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Home -- Blogs -- How to Decorate a Tent for a Wedding?

How to Decorate a Tent for a Wedding?

Zuhaa Lee

Zuhaa stands out for her expertise in digital innovation, transforming large tents into interactive and technologically advanced spaces.

Updated: April 17, 2024
Published: April 15, 2024


Tent decor is often one of the most overlooked aspects of outdoor weddings. Many couples view tents simply as functional wedding shelters, forgetting the transformative role they can play in setting the ambiance. Well-designed wedding tent decorations can create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones. Let's explore what it takes to create the perfect wedding tent decorating.

4 Key Considerations in Decorating A Tent for A Wedding

1.Decide on Wedding Theme and Colors:

Deciding on the theme and colors of your wedding can help you determine the style and details that will go into the actual decor later on. For example, in terms of theme, if the wedding theme is a rustic country, the wedding tent decorations may include wooden furniture, burlap table settings, and wildflower floral arrangements; if it is a fairy tale theme, decorating the wedding tent may include the use of decorative items such as balloons and streamers. In terms of color, if you choose pink, you may use soft pink lights and candles in the tent to create a warm and romantic atmosphere; if it is luxurious gold, you may choose gorgeous gold chandeliers and wall lamps to enhance the atmosphere.

2.Determine Tent Size and Type:

First and foremost, you need to determine the size and type of wedding tent according to the number of guests you invite. The most common outdoor wedding tents are poles, frames, and markets. The exact number of people each tent can accommodate depends on the tent's size and frame design. According to SHELTER's experience, the size of a pole tent is usually between tens to hundreds of square meters. It can accommodate 50 to hundreds of people. Frame tents generally have larger interior spaces because they are not restricted by a central pillar, allowing for more excellent coverage. The capacity can range from dozens to thousands of people. Marquee tents have the largest capacity and can accommodate hundreds to thousands of people.

3.Choose Tent Material:

The oxidized high-strength aluminum alloy used for tents offers better aesthetics and practicality than steel-aluminum structures. Its advantages include rust resistance, lightweight construction, easy assembly, compact storage after disassembly, and convenient transportation. Various waterproof fabrics are also available, including standard double-layer PVC waterproof fabrics, which offer practical features such as wind and water resistance, dust-free, and self-cleaning properties. Additionally, high-end transparent waterproof fabrics or glass walls are options. There's a significant price difference among waterproof fabrics of different sizes, so carefully considering wedding needs and suitable tent materials is essential before purchasing or renting a tent.

4.Establish Budget Range:

Having a clear budget range will streamline your tent decor process. If budget allows, you can entrust the wedding tent decoration to professional planners or suppliers. Otherwise, research the prices of tent decor items and prioritize purchases based on your budget. Generally, customized decorations will be more expensive. To make a complete list of decorations is helpful, here is a brief list of outdoor wedding tent decorations of rustic country theme for reference:
Decoration of Tents for Weddings Arrangement
Floral Decor
- Floral Wreaths Hang fresh flower wreaths at the entrance or inside the tent to create a natural and romantic ambiance.
- Bouquet Arrangements Place floral bouquets on tent poles or tabletops to evoke a rustic countryside charm.
Greenery Arrangements
- Small Trees and Shrubs Place small trees and shrubs around the tent or at the entrance to add a touch of greenery.
- Vine Decorations Use vines to decorate tent poles or beams, creating a natural countryside atmosphere.
Lighting Effects
- Hanging Lights and String Lights Hang simple and rustic hanging lights or string lights at the top of the tent to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.
- Light Fixture Decorations Add natural elements like vines, dried flowers, or branches to light fixtures for added charm.
Decorative Details
- Hemp Rope and Burlap Use hemp rope and burlap to decorate tent poles or the interior, adding a rustic and natural feel.
- Wooden Decor Items Place wooden decor items and customize wooden signs with the couple's names or wedding welcome messages at the entrance to leave a lasting impression on guests.
Table Decor
- Table Decorations Arrange flowers, fabrics, and candles on tables to create a refined and cozy dining environment.
- Chair Back Decorations Tie floral wreaths or lace ribbons to chair backs for added detail and beauty.

