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Home -- Blogs -- How to decorate a vendor tent?

How to decorate a vendor tent?


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Luis excels in event space planning, bringing multicultural insights to his innovative tent designs.

Updated: April 29, 2024
Published: April 24, 2024


Vendor tents have become an important carrier of marketing activities with their unique charm. How to cleverly decorate the vendor tent to attract customers' attention? How to improve the overall experience of the tent through reasonable external configuration? This article will take you to find out. If you are a businessman pursuing business opportunities, then vendor tents is definitely a choice you should not miss!

What Is a Vendor Tent?

Vendor tents are an efficient and practical solution for outdoor vendor booth ideas. It helps merchants quickly adapt to various venue environments and provides a comfortable business environment. The vendor tent is structurally stable and easy to set up. Merchants can print their own brand logos and advertising messages on the tents to attract the attention of more potential customers.

outdoor event tent

How to decorate your vendor tent?

Remember to avoid too many cluttered elements when decorating so as not to distract your customers. You can pay attention to the following points to make your vendor tent stand out among the many vendor booths.


In order to ensure the prominence and recognition of the brand logo in the vendor booth, place the brand logo in a prominent position of the tent to ensure that it is clearly visible. Banners can be hung directly in front of or on top of the tent. Flags can be placed on both sides of the tent to increase the visual impact.


When using vendor tents in daytime scenes, there is no need to consider lighting. At night, proper lighting can not only enhance the visual effect inside the tent, but also attract customers from a distance. Consider installing LED strips or portable lights.


Decide on one or more dominant colors that represent your brand. Accessories such as tent fabrics, tablecloths and chair covers can unify colors and create a consistent visual effect. They can also be complementary colors, creating a contrasting atmosphere.

Display stand

In vendor tents, it is crucial to choose a display stand that is easy to set up and stable and reliable. The display stand should have sufficient load-bearing capacity and should be easy to adjust the height and angle. Pay attention to space utilization and customer experience to avoid overcrowding.

Small objects

When decorating the vendor tent, you can add some decorations (balloons, ribbons, garlands, etc.) according to the theme of the event. Properly arranged decorations can effectively attract customers' attention.

Information board

Set up clear price tags and product description boards in vendor tents to let customers understand your product information. Price tags should clearly show how much each item is selling for, avoiding overly complex fonts or small fonts. Information boards can contain information such as the main features, uses or ingredients of the product to help customers make purchasing decisions.

Music equipment

With clever use of music, your vendor tents can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers' attention.
But be careful to avoid excessive volume. Excessively loud volume may make people feel noisy and affect the customer's shopping experience. The ideal volume should be one that creates a relaxed and enjoyable shopping atmosphere but does not interfere with conversations between customers.

How to choose the right vendor tents marketing booth?

Location of vendor tents

Choose high-traffic areas, such as near the main entrance, food areas or entertainment facilities. Observe the flow patterns of passing people to ensure that your vendor tents booth attracts the target customer base. Avoid being blocked by other large booths or obstacles. Consider using high-hanging banners or signs to increase visibility.


Determine the size of vendor tents required based on the size and quantity of products sold. Make sure there is enough space to display all merchandise while allowing for appropriate aisles to allow for free flow of customers.

Number of tables

Arrange the tables according to the number and type of products to ensure that each type of product has enough display space. Reserve enough tables for customers to fill in information, try products, or take a break.

Number of power sockets

Calculate the power requirements of all electronic devices to ensure that each device can receive a stable power supply.

Floor type

When you have an indoor vendor booth, make sure the flooring material has good anti-slip properties, especially in humid or rainy environments. Choose flooring materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Looking for a vendor tent to take on your next outdoor event?

When looking for the perfect marketing booth, Shelter vendor tents are undoubtedly your first choice. With its superior quality and innovative design, it not only offers multiple functions but also incorporates unique brand features. Shelter makes your stall stand out from the crowd of competitors. Next, let’s dive into why Shelter vendor tents are ideal for achieving your marketing goals.

Vendor Tent

Multiple functions of Shelter vendor tents

Spacious space

Display area: Various sizes and types of merchandise are allowed to be placed in vendor tents.

Interactive experience area: For those vendor booths that provide experiential services, a dedicated interactive area can be set up to allow customers to personally participate and experience the product or service.

Efficient operational support

Make sure merchants can connect electronic devices such as POS machines, lighting and sound systems. These facilities are critical to modern business activities, helping to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Customized brand display

Merchants can customize the appearance of vendor tents according to their own brand image, including colors, logos and decorations. Merchants can display dynamic advertising content or product demonstrations in vendor tents to attract customers' attention.


Vendor tents optional awnings and canopies protect merchants from the elements. When there is no rain or hot sun, you can choose to fold it up to provide a wider field of vision.

Recommend vendor tents

outdoor event tent
Tent typePole Tent
Application scenariosalmost all ground
AdvantageThe cost is relatively low
Size coverage20-100 feet wide and can be increased in length (10 x20,13 x26,20 x20,20 x30,20 x40,20 x60,30 x40,30 x40,30 x80,40 x60)
Concrete purposeWedding, outdoor activities, public activities


Choosing the right vendor tents is crucial for any business activities, as it is directly related to the display of brand image. The decoration, location and size of the tent are all key factors in determining the success of your booth. The Shelter brand's booth not only has enough space to display various products, but also provides personalized decoration. Choosing Shelter means choosing a successful start. If you need more advice on decorating your tent, you can contact us!

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Make On-Demand Space Solutions Easier, Faster

SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

When you’re ready to start your next business, get in touch with us now, and our architects will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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