their aesthetics and privacy needs.

Maintenance Needs

Users need to clean their pool birdcage regularly to remove surface stains and deposits to maintain its appearance and functionality. Checking whether the connection parts are firm, whether there are damaged parts, and whether the moving parts need to be lubricated are also necessary maintenance tasks. While these maintenance activities help extend the life of the birdcage, they also increase the user's long-term liability and potential costs.

Faced with these potential challenges, choosing a reliable supplier becomes even more important. A good supplier will not only provide high-quality products, but also provide professional support and service in terms of installation, maintenance, and potential problem solving.

Choose the Right Pool Birdcage Supplier: Shelter Helps You

Shelter Structures is your ideal partner. As a company that has been engaged in pool birdcage for 20 years, we are famous for our excellent product quality and unparalleled customer service. The product line covers pool birdcages of various specifications and styles to meet the individual needs of different customers.

Easy Installation, Full Guidance

We provide detailed installation guidance, including easy-to-understand installation manuals, intuitive video tutorials, and on-site guidance services from a professional team. Whether you're a first-time installer or have some experience, we make sure you can complete the installation process with ease.

Optional Covering to Protect Privacy

For those customers with higher privacy requirements, we offer customizable privacy coverage options. You can choose suitable materials and colors according to your preferences and needs to create a pool birdcage that is both beautiful and practical.

Maintenance Manual, Worry-Free After-Sales Service

We provide a comprehensive maintenance manual to guide you on daily cleaning and maintenance. In addition, our customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you may have during the maintenance process. If an accessory is damaged, you don't have to worry about fitting issues. Shelter's production system ensures that all accessories are perfectly matched.

Pool Enclosure 1 1 (1)


1. What do Floridians call a screened-in porch?

In Florida, people often refer to a patio with a screen as a "Lanai." The term comes from the Hawaiian language and is very popular in the local area to describe those outdoor leisure spaces surrounded by screen windows. It provides an environment free from insect disturbance. Residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors while maintaining indoor comfort.

2. Can I sunbathe through the pool birdcage?

Of course, it is possible. The covering of the pool birdcage - 4mm polycarbonate endurance board has a certain degree of transparency, which allows sunlight to pass through and blocks part of the ultraviolet rays. This allows you to enjoy sunbathing without feeling very hot.

3. Why do people install pool birdcages?

  • It can prevent leaves, branches and other debris from falling into the pool, reducing the amount of cleaning work.
  • Effectively prevent mosquitoes and other insects from entering, making people more comfortable during outdoor activities.
  • A pond birdhouse can provide a shady
  • A pond birdcage can be decorated and transformed to suit personal preferences, making it a unique outdoor recreational space.

4. Are pool birdcages expensive?

The price of a pool bird cage is affected by a variety of factors, including size, materials, design complexity, and installation costs. Small or simple prefabricated pool bird cages are relatively inexpensive and can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Custom-designed large pool bird cages, especially those with high-end materials and intricate construction, can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

5. What are the disadvantages of pool birdcages?

For users without relevant experience, pool birdcages are more complicated and require professional tools. Clear coverings are also not a great option for privacy-conscious users. So users need to weigh their aesthetics against their private needs.


Every customer's needs for pool birdcages are unique. We can enhance the advantages of your existing pool birdcages and solve their existing problems for you. The team is composed of senior experts in the industry and can tailor-make the swimming pool solution that best suits you based on your site conditions, budget and personal preferences.

Need a pool birdcage of your own? contact us!

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