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Home -- Blogs -- Tips For Winter Party Tent

Tips For Winter Party Tent


Shirly combines her structural engineering expertise with strategic marketing skills, setting new benchmarks in the large tent industry.

Published: June 4, 2024

1. What is a Winter Party Tent And Why Do You Need It?

How to stay warm and cozy in cold weather? Choosing a suitable winter party tent is particularly important. Read below to learn about the 4 types of winter party tents and their features, and usage scenarios to make a better choice of tents!

A Frame Tents

Frame tents are durable and affordable. The aluminum alloy frame provides good stability and load-bearing capacity. Frame tents are more affordable than traditional clear span tents because they have the option of not adding a wall. When it snows in winter, the A-shaped design on the top helps the snow slide off. This design allows it to withstand heavy snow loads. Sizes range from 10 to 120 feet, allowing you to flexibly adapt to your event.

Dome tents

The outstanding feature of the dome tent is its spherical design. It is made from lightweight materials while providing excellent stability and resistance to wind and snow. So it is very suitable for use in countries located in seismic zones.

Decorating a dome tent is also very simple, because the dome itself is a decoration. Adding some balloons or festive decorations can further create a festive atmosphere for the event. Shelter can currently provide balls with a maximum diameter of 50m, so you don’t have to worry about the event being too large for the tent to accommodate.

Winter Event Dome

Pole tents

Pole tents are one of the most traditional types of tents. Compared with dome and frame tents, it is more cost-effective to choose a pole tent. It can be built at a lower cost. This is a great option if you have an event coming up as it can be set up and taken down quickly. But it is not a good choice in the cold winter because of its open design on all sides. Although you can choose to install side curtains, the pole tents are still not windproof.

Winter Pole Tents

Keder tents

If you have a limited budget but want a warm place to hold events in winter, the keder tent is a better choice. Traditional tents are time-consuming and labor-intensive to set up, but keder tents perfectly combine efficiency and practicality. It uses a streamlined track system to insert the fabric, making installation quick and easy. The strong, channeled box beam framing ensures maximum stability against the elements.

30x30 Keder Tent

2. What Materials Should Be Used for a Winter Party Tent?


Outdoor winter party tents are typically constructed with frames made of aluminum alloy. The main material used by Shelter is aluminum alloy 6061-T6. 6061 is the model of the aluminum profile, and T6 is the heat treatment method. 6601 aluminum profiles can be subjected to various surface treatments such as anodizing, spraying, and electrophoretic coating to improve their wear resistance and aesthetics. Therefore, tents made of aluminum are both beautiful and durable. It adds a different flavor to your winter activities.

Aluminum is about one-third lighter than steel, making it easier to transport. It is less susceptible to oxidation, corrosion and rust. It is a relatively corrosion-resistant metal with a long life.


The tarpaulin of a winter party tent is a material composed of the base fabric, coating and surface treatment. Common tarpaulin base fabric materials include polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, glass fiber and polypropylene fiber. Through coating treatment on the base fabric, the tarpaulin can be made waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and other properties after coating.

The most commonly used coating is PVC coating. PVC tarpaulin has high tensile strength and can withstand large pulling forces, giving the tent good stability and structural strength. Effective against snow in winter. The surface is smooth and self-cleaning. Designing a certain angle for the tarp can effectively prevent snow from collapsing the tent.

3. What Is the Size and Capacity of the Winter Party Tent?

Multiply the length by the width to get the square feet of the tent. You can initially determine the size of outdoor tents for winter parties based on the number of guests you have. But please make sure to leave some extra space in case you need it.

Square FeetTheater SeatingSeated Dinner

More than just the number of guests to accommodate, when planning your event space, it's crucial to understand the number of square feet required for each project.

Make a list of all the furniture and equipment you need to place inside the tent, including dining tables, chairs, stage, sound equipment, etc., and measure their dimensions. Make sure the tent you choose is sized to accommodate these items and allow for appropriate passage space. For example, a 48-inch diameter round table that seats 6-8 people requires 80 square feet of space...

Number of Seated GuestsSquare Feet Needed
seats 6-880(48″ Round Table)
seats 10100(60″ Round Table)
seats 12120(72″ Round Table)

Consider the flow of guests through the tent. Make sure key areas such as entrances, exits and restrooms are easily accessible and avoid overcrowding.

If you still have any questions or need more specific advice, please feel free to contact Shelter. We will provide you with a free detailed design plan.

