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When talking about industrial storage solutions, businesses concern about whether they are  cost-effective, flexible, and efficient options to meet their warehouse and storage needs. In this aspect, clearspan structures show out their advantages to become one of the top choices for businesses, due to the versatile and customizable solutions for industrial storage. At Shelter Structures, clearspan-structure buildings, manufactured with aluminum alloy frame and fabric roof, have various designs, including A-frame, TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure), and Polygonal types. Let’s take a look and explore the secret of clearspan structures and how they can be effectively using for industrial storage.

What are clearspan structures


Simply speaking, clearspan structures are mostly used in event industry as event halls, as well as for industrial-grade tents or fabric buildings designed to provide large, open, and obstruction-free interior spaces. They have the special feature, clearspan or clear span, which means the structures are made of none interior columns, allowing for maximum utilization of interior space and making them suitable for various industrial applications.

What components do this structures have? They normally are made of steel/ alu frame together with fabric roof, most cases also with fabric side walls. Shelter Structures use aluminum alloy for the frame which provides structural stability and support, while the fabric cover ensures protection from the external elements. We believe and it has been proved that this combination of materials makes clearspan structures ideal for applications such as warehousing, manufacturing, and storage.

What are the clearspan structures type from Shelter Structures


One of the most significant advantages of clearspan structures is their versatility in design and customization. Shelter Structures has been well known it and provide various styles to match customers’ specific needs. The types are listed but not limited as below.

1. A-Frame Type (M, L series)

A-frame structures, so called Shelter Structures M & L series, are the most traditional design, characterized by their peaked roof. This design provides ample vertical space and is suitable for customers who require high clearances for storage racks or equipment. A-frame structures are commonly used in agriculture, logistics, and warehousing.

2. TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure)

TFS structures feature a curved roof and offer a more modern and special look. The purpose of the curved design is because that the structures mainly focus on its durability against the external environment and internal space utilization. The TFS structures more enhance the building’s strength and helps shed snow and rain more efficiently, and being used in the industries like aircraft hangars, large operation machines storage.

3. Polygonal Type

Polygonal structures are known for their versatility in size and shape, which have  multiple angles on the roof and can be easily tailored to accommodate a wide range of applications. Customers in various industries, from construction to manufacturing, often choose polygonal clearspan structures for their adaptability.

Benefits of Clearspan Structures for Industrial Storage

Clearspan structures have many advantages that can have more benefits in the field of industrial storage.


Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, clearspan structures are a cost-effective solution. Firstly from the materials they are made of, aluminum is more cost-effective than concrete and steel structures. In the meantime, they require less time and money for construction, reducing initial cost and further maintenance costs.

Quick Installation

Clearspan structures can be installed significantly faster than conventional buildings. This quick setup minimizes the construction lead time and is considered as time saving solutions, which allows businesses to start using the storage space sooner.


The ability to customize the design, size, and features of clearspan structures makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Businesses can easily adapt the space to accommodate changing needs, which can also be known as their flexibility.

Natural Light

The fabric covers of clearspan structures allow natural light to successfully pass through. Due to the types of the fabric, translucent/ transparent/ lightproof types can be chosen. In most the cases, this feature reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day and creating a more pleasant working environment.


The aluminum frames and high-quality fabric covers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making clearspan structures a long-lasting and dependable storage solution.

Environmental Benefits

Clearspan structures are more eco-friendly than traditional buildings, in terms of material usage. They require fewer materials and resources to manufacture. This leads to a reduced carbon footprint for businesses.


Clearspan structures, at Shelter Structures, with aluminum frames, fabric roof & side walls, and customizable design & other amenities options, have been accepted and trending for nowadays industrial storage. These versatile and cost-effective buildings provide you (as customers) with the ample interior space and flexibility, and can further satisfy your storage and warehousing requirements. From A-frame designs to TFS, polygonal options and more, we offer clearspan structures solutions for a wide range of industries.

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