Wedding Tent Decoration Colors 2023

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Wedding Tent Decoration Trend 2023

2023 has come, some of the couples are planning their 2023 wedding. From pre-wedding party, ceremonies, banquet, and even after-party. There are many things need to be prepared. The themed color of wedding venue will be an important part of wedding planning. Want to get some color idea for your big day in 2023? Check the following color which will pop up in this year.

Dusty Blue

Gray-blue is one of the most popular colors in 2020 and is still on the rise in 2023. It is a subtle and peaceful color that will make you feel extremely calm and have that feeling of being on holiday in the Maldives. This color combines well with other shades of blue such as navy and SLATE. Dust blue is suitable for weddings at any time of year and anywhere, especially seaside weddings. Soft breeze, soft beach, blue style wedding tent will be the perfect match for your big day, when you and your loved one are in such a scene to make lifelong vows, you will feel like the happiest person in the world.


Dusty Rose

Grey rose is a dark, soft, deep pink. It matches perfectly with any color and decoration in the wedding tent, and when you are in the scene of this color you will feel that you are a princess who owns the most sweet and romantic in the world. Unlike blush, grey roses are perfect for all seasons. Grey roses are usually paired with green, dark navy, grey, gold, and blush.

Sun Yellow

Sun yellow will appear in the 2021 summer wedding decoration. It was so fresh and passionate, just like summer. On the wedding day, guests will feel relaxed and happy sharing your joy in this environment. It is a bold and warm color that will be unforgettable for years to come.

Grand Red

Red is a highly saturated color used in wedding tent decorations. With chandelier lighting, the whole environment will be romantic and dreamy and also means that your later life will be full of happiness. It is usually used for large weddings and royal weddings. In addition, this color style is also suitable for wedding performances and other ceremonies.


The sunset is a combination of grayish-yellow and gold. This is a new hue for wedding tent decor in 2019. Different from the traditional autumn colors, these pastel shades are more elegant and warm, just like when the sky turns golden because of the sunset and you and your favorite person are holding hands and walking slowly on the road to happiness. This color style also applies to Thanksgiving table decorations.

Soft Cream

The soft cream is a warm hue in wedding tent decoration. With the combination of gray pink, rose, and silver sage colors, the whole environment will be like a comfortable home, will become very warm and beautiful. Ideal for small weddings with family and friends.


Mulberry is a strong hue that combines Burgundy, purple, pink, and a hint of creamy yellow. Decorated with color-themed carpets, linings, tablecloths, and chair cloths will look elegant and make you unafraid of the challenges and tests of married life.

Rose Gold

The idea of a wedding in rose gold is nothing new, but this pink continues to fascinate us years after entering the wedding scene. Rose gold is as sparkling as gold, but also has the romance of roses, and is always an elegant choice for wedding decoration.

Luxury Black

Luxurious black is often combined with gold and champagne tones to show a luxurious wedding environment. Not only for cloth decoration but also for the dinner table, you and your loved one will be like the main characters in the movie is watched by everyone. Luxurious black, gives you a unique romantic wedding venue.

Berry Pink

Berry pink is a refreshing color for outdoor wedding tents, which will make the entire environment lively, especially under the transparent wedding tent. Such a high saturation of color makes the whole space appear bright and elegant, and will also make the wedding atmosphere full of vitality. In addition, berry powder can also be used in fashion shows, cocktail parties, and other ceremonies.


Selecting the right color for your wedding tent sets the tone for your special day. From tranquil blues to vibrant yellows, each shade tells a unique story. As you plan your wedding, consider these trending colors to create a memorable ambiance for you and your guests.

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