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Home -- Blogs -- How to Decorate Your Wedding Tent with Lights

How to Decorate Your Wedding Tent with Lights


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Published: April 24, 2024


A perfect tent wedding requires just the right lighting to set the mood. In addition to bringing the ideal atmosphere to the scene, the right lighting can also provide the necessary illumination to ensure that the tent site is bright and evenly lit. Different tent lighting ideas can be used for weddings with different themes and styles. Now, let us follow SHELTER's footsteps and explore how to use wedding tent lighting to create the most ideal atmosphere.

Create an Enchanting Your Wedding Tent Ceiling

Wedding Tent Lighting Tips

  • Determine whether the light tent wedding will be held during the day or night, and pay attention to the weather conditions on the day. On a clear day, the intensity of light emitted by the lights does not need to be too high. If it is night, in addition to considering the atmosphere that lighting can create, you should also consider whether additional lighting equipment is needed to ensure that the view of the scene is not affected.
  • Make sure there is stable and sufficient power on site. Especially for tent weddings held outdoors, if there is no stable power supply, no matter how beautifully arranged the lighting is, the final lighting effect cannot be achieved. At the same time, it is best to ensure that the power supply is sufficient. If you need to use a lot of electrical appliances at your tent wedding, you must consider whether these electrical appliances will cause overload of the power supply when used together to avoid the risk of short circuits and fire. If power is insufficient, you can consider using a generator.
  • Make sure there is stable support for the supply tent wedding lights on site. If your light fixture requires a lot of layout and complicated wiring, it's best to make sure the light fixture is mounted on a sturdy bracket. Especially for gorgeous and cumbersome crystal chandeliers, if the installation is not firm, it may cause the entire on-site wedding tent to collapse and cause harm to the people participating in the wedding.
  • Test the lighting effects. After designing the lighting layout of the wedding venue on the day, be sure to set aside sufficient time to test the lighting before the wedding begins. If necessary, multiple test adjustments can be made to ensure that all lighting fixtures on site are functioning properly and that the layout meets the intended effect. This can avoid unexpected situations on the wedding day, or the atmosphere on the wedding day not meeting expectations.
luxury wedding tent

Wedding Tent Lighting Ideas

Types According to Appearance

String Lights

String lights consist of a string of small light bulbs connected together. It is the perfect lighting option for outdoor weddings. Because they are connected in series by lines, the coverage span can grow with the length of the lines. If your wedding venue is relatively large and you don’t want to create an overly complicated lighting layout, string lights are your best choice.

Because of their classic style, they help create a romantic and charming atmosphere at night and are easy to install and disassemble. They are also suitable for a variety of occasions. Therefore, the reusability rate of string lights is very high, so there is no need to worry about being idle after the wedding.

Wedding Tent String Lights
Wedding Tent Tea Lights

Tea lights

Tea lights are generally used on the table where wedding guests sit. Along with the flowers and white tableware, the dim light from the tea lights created a relaxed and warm atmosphere for the guests attending the light tent wedding. Nowadays, tea lights use real candles or LED candles, so if you are worried about the risk of fire caused by real flames, you can use LED tea lights.


The uniqueness of the design and style of the chandelier can attract people's attention. In addition, the concentrated light provided by the chandelier is also helpful to focus people's sight. Therefore, arranging chandeliers at a tent wedding can highlight the highlights you want to design and better highlight the theme and style of the wedding. Different styles of chandeliers, such as crystal chandeliers, can set off a romantic and luxurious themed wedding. Simple iron chandeliers can help deepen people's impression of a modern wedding.


The appearance design of lanterns is very flexible. It can be made into round, square, polyhedral and other shapes. It can also be customized into special shapes according to needs, such as flower lanterns and pumpkin lanterns. In addition, unlike the first three types of wedding tent lighting, the mobility of lanterns can adapt to the layout needs of various wedding venues. This makes wedding scene lighting effects full of endless possibilities.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights used to be commonly used in indoor spaces such as rooms and bedsides. Nowadays, because its small and dense shimmer is very dreamy, it is now more and more used in weddings, which is conducive to creating a fairy-tale dreamy and romantic atmosphere at weddings. And fairy lights are relatively cheap, making them a good choice for weddings on a budget.

