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Home -- Blogs -- How Much to Rent a Tent for a Wedding

How Much to Rent a Tent for a Wedding


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Updated: May 24, 2024
Published: May 5, 2024


This is a comprehensive guide about tent rentals for weddings. It will tell you how to determine the size of the wedding tent, what are the differences between different tents, and summarize a price list of wedding tent rentals. But that's not all! We'll delve deeper into more details to keep in mind when renting a tent, such as labor and setup factors, return policies, as well as the rental company's contract for shipping and dismantling services, and other considerations.

Wedding Tent

Your wedding is a moment of significance. It is every couple's dream to organize a perfect celebration that is truly memorable. No one wants their special day to be anything less than perfect. Please don't worry, you have a lot of things under your control. Planning a perfect wedding is never easy, and you can be meticulous in your preparations, attentive to details, and thoughtful in making sure everything is as you want it to be.

Where Can I have a tent wedding

The earlier you book, the better! If you're planning a wedding during the bustling graduation open house or peak wedding season of May-June, or if your venue is located in a smaller market with a limited selection of vendors, it's crucial to secure your wedding tent well in advance. Don't let the success of your special day depend on luck - take proactive steps and get the wedding tent you want as early as possible to ensure the celebration runs smoothly.

Wedding Tent Rentals Contract

Calculating wedding tent sizes

If you are in the early stages of planning, you may not have exact numbers yet, or you may not have determined what type of party you are planning. At this point, you will need to do a rough estimate to get a quote. Here is a spreadsheet that will give you the basic square footage needed for various types of events.

Guests Tent SizePlanAPlanBPlanCPlanD
PlanA: incudes walkway space only
PlanB: indudes beverage bar & food station space
PlanC: indudes beverage bar & food station & band space
PlanD: indudes beverage bar & food stations & band & dance floor

If you have made some preparations for your wedding, and you want to make sure you do a thorough check. Please read the following which provides more details on what you need to take into account regarding wedding tent sizes

1. Consider the size of the bar table

Wedding Bar Table
The bar is usually the most popular place at a wedding. After guests have finished their celebratory champagne, they are likely to head to the bar to enjoy a refreshing drink.
Wedding Bar Cart
If the wedding is small and you don't want to take up too much space, you can opt for a bar cart. Suggestion: look for vintage style bar carts, they are perfect for cocktail hour or wedding parties!

2. Entertainment area

This area should be large enough to accommodate equipment such as music consoles, speakers, mixers, etc. Typically, the music staff will need about 35 square feet of space per person, while the DJ will need 70-120 square feet of space.

Wedding Dj
Wedding Dancing Floor

3. Consider the size of the dance floor

The size needed for a dance floor can be estimated, let's say your total number of guests is 100, and based on what you know about your friends, if you anticipate that about 1/3 of the total number of guests will be dancing at the same time, that would be 33 people. Each person will need 4.5 square feet of dance floor space, so your dance floor will need roughly 148 square feet. Tips, a slightly more crowded dance floor is more fun!

4. Consider the number and size of tables

Weddings need to prepare the wedding main table / cake table / guest table / wedding gift table / wedding check-in table / drinks and dessert table, The following table are some common sizes and rough estimates of capacity can be used as your reference data.

Round table60 inches (152 cm)8-10 people
72 inches(183 cm)10-12 people
84 inches (213 cm)12-14 people
Rectangular table6 feet(182 cm)6-8 people
8 feet (244 cm)8-10 people
10 feet(305 cm)10-12 persons

What types of wedding tents are available on the market?

What type of structure of tent is best for my wedding? Each type of tent has pros and cons depending on the location of the site, the surroundings and personal preferences. Since there are many options to choose from, next we will go over the differences between each tent in detail.

1. Pole tent for wedding

Structure: Pole tents are supported by pole, and usually require at least one center pole as the main support of the structure (larger tents may have several). They have a high roof, elegant and classic appearance.

Fixing: Staking is the traditional method of fixing pole tents. The number of stakes depends on the number of side poles; for 7-foot tall side poles, stake about 5 feet away, and for 8-foot tall side poles, stake about 6 feet away. The deeper the stakes are nailed, the better the hold will be.

Installation: Pole tents that measure 40 x 80 feet require extra length for the stake lines. This means you will need at least a 50 x 90 foot area to accommodate a 40 x 80 tent.

  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Less expensive
  • Easier to set up and carry


  • Has pole/barrier
  • Must be staked into the ground
  • Not suitable for long term installations
  • Requires clearance on all sides for anchors (average of 5 to 8 feet per side)
Frame Tent For Wedding

2. Frame tent for wedding

Structure: Frame tents made of metal frames with freestanding structures that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. It provides unobstructed interior space, allowing flexible seating and layout arrangements.