Purchasing or Renting Tent Decor Items: Channels and Considerations

Wedding Planning Companies:

Professional wedding planning companies typically offer all-in-one services, which include wedding planning and execution, as well as tent rental and provision of corresponding decor items. They have a wide range of decor items. They can provide most of the popular wedding tent decorations available. Renting through a wedding planning company can save you the hassle of searching for multiple decor item suppliers. However, it's important to note that all-in-one service wedding planning companies often come with higher prices. If your wedding budget allows, consider seeking their services.

Tent Suppliers or Rental Companies:

Specialized tent suppliers or rental companies also offer various wedding tent decoration items for rent, such as decorations, lighting equipment, and fabrics. These companies typically have an extensive inventory and a wide selection of styles. They can provide customized wedding tent decoration solutions based on your needs. In addition to offering professional decorating wedding tent services, experienced suppliers can provide comprehensive guidance on venue layout and your wedding budget. With 30 years of hands-on experience in wedding tent setup and design,SHELTER can tailor the perfect wedding decoration plan according to your needs.

Online Marketplaces:

Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others are convenient channels for purchasing or renting wedding tent decoration items. You can find various decoration options on these platforms and compare prices before buying. However, choosing sellers with good reputations and reliable after-sales service is essential. Pay attention to the delivery time of the items, as you wouldn't want these uncontrollable factors to disrupt your wedding plans. When choosing where to purchase or rent tent decor items, consider budget, timing, specific requirements, and personal preferences. Regardless of the selected approach, thorough planning and communication with suppliers are essential to achieving the desired decor effect.

10 Creative Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

1.Enchanting Fairy Tale Wedding:

Create a magical ambiance with whimsical lighting arrangements and elegant white canopy tents.

2.Ethereal Wedding:

With its stunning and elegant design, the white dome tent for weddings lends an enchanting touch, infusing your wedding with an ethereal ambiance.

Fairy Tale Wedding Tent Decor
Modern Wedding Tent Decor

3.Modern Industrial Wedding:

Opt for sleek metal-framed tents paired with minimalist decor and contemporary lighting fixtures.

4.Bohemian Garden Wedding:

Surround the tent with lush greenery, vibrant colors, and eclectic furnishings for a relaxed boho vibe.

5.Romantic Vintage Wedding:

Soft hues, subtle lighting, and exquisite drapery converge to craft an enduringly romantic ambiance, transcending time itself.

6.Chic Glamour Wedding:

Accompanied by opulent embellishments like shimmering crystal chandeliers and lavish floral displays, the white tent exudes an aura of resplendent beauty.

Vintage Wedding Tent Decor
Vintage Wedding Tent Decor

7.Nature-inspired Wedding:

Every corner is adorned with verdant greenery, seamlessly weaving nature throughout the space. Warmth and elegance permeate the atmosphere with the addition of rustic wooden chandeliers and crisp white tablecloths.

8.Whimsical Wonderland Wedding:

Hang colorful paper lanterns and whimsical buntings for a playful and dreamy atmosphere.

9.Gorgeous And Romantic Wedding:

The combination of soft pink and aristocratic gold is elegant and full of gorgeousness. This wedding tent is impressive.

10.Dreamy Flower Wedding:

The colorful clusters of colorful flower hangings are gorgeous and charming, making people feel like they are in a garden wedding.

Gorgeous Wedding Tent Decor

These creative inspirations offer a glimpse into the endless possibilities for wedding tent decor. Whether envisioning a whimsical fairy tale or a chic glamour affair, thoughtful tent decor choices will elevate your outdoor wedding into an unforgettable experience.


With thoughtful planning and arrangement, tents can become the perfect backdrop for couples to create their dream wedding day. Each decision requires careful thought, from setting a budget and picking out themes and colors to selecting the proper size and style of tent and materials. Whether you opt for a professional wedding planner or DIY approach or collaborate with tent suppliers or renters, you can bring your wedding vision to life. Lastly, the various wedding tent styles showcased here will spark your creativity and make finalizing your wedding tent decoration scheme easier.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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