4. How to Set Up a Winter Party Tent?

  • Arrange materials.
  • Place the aluminum alloy trusses in the order of construction.
  • Build the trusses (assemble the frame structure of the tent according to the drawings).
  • Install the tarpaulin on the frame, adjust the tension of the tarpaulin to ensure it is flat and wrinkle-free, and secure it with special fasteners.
  • Choose the appropriate fixing method according to the ground conditions.
  • Check that all fixings are secure and that the tent will not shift in adverse weather conditions.

Please be sure to follow all local regulations and safety guidelines to ensure the safe installation and use of your event tent. If you're not sure how to do it, it's recommended to hire a professional for installation and maintenance. If necessary, you can check Shelter's YouTube or TikTok to watch the detailed steps of installing the party tent.

5. How to Heat a Tent in Winter?

In cold areas, outdoor temperatures are often well below the human body's comfortable temperature range. In a low-temperature environment, people's bodies will consume more energy to maintain body temperature, reducing people's activity participation and interaction quality. By heating the tent, the indoor temperature can be effectively raised, allowing people to enjoy activities in a comfortable environment.

Use Heater

1. Floor heating system:

Advantages: Provides uniform heat distribution, high comfort, no noise, and no discomfort caused by air flow.
Disadvantages: The installation cost is high, pipes need to be laid in advance, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.

2. Stove/Fireplace:

Advantages: Traditional and ornamental, it can create a warm atmosphere.
Disadvantages: Requires professional installation, poses certain safety risks, and requires a continuous supply of fuel.

3. Heater:

Advantages: Easy to move, can provide heat quickly, and some models have temperature control functions.
Disadvantages: It may cause dry air, so you need to pay attention to cleaning the filter regularly.

Insulation Material

It uses professional insulation materials, such as waterproof 160Z canvas + aluminum foil foam insulation layer. It can achieve a temperature difference effect of 15 degrees. Its theoretical thermal radiation refractive index reaches 85%. Energy saving is 70%. The thermal conductivity is 0.035. The service life is more than 10 years.

Installed on the side walls of a winter party tent not only provides insulation but also acts as a support. These materials have good thermal insulation properties and can ensure that the temperature inside the tent will not be too low in winter.

6. How to Create a Winter Atmosphere for a Winter Party Tent?

To create a party tent full of winter atmosphere, you can decorate it with the following aspects.

Lighting Design

Warm-colored lights, such as yellow or orange LED string lights, are used in the winter party tent to create a warm atmosphere. Hang icicle-shaped lamps at the entrance of the tent to simulate the icicle effect in winter. If conditions permit, you can set up a canopy with twinkling stars to simulate the starry winter sky.

Shelter Structures Banner2

Color Matching

Use red or green as decoration for the winter party tent to add a festive atmosphere, such as a Christmas theme. Warm colors can also visually make people feel warm.

Natural Elements

Use pine boughs, holly, and other evergreens as decoration to simulate the look of a winter forest. Hang icicle-shaped decorations from the winter party tent, or use ice crystal shapes made of clear plastic.

7. Something Easy to Overlook When Hosting a Winter Party

When planning a winter party, some easily overlooked details are crucial to ensuring a smooth event and a comfortable experience for your guests.

Choose the Perfect Time

Make sure that the day of the event is a sunny day with no snowstorms to avoid bad weather affecting the event. Check the weather forecast in advance and prepare a plan for unexpected weather changes. You can also choose a clear night and enjoy the starry winter sky.

Choose a Suitable Location

Consider choosing a flat, dry, and easily accessible venue for winter party tent installation. And transportation should be convenient for guests to arrive. It is best to have a parking lot.

Prepare Delicious Winter Food

Serve guests warm winter foods, such as hot drinks or desserts, which will not only keep the cold at bay but also make the event more comfortable.

Safety and First Aid Measures

Make sure your event is safe with adequate lighting and signage to prevent guests from slipping in the cold or dark. Also, prepare a first aid kit and warm items such as blankets and gloves.


We've thoroughly examined every aspect of winter party tenting, from purchasing and installation to decoration and event hosting. Each step is crucial.

When purchasing, you should consider the tent's material, size and features to ensure it can meet the special needs of winter. During the installation process, make sure the tent is stable and safe to avoid accidents caused by strong winds or snow.

In terms of decoration, winter elements and lighting design are used to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Be well prepared before your event, including food, drinks and entertainment. We hope you can create a party that is warm, cozy and full of winter charm.

The tent event solution provided by Shelter, with full service and worry-free after-sales service, is an ideal choice for you to prepare for your winter party. Provide you with one-stop service from design to installation, allowing you to easily enjoy the perfect winter party experience.

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SHELTER has a great team of skilled architects ready to support your project or Event at any time.

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