Installation: In addition to stakes, you can also use heavy objects such as buckets or concrete ballast. Just make sure you have the right weight for your anchor. Because they don't rely on the surface below them for support they take up less space than pole tents and are more suitable for long-term use.

  • Can be erected on any surface
  • Can connect multiple spaces, such as aisles from ceremony to party
  • No center poles or obstructions
  • Can be left up for long periods of time
  • Almost always more expensive than pole tents
  • Need liners-The internal structure of the frame is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Takes longer to set up
  • More expensive than pole tents
Claer Wedding Tent

3. Clear wedding tents

Clear tents also called transparent tents, usually made of clear vinyl or plastic, create a bright and airy atmosphere at daytime events, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the wedding and providing guests with a view of their surroundings.

Transparency amplifies sunlight and heat, and the sun will shine through your clear top tent turning it into a giant, sweaty greenhouse. Guests may feel exposed or uncomfortable with the open view.

  • Stylish and good looking, more decorative
  • Wider views of the surrounding area
  • Good price
  • Heat and glare
  • Privacy issues
Inflatable Wedding Tent

4. Inflatable wedding tent

Inflatable wedding tents use inflatable chambers or tubes to create enclosed spaces. Inflatable tents are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and set up in different locations. However, they are relatively easy to be pierced or damaged by sharp objects, and they are susceptible to noise caused by the movement of air inside the chamber or the material itself. In addition, the air circulation inside the tent may not be as good as in a traditional tent, which is more likely to lead to more stuffiness.

  • Easy to pitch and portable
  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Versatility in size and layout
  • Need maintenance and repairs
  • Noise and air circulation
Wedding Glass Tent

5. Wedding glass tent

Wedding glass tents utilize glass walls or windows to provide a transparent or translucent enclosure for a visually stunning wedding, and the neutral and reflective properties of glass can effectively showcase a variety of lighting setups, flower arrangements and other decorative elements.

Due to the specialized materials and construction involved, glass tents tend to be more expensive than other types of tents. If you mind too much exposure, you can install blinds. Glass surfaces are prone to fingerprints, smudges and water spots and may require extra attention to maintain their appearance throughout the wedding.

  • Aesthetics and views
  • High price
  • Privacy issues
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Heat and glare

Additional amenities for wedding tent rentals

After determining the size and type of tent you need, be sure to consider all the extra features you may need or want before getting a quote. These extras can cause your quote to vary greatly.

1. Liners

Change the look of your tent from ordinary to extraordinary. Tent liners are usually made of lightweight, drapable fabrics. The cost of a liner is usually high, and the material can be as much as twice the cost of the tent if it feels good! If you want a colored liner, then you'll spend even more.

2. Tent walls

The walls of your wedding tent will protect you from wind and rain. If you are getting married in a hot climate, skip the walls. If the cooler climate has frequent downpours, the walls will help keep everything dry.

3. Flooring

Wooden platforms, interlocking tiles, carpeting . If it rains a few days before the wedding, the ground is wet or the tent is placed on sloping uneven ground, it may be difficult for guests to walk/dance on the ground in high heels. Then you need to consider flooring, which can cost anywhere from $1 to $4 per square foot. If you can't afford a full set of flooring, consider just adding a dance floor, which is much cheaper.

4. Lighting

Such as string lights, chandeliers, lanterns, fairy lights, or hanging light fixtures. These lighting fixtures can be strategically placed to highlight specific areas such as the dance floor, dining areas or focal points within the marquee. It is important to note that the tent company will not hang them for you and will require you to remove them before the tent is dismantled. Also consider power when you are looking at lighting options - if your site does not provide power, you will need to rent a generator.

5. Heating and cooling

If you are having a wedding on a hot day, it is advisable to have some large fans on hand as tents are neither airtight nor insulated and air conditioning is expensive, whereas large fans can be good for air circulation and are usually economical to rent. some tent rental companies offer specialized heating systems designed specifically for tents.If you're getting married during a colder time of the year, you may want to consider renting one of these tents with a thermostat to heat the tent.

Wedding Tent Liner

Get a quote for wedding tent rental!

1. How do I get a tent rental wedding quote?

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what you want, you can contact the rental company for a quote, but where can you find them?

