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Home -- Blogs -- 10 Tips for Using Tents at Your Wedding Ceremony

10 Tips for Using Tents at Your Wedding Ceremony


Recognized for her exceptional talent in tent interior design, Kiko specializes in creating captivating, thematic spaces for major events.

Published: April 25, 2024


When preparing for an unforgettable wedding tent ceremony, the tent is not only a place for guests to escape the heat and rain, but also the creator of the romantic atmosphere. This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of how to choose the right wedding tent, from considering climate conditions and using decorative arts to ensuring safety and compliance and effectively controlling your budget. Every detail is crucial.

Versatile Space Solutions

1. Determine wedding tent ceremony style and theme

When planning a dream wedding tent ceremony, choosing the right tent style and color is crucial to creating the overall atmosphere.

Choice of style

Traditional style: If the couple prefers a classic wedding atmosphere, a wedding ceremony canopy is a good choice. Its design is simple and elegant, which can create a solemn and elegant feeling.
Modern style: For couples who pursue fashion and simplicity, you can choose a modern style for your wedding. The wedding ceremony canopy has neat lines and a simple design.
Natural style: Couples who want to hold their wedding in nature can choose a natural-style wedding tent ceremony.

Wedding theme

Garden theme: With floral decoration, you can create a garden-like romantic atmosphere.
Beach theme: Choose a light blue or sand-colored tent with decorations of marine elements, such as shells and starfish, which can remind people of the romance of the seaside.
Retro theme: Choose a retro-style tent, such as carved pillars or vintage-patterned fabrics. Create a different tent wedding ceremony.

Tent color

White: White is the most common tent color, it represents purity and elegance and is suitable for most wedding tent ceremony themes. It reflects sunlight and keeps the interior cool.
Beige or Nude: These colors give a warm and natural feel and are suitable for a natural or rustic wedding.
Customize your favorite color

2. Site selection and layout planning

Key points for site inspection

Choose a venue that is easily accessible and easy to find, taking into consideration your guests’ ease of travel. Make sure the venue can accommodate all guests and facilities based on the expected number of people for the wedding tent ceremony.

Internal space layout design

The main stage is the focus of the wedding tent ceremony and should be located in the center or a prominent location of the venue to ensure that all guests can see it. Design clear walking paths to guide guests from the entrance to various areas to avoid crowding and confusion.

3. Tent type

Pole Tents

A Pole tent is composed of multiple support poles, usually in the shape of a spire or dome. They are suitable for traditional and formal wedding tent ceremonies and offer ample space.

Shelter 20×40 Pole Tents &Sports Tents

Frame Tents

Frame tents are supported by a metal or aluminum alloy frame without a center pillar, providing greater interior space. This kind of tent is suitable for a modern-style wedding tent ceremony and can be arranged flexibly.

30x30 Frame Tent
Atrium Clear Span Tents

Clear-span Tents

Clear-span tents have no internal support columns and provide an unobstructed view, making them ideal for wedding tent ceremonies that want to highlight the natural beauty of the venue.

High Peak Tents

High peak tents have a towering spire design, giving a sense of elegance and grandeur, and are suitable for large wedding tent ceremonies and formal occasions.

Outdoor Activities 10x10m High Peak Tent

4. Seasons


Spring is a great season for couples who love outdoor weddings. In areas of beautiful natural beauty, such as gardens or parks, you can choose a tent with floral decorations to echo the flowers of spring.


Summer is perfect for a seaside wedding. You can choose decorations with tropical flair, such as palm leaves, tropical flowers, etc. These decorations can be used to decorate the inside and outside of the tent, or as decorations for tables and chairs.


You can choose warm colors such as orange and brown to blend with the autumn atmosphere. The weather in autumn is not sweltering, and you don’t have to deal with too many mosquitoes outdoors. Holding a wedding tent ceremony in the fall is a very good choice.


Winter wedding tent ceremonies can use warm decorations, such as warm lights, plush carpets, etc. You can also place some facilities such as fireplaces or heaters around the tent to provide guests with a comfortable environment. Exchanging vows with your significant other while the snow is falling is a very romantic thing.

5. Functional zoning and facility configuration

Divided into welcome area, ceremony area, dining area, etc.

The pre-function area is usually located near the entrance of the tent and can contain a reception table with place cards, maps, and other relevant information for the wedding. The layout of the ceremony area should be solemn and elegant, using white tablecloths, bouquets, candles and other decorative items. The layout of the dining area should be comfortable and functional, using items such as table linens, cutlery, and serving plates.

