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How Does Shelter Structure Fabric Revolutionize Road Salt Storage Efficiency?

Fabric Structures For Storing Road Salt
Updated: February 19, 2024
Published: December 19, 2023


In order to prevent slick situations throughout the winter, road salt is necessary for melting snow and supplying grip on roadways. For this reason, road salt storage is essential in nations with snowy winters. It’s crucial to take accessibility, sustainability, efficient ventilation, anti-humidity, and anti-corrosion conditions into account while choosing road salt storage facilities. Road salt storage is one of the many storage space alternatives that Shelter Structures provides. Shelter Structures offers one-stop solutions for storage spaces, including road salt storage.

Fabric buildings, also known as fabric structures, are an effective alternative to conventional brick and mortar buildings for storing corrosive materials like road salt. Shelter Structures’ fabric structures are made of anodized aluminum alloy frames with fabric covers, creating stable and durable spaces.

There are many advantages of Shelter Structures’ fabric structures regarding storing corrosive materials like road salt. There are some methods how to storage it. 

Why choose Shelter Structure?

Fabric Structures For Storing Road Salt

1.Shelter Structures Anti-corrosion Materials Utilization

Compared to conventional concrete and steel buildings, steel and aluminum structures, which are both categorized as metal structures, are common alternatives for warehouses and storage. Steel structures easily rust, especially when storing corrosive materials, as this accelerates the corrosion of the metal buildings. Even hot-dipped galvanized steel structures, which feature a very thick zinc coating on the steel surface to resist rust, can still risk rusting after decades of use. 

Shelter Structures’ anodized aluminum alloy structures provide additional benefits for storing huge amounts of bulk road salt since they are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. Road salt also requires a dry storage area and protection from harsh exterior weather conditions such as snow, rain, and damp wind. The excellent enclosure ability, paired with anti-leakage features, is critical in preserving road salt in a dry environment. Shelter Structures’ fabric structures for corrosive material storage employ a highly corrosion-resistant material called PVDF, which protects road salt not only from the environment but also from corrosion caused by the stored goods.

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) offers strong chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, and solvents. Shelter Structures’ roof and sidewall panels, which are normally comprised of this material, have a coating of 1050g/square meter, resulting in PVDF-coated textiles. By combining these materials with the correct foundation and airflow design, a structure may be created that gives the maximum resistance to corrosion.

2.Shelter Structures Max space utilization

Road salt is typically stored in bulk, requiring substantial space both vertically and horizontally. At Shelter Structures, nearly all our fabric structures are designed as clearspan structures. This means they have no interior load-bearing columns that could cause obstructions. The clear advantage of clearspan design is the maximization of horizontal space, resulting in optimal space utilization.

Particularly in our TFS series (Tension Fabric Structures), we offer significant vertical clearances along the sidewalls and at the center of the building. This design prevents unintentional damage to the structure during the delivery or unloading of road salt by equipment operators. Since stacking road salt is a practical storage method, the unique design of these structures allows for more vertical space.

3.Structural design empower for the capacity mandate

Municipal road salt distribution facilities often need to accommodate 100% of their current annual consumption rates. Reloading halfway through the season to complement the supply can pose significant risks to road salt operations. As previously mentioned, Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings enable optimal use of vertical storage space. The eave height of our buildings can reach up to 8 meters without impacting the design of the building or its foundation. This design feature allows for storing more salt within the same footprint.

4.Cost efficiency while stay stable and durable

Fabric Structures For Storing Road Salt

Compared to conventional concrete and steel buildings, Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings are more cost-efficient in terms of material and labor costs, among others. The use of lightweight materials, such as anodized aluminum alloy columns and fabric cover panels, enables rapid installation and disassembly. For example, typically 5-10 construction personnel can complete a 50x50m Shelter Structures’ fabric building in just 2 weeks. This significantly reduces construction time, leading to a decrease in both labor and time costs.

Shelter Structures’ fabric structures are outfitted with a variety of conveniences and accessories while remaining able to withstand heavy snow/wind loads and fulfill local design standards. One significant example is the ventilation system, which is critical in ensuring a dry atmosphere for storing road salt. Shelter Structures specializes in turnkey solutions, including the configuration of appropriate ventilation systems to meet your specific requirements. Other conveniences and extras, such as industrial lighting packages for nighttime operations and unloading, are also available, and our skilled staff may adapt them to match your exact needs.

Various aluminum profiles can be used for road salt storage, meeting both temporary and permanent requirements. Shelter Structures offers the most practical and rigorous architecture for your road salt storage needs, assuring stability and longevity.


Known for their superior engineering quality and innovative solutions, the structures designed by Shelter Structures provide a safe and secure environment for clients requiring storage and operating space, particularly those handling road salt and other materials. The structures have a clear-span design, meaning there are no columns to obstruct the interior, creating an open, flexible space for use. The column-free design not only facilitates the entry and exit of large equipment, but also improves the overall space utilization efficiency.

Furthermore, our space solutions, equipped with versatile amenities and accessories such as lighting packages and ventilation systems, ensure a safe working environment both during the day and at night.

Shelter Structures offers a variety of options to suit different load requirements and environmental conditions. These profiles are precisely calculated and tested to ensure structural stability and durability. Whether in extreme climates or during routine operations, these structures maintain their performance, which provide protection for operators and stored items.

Multipurpose facilities and accessories are also included into Shelter Structures’ space solutions to further improve workplace safety. Because the lighting package is well-designed, there is less chance of an accident because the work area is always clear and bright, even at night or in low light. The installation of a ventilation system guarantees air circulation, stops dangerous gasses or steam from building up, and gives employees a healthy working environment.


The fabric structures from Shelter Structures provide unmatched benefits for effectively and efficiently storing road salt. These structures offer a robust and corrosion-resistant environment for bulk road salt storage by employing anti-corrosion materials including anodized aluminum alloy and PVDF-coated textiles. Maximum space utilization is made possible by the clearspan design, which provides ideal vertical and horizontal storage capacity. Facilities are able to fulfill capacity requirements thanks to the structural design, which maintains stability and longevity.

Another distinguishing feature of Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings is cost effectiveness. Quick installation and adaptable features guarantee both affordability and usefulness. Safety is the top priority, and characteristics like industrial lighting packages, clearspan architecture, and adaptable ventilation systems make it safe for operating staff to operate.

The fabric structures from Shelter Structures provide a complete solution for storing road salt. They combine dependability, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to confidently and reliably satisfy the needs of winter maintenance operations. If you need to customize your own tent, you can contact our professional team and we will provide you with professional and considerate services.

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