  • A Google search for "wedding marquee hire + your location" or “wedding tent rentals near me”should produce plenty of results!
  • Visit the official websites of the different wedding marquee rental companies. On the top right and bottom left of the website there is usually contact information such as a phone number, email address or an online contact form. Contact them directly and ask for wedding tent rental rates.
  • Use online rental service platforms: Visit online rental service platforms such as PartySlate, The Knot, WeddingWire, and so on. These platforms usually aggregate information from multiple wedding tent rental vendors. You can use the search function on the platform to find rental services in the U.S. and view their quotes and user reviews.
  • Ask around your colleagues, friends, and caterers. The venue should be able to provide you with some reputable options.

2. What else do you need to keep in mind when seeking a quote?

  • Make sure the supplier knows that the marquee is for a wedding and is of the quality you would expect for a wedding, rather than buying and selling marquees for a bazaar.
  • Some companies are able to come out and measure the land before the event. If you have this need you can consult your rental company. It's more than a small fee to give you peace of mind.
  • You need to discuss with the rental company how the shipping and labor costs will be calculated.
  • Are there any additional expenses for setup and teardown costs are there any other accessory costs involved?
  • Ask how long the setup time will take. On average, it takes about four hours to set up a 40 x 60-foot pole tent. If possible at your venue, you may want to have the tent on site and ready to go a few days before the wedding - so you have time to decorate and tweak the design plans.
  • Know the company's change/cancellation policy. A lot can change between the booking and the wedding, and you'll want the option to change the size of the tent or possibly cancel it if the weather looks fantastic. Be sure to document these points in writing before handing over any money!
  • Fire/zoning license requirements mostly vary from area to area. Therefore, before renting a wedding tent, it is recommended that you speak with the rental company to find out what fire/zoning permit requirements and procedures are necessary for your event in your area. This will ensure that you are complying with the relevant regulations while providing a safe environment for your event.
  • Understand the rental company's insurance policies and liability coverage for any potential accidents or losses.
  • Ultimately, before choosing a rental company, check their customer reviews and references to get a feel for their reputation and quality of service, and choose a reliable rental partner.
Get A Quote For Wedding Tent Rental

3. Some Actual Wedding Tent Rental Cost Lists:

Choosing the perfect tent for a wedding can be a challenging task. Many factors influence the decision, including the number of guests, the type of tent, and additional features like lighting and flooring. Below are detailed cost lists for different wedding sizes, providing a clear picture of what to expect.
For 300 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:
For 300 People
Main Tent66' x 96' Sailcloth Pole Tent$6,500
Clear Sidewalls$695
36' x 36' Dance Floor$1,300
14' x 18' Stage$575
Bistro Lights$2,700
Caterer30' x 40' Caterer Frame Tent with Sidewalls$650
Caterer Tent Lighting$320
ConnectingMarquee Connecting Catering to Main Tent$500


For 250 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:

For 250 People
Main Tent50' x 80' Sailcloth Pole Tent$3,452
Window Side walls$280
Perimeter Lighting on dimmers$480
Full Subfloor$6,800
Carpet Installed Over Subfloor$3,200
Caterer30' x 35' Caterer Frame Tent with Sidewalls$420
Caterer Tent Lighting$280
ConnectingMarquee Connecting Catering to Main Tent$400


For 200 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:

For 200 People
Main Tent60' x 70' Century Pole Tent$1,675
Side Wall$210
20' x 20' Dance Floor$480
Perimeter Lighting$380
Caterer20' x 20' Century Pole Tent (caterer with three sides)$245
Caterer Lighting$130


For 150 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:

For 150 People
Main Tent50' x 60' Century Pole Tent$1,350
Window Side Wall$180
16' x 20' Dance Floor$460
Perimeter Lighting$320
Caterer18' x 18' Century Pole Tent$220
Lighting (caterer)$110


For 100 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:

For 100 People
46' Round Sperry Tent$1,850
Side Wall, Clear$420
Perimeter String Lights, 46' Round$260
2 Single Dimmer Switches$110
2 Pole Lights$140


For 75 guest people, here is the cost breakdown of the wedding tent rental:

For 75 People
20' x 40' Frame White Tent Top$600
Tent Lighting Side Pole$120
Tent Side Wall Clear$120
Event Deck Flooring$675
Dimmer Kit$25
Safety Kit (2 Fire/2 Exit)$90
12 Sand Bags for Side Walls$60
4 Tent Weights Stacks$60
Rooftop Installation$500


Cost of tent rental wedding is roughly the same price from different rental companies. Your decision should really come down to who has the best options for your aesthetic and who is the easiest to deal with.

Rental tents for weddings don't have to be your only option, If you have specific design or customization needs for your wedding tent and plan to use it frequently for future events, it may be more cost-effective to purchase one. And you can have the freedom to use and customize your own tent.

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