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Home -- Blogs -- Wedding Tents: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Tents: Everything You Need to Know


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Updated: May 24, 2024
Published: February 10, 2024
Outdoor weddings are romantic and charming, but unpredictable weather can put a damper on your special day. Wedding tents provide shelter and flexibility while preserving the beauty of an alfresco affair. With stylish lighting, luxe decor, and creative layouts, tents can be transformed into elegant venues reflecting your taste and style. This guide will walk through everything you need to consider when planning a tented wedding celebration.
Ultimate Guide to Wedding Tents Expert Tips & Insights

Figure Out If You Really Need Wedding Tents

For an intimate garden ceremony or cocktail-style reception, a tent may obstruct sights rather than enhance them. If your guest list is small or you have access to an indoor backup space in case of rain, a tent may be an unnecessary expense.

However, tents offer clear benefits for larger weddings. They provide cover in case of showers while still feeling open and airy. Tents allow you to dictate the layout and flow and personalize the decor. They expand your venue options beyond traditional hotel ballrooms.

Buy or Rent Wedding Tents?

Renting is ideal for one-time events as companies handle the setup, takedown, and maintenance. Buying makes more sense for repeat use in your backyard for parties and events or if you cannot secure a rental.

Wedding Tent Types You May Want to Know

From elegant marquees to breezy pole tents, different structures suit varying aesthetics, budgets, and spaces. Consider venue constraints, guest count, and desired style when selecting your wedding tent.

Wedding Tent Types You May Want to Know

Pole Tents

Best for grassy meadows or parks, pole tents use telescoping steel or aluminum poles as the central supports secured by stakes and perimeter guy lines. With fewer visual obstructions, they offer flexible layouts and unrestricted views of lovely surroundings. Go breezy with open sides, or add swags and lighting for boho-chic gatherings from rustic to downhome style.

Marquee Tents

Marquees exude old-world grandeur with ornate center poles holding up tensioned roofs peaked or gently scalloped on all sides. The striking silhouette resembles permanent pavilions on hotel lawns or historic estates. Heavy-duty construction makes marquees perfect for larger formal galas of 300+ needing chandeliers and lighting built into the framework. The majestic engineering ensures walls drape beautifully for unforgettable, stylish affairs.

Frame Tents

Aluminum frame tents provide durable portable venues perfect for venues with size, weight, or setup restrictions. The secure interlocking pieces form walls and rafters over which vinyl tops and sides tightly stretch to create semi-permanent spaces. Frame tents allow lighting, fans, and decor to be seamlessly incorporated into the grid-like infrastructure. With abundant sidewall configurations, the morphable aluminum skeleton enables imagined environments from tropical oases to snowy winter wonderlands.

Clear Tents

For settings with stellar views from mountains to shorelines, clear tents showcase instead of obscure nature's beauty. Supported by pavilion poles and draped only on top, transparent acrylic or polycarbonate panels provide cover while maintaining outward visibility. Clear tents prevent weather hassles without detracting from cherished vistas, waterscapes, sunsets, or garden landscapes. Add string lights and greenery without visual clutter for dreamy see-through protection.

Clear Tents

Expert Tips on Wedding Tents

Beyond the tent itself, savvy styling and creative touches can make your tented affair uniquely you. Use these tips to craft an atmosphere matching your wedding vision.

1. Size

The tent dimensions need to allow generous room for guests to mingle without feeling cramped. When estimating size, budget at least 60 square feet per guest to accommodate seating space plus dance floors, buffet lines, bars, and stages. For a 150-person wedding, a 30' x 60' (1,800 sq ft) tent would allot 73 sq ft per guest. Factor in structural elements like poles, too, ensuring they don't obstruct main areas.

2. Lighting

Creative lighting transforms tents from basic shelters into dazzling venues. String mini bulb fairy lights across the ceiling for a whimsical, starry appearance. Wrought iron chandeliers dressed with flowers or paper lanterns hung at varying heights define separate lounge and dining spaces. For ambiance, sprinkle flameless LED candles on tables or uplight draping in warm hues.

3. Flooring

Flooring enhances comfort while also setting the aesthetic. Portable maple hardwood floors evoke elegance, letting high-heeled shoes glide gracefully. Bamboo or natural jute rugs layered on grass establish organic texture and flow underfoot. Even faux-grass carpeting produces a fun, modern style while insulating bare feet if guests remove shoes.

4. Décor and Themes

Tents give you creative freedom to realize any theme or style for decorations. For a garden style, intertwine flowering vines and greens through the tent poles and suspend wired floral chandeliers overhead as organic art. Soft tulle fabric draped from the ceiling to the floor adds ethereal texture and color backdrops for photo ops. Blend coordinating details like wood slab farm tables with mason jar centerpieces for rustic charm or sequin linens with marble accents for modern glam.

5. Climate Control

Ensure everyone's comfort regardless of unpredictable weather with heating, cooling, and protective layers. On cooler evenings, space modern electric heat lamps evenly to warm the interior without risk of fire. In summer, oscillating high-velocity fans supplement central portable AC units to circulate the air. For rain or harsh sun, transparent vinyl sidewalls maintain visibility while keeping the space enclosed.

6. Outdoor Integration

Incorporate the exterior surroundings to treat guests to fresh air in stylish vignettes. Construct an adjacent wooden platform stage with market lights for live music visible from seated tables. Near the bar, set up conversation seating circled around stone fire pits where people can relax when taking a break from dancing.

7. Creative Seating

Well-designed seating layouts set an inviting tone, whether elegant, formal, or casual fun. Round tables with ivory linens and orchid centerpieces give classic wedding finesse. For familial ambiance, use long wooden farm tables with gilded candles and abundant greenery garlands running lengthwise. Comfortable lounge furniture in vignettes of tufted sofas or oversized poufs styled with pillows offers ultra-cozy respites when socializing.

8. Personal Touches

Inject personality and your love story throughout with custom details attendees will remember. Display candid photos from your dating days to engagement shoots on a gallery wall at the entry to immerse guests immediately.

9. Entertainment

Keep the fun going with interactive activities beyond dancing to a DJ playlist all night. Set up a high-tech photo booth with an array of silly props for funny selfies to take home. During cocktails, scatter lawn games like oversized Jenga or cornhole throughout the space for casual competition that sparks conversation.

10. Plan for the Unexpected

Hope for the best yet prepare for the unpredictable when hosting outdoor events. Establish contingency protocols to ensure everyone's safety and comfort on site should extreme weather suddenly occur. Keep supplemental heating and cooling supplies ready to deploy to abruptly adjust for temperature swings. Identify the closest indoor location to direct all guests in case of severe storms or lightning risk. Appoint key people to monitor the weather and initiate backup arrangements if unpredictable conditions arise.

wedding tents

Final Words

Tents provide couples with infinite opportunities to infuse personality and style into their wedding celebration. With thorough planning for the unexpected, tents ensure memories are made for a lifetime, rain or shine. Take inspiration from your priorities and taste to craft an outdoor affair as unique as your love story.
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