LED Lights

LED lights are highly customizable and can be made into any shape, size and color. Therefore, many highly personalized weddings will use LED lights. LED lights can easily map different colors of light according to different wedding themes, creating different decorative effects such as fresh, playful, modern, romantic, warm, and luxurious.

Types According to Power Source

Solar Powered Lights

Solar lights use solar energy as a power source and do not need to be connected to a fixed power source. They are environmentally friendly and reuse energy from natural light, reducing reliance on traditional electricity and helping to reduce environmental damage. However, in cloudy weather, the light of solar lights may become dim and the lighting effect is poor. Therefore, when planning a tent wedding, if you want to use solar lights, you need to keep an eye on the weather conditions to ensure adequate lighting effects.

Wired Lights

Wired lights do not require battery replacement, and they are ready to go as soon as they are connected to a power source. Nowadays, most tent wedding lighting fixtures are wired power-powered lighting fixtures, so they have more options in terms of effects. But they are not environmentally friendly and energy-saving compared to solar lights. As mentioned earlier, when using wired power lights, you need to ensure the stability and adequacy of the power supply.

Battery Powered Lighting

Compared with solar lights, battery-powered lights are not so affected by the weather, and are more flexible than wired lights that need to be connected to a fixed power supply. But the power of the battery is limited after all, so if your tent wedding requires the use of battery-powered lights, you need to ensure that the battery has sufficient power before the wedding.

Wedding Tent Lights

Where to Get Wedding Tent Lighting

SHELTER has extensive experience in supplying items for tent weddings. In addition to supplying high-quality and affordable tents, we can also provide customized and various lighting according to your needs. Whether you are a wedding planning company, a lighting rental company, or an individual who is going to hold a wedding, we can provide a stable and fast supply of tents and lighting. Of course, for individuals planning a wedding, your options are more flexible and varied:

Online Store

Nowadays, wedding lighting can basically be found online, unless you have special needs for personalized lighting. You can always compare online to find suitable tent wedding lighting. However, product quality assurance on the Internet is low, so it is best to look for reputable online merchants. In addition, you must also pay attention to the delivery time of the lighting fixtures to avoid hindering the timely and smooth progress of the wedding.

Wedding Planning Company

Many wedding planning companies have a rich selection of lighting fixtures, covering most popular styles on the market. Therefore, if you choose to leave the lighting design to a wedding planning company, you can save yourself from having to worry about many details and enjoy your wedding with peace of mind. But wedding planning companies are a type of service provider, and obtaining services from them may result in higher wedding costs.

Rental Company

If you don’t want to spend a one-time price on purchasing wedding lights, or you don’t think you will need them again after the wedding, you can find a suitable tent wedding lights rental company. However, the cost of wedding lighting rental should not be underestimated. If your budget is limited, you may need to constantly compare different rental companies, which is a time-consuming task.

Source Supplier

If you need personalized wedding tent lighting and don't want to spend too much money for a wedding, you can customize or purchase lights from the source supplier of lights. On the one hand, obtaining lights from suppliers can reduce the profits of middlemen such as wedding planning companies and rental companies. On the other hand, you can obtain the permanent use rights of the lights you purchased at the cheapest price. Another clever way is to get the lights you want from a tent supplier. Many tent suppliers are also in the business of supplying lights and provide design solutions related to wedding tent layout, including the layout design of wedding tent lighting. This is perfect for couples who want to hold a tent wedding.


Wedding tent lighting can range from subtle and cozy to lavish and grand, depending on your wedding style and design. The perfect tent wedding and lighting effects do require a lot of thought, but it's all worth it. I hope this article will be helpful to your lighting selection. In addition, if you need professional advice, you can also contact us.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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