Facility configuration lists

  • Furniture: including chairs, sofas, tables, etc.
  • Decorative items: including balloons, bouquets, candles, banners, background boards, etc.
  • Audio equipment: including microphones, speakers, etc.
  • Lighting equipment: including chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, etc.
  • Catering equipment: including tableware, plates, wine glasses, bar tables, snack stations, etc.
  • Other facilities: including air conditioning, heating, fans, etc.

Arrangement of electrical and lighting systems

Wedding tent ceremonies can use chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. to create different atmospheres. Decorative lighting items such as LED strips or neon lights can also be used.

6. Climate adaptability and comfort improvement


Considering the strong wind problems that an outdoor wedding tent ceremony may face, the windproof performance of the tent is crucial. You can choose a tent structure with good wind resistance, such as a reinforced frame and stable anchoring system.


PVC-coated polyester cloth can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating. You can also add waterproofing to the edges and seams of the tent, such as using tape or sealant.

Sun protection

Choose wedding tent fabrics with good sun protection properties, such as fabrics with UV protective coatings.

7. Decoration and lighting

Creative applications for floral decoration

Use creative floral arrangements to add a unique charm to your wedding tent. You can try different floral techniques, such as wrapping, stacking, etc., to create unique floral works. In addition, you can also use non-traditional flower materials, such as branches, fruits, etc., to add a natural beauty to the flower arrangements.

Lighting design skills

Use dynamic lighting to add movement and energy to your wedding. You can use moving headlights, laser lights and other equipment to create a dreamy light and shadow effect for the wedding tent ceremony.

Integration of personalized decorative elements

Set up a creative photo wall to showcase the couple’s love story and good times. You can use photo frames, balloons, ribbons and other decorative items to decorate the photo wall beautifully and creatively. You can also add your own ideas to make your wedding tent ceremony unique.

8. Security measures and compliance checks

Structural Stability Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the tent before the wedding, including checking whether the tent's frame, connections, fixtures, etc. are intact. In strong winds or heavy rain, additional fixings can be used to increase the stability of the tent.

Comply with local regulations and licensing requirements

Before planning your wedding, learn about local regulations and requirements regarding outdoor events, tent setup, and more. This includes, but is not limited to, building regulations, fire safety regulations, etc.

9. Budget management and cost control

Analyze the required tent size, shape, and decoration needs based on the size and theme of the wedding. Identify required and optional decor items to make smart choices within your budget.

Recommendation of cost-effective decorative materials

Decorating with seasonal flowers not only costs less, but also creates an atmosphere that matches the season. Encourage couples, relatives, and friends to participate in DIY decoration projects, such as handmade bouquets, paper crafts, etc., which can save costs and add personalized elements.

Cost-saving strategies for later dismantling and recycling

Use materials and accessories that are easily dismantled and reusable to facilitate subsequent recycling. Or consider leasing space to others.

10. Choose suppliers

Word-of-mouth and reviews

Check the reputation and reviews of suppliers through web searches and social media platforms. Learn about their past cooperation cases and customer feedback.

Qualifications and certifications

Ensure that suppliers have relevant industry qualifications and certifications and can provide products and services that meet standards.

Communication and response

Establish good communication channels with suppliers to ensure they can respond to your needs and questions promptly.

After-sales service

Choose a supplier that provides good after-sales service so that you can get timely help and solutions when product problems arise or support is needed.

Shelter: your trustworthy partner

What Are Outdoor Event Venues

With over 20 years of expertise in spatial solutions, our company is a leader in custom wedding tents, focusing on enhancing the functionality and beauty of any wedding tent. We build a full industry chain system integrating design, manufacturing, marketing, quality testing, warehousing, transportation and installation. The technical team ensures the safety of the wedding tent and the maximum utilization of materials based on the design of the wedding tent and the surrounding available space.

Every solution we provide is designed to meet the needs of our customers, so we have accumulated a lot of experience in making wedding tents for different types and environments.


Through the above 10 tips, you can gain an in-depth understanding of how to choose the right tent to hold a wedding tent ceremony. May your love be like a carefully decorated tent that can provide each other with shelter and warmth no matter if it is rainy or sunny. If you need more tips about tents, you can contact Shelter’s professional team to provide you with a free consultation.

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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