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The Ultimate Guide to a Tent Revival


Bilingual in English and Spanish, Luis excels in event space planning, bringing multicultural insights to his innovative tent designs.

Published: May 15, 2024


Tent revival has long been an opportunity for a divine dialogue, a solemn place for spiritual awakening. People gather together to share the power of faith and the love of God. Today, I will lead you on a journey of the ultimate guide to tent revival meetings, exploring how to plan, prepare, and hold an unforgettable tent revival. Let us explore the depths of faith together and pay tribute to the revival of the soul.

What Is a Tent Revival?

Tent revival is an outdoor gathering that brings together a group of people with a common faith. They come from different social classes and backgrounds, Talk with each other, and share life experiences to seek inner peace and tranquility through prayer.

This form of gathering not only has an impact on the individual spiritual level but also brings positive changes to society. It encourages people to actively participate in social welfare activities and services and promotes the improvement of social morality and values.

Tent Revival Meetings

11 Steps to Prepare for a Tent Meeting Revival

Spreading the gospel is a sacred mission, a response to loyalty, dedication, and mission to God and humanity. Revival tents provide a place for believers and non-believers to encounter God, seek spiritual nourishment, and receive divine revelation. Therefore, church leaders and staff usually need to devote a lot of energy to ensure the smooth running of tent revival meetings. So how should we prepare for tent revivals? Here are some common preparation steps:

1. Setting Goals for Tent Revival Meetings

Determine the goals and vision for the tent revival, including the desired outcomes and effects. This could be increasing church attendance, revitalizing church life, attracting new believers, etc.

2. Building Team for Tent Revival

This team probably includes pastors, church staff, volunteers, and other interested believers. The general should include:
  • Planning and organizing team:The team is responsible for the overall planning, including determining the goals, agenda, and theme of the gathering, arranging the venue, date, and time, coordinating the work of various working groups, and supervising the preparation and execution of the entire gathering.
  • Worship and music team:Responsible for preparing and leading the worship and music part of the gathering, including selecting and rehearsing hymns, arranging music personnel, designing music performances, and leading singing, etc.
  • Preaching and message communication team:Responsible for preparing and communicating the sermons, messages, and testimony sharing of the gathering, including inviting speakers, preparing preaching materials, designing message communication methods, and planning testimony-sharing sessions.
  • Reception and service team:Responsible for welcoming and receiving gathering participants, and providing necessary services including registration, guidance, consultation, gift distribution, catering arrangements, etc.
  • Publicity and promotion team:Responsible for promoting church revival gatherings, including designing and producing promotional materials, publishing event information, managing social media and websites, contacting media reports, etc.
  • Technical support team:Responsible for providing technical support and equipment management required for the party, including the preparation, debugging, and operation of technical equipment such as audio, lighting, projection, recording, and live broadcast.
  • Safety and sanitation team:Responsible for ensuring the safety and sanitation of the party site, and equipping first aid equipment, etc.
Tent Revivals

3. Confirm the Location for Tent Revivals

Choosing a location for a church revival gathering is a key decision that will directly affect the convenience of participants and the atmosphere of the gathering. The following are factors to consider when choosing a location for a church revival gathering:
  • Capacity and space:Make sure the selected location can accommodate the expected number of participants and has enough space to host various activities such as sermons, musical performances, etc.
  • Comfort and atmosphere:Choose a comfortable, quiet, and sacred location that can help participants focus more.
  • Transportation and parking:Consider the location's accessibility and parking conditions, and choose a location with convenient transportation and parking to facilitate church members and participants to come.
  • Safety:Make sure the selected location is safe and reliable.
  • Accessibility:Consider the different needs of church members and participants and choose a barrier-free and easily accessible location.
  • Cost and budget:Finally, you need to consider the rental and use fees of the location.

4. Contact Local Zoning Officials

When planning a tent revival, you may need to obtain the appropriate permits. Even if you choose a private venue, you should review city ordinances regarding noise or large gatherings. Following the ordinances is not only important for compliance, but also to ensure the safety of your guests.

5. Choose a Date for a Tent Meeting Revival

The choice of time will directly affect the availability and participation of participants. Our goal is to attract as many believers as possible. The following are factors to consider when choosing a church revival meeting time:
  • When choosing a time, you should try to avoid conflicts with other important church activities, festivals, or celebrations, and choose a time that most people can attend.
  • Consider local culture and customs. Some areas may prefer mornings, while others may be more suitable for evenings.
  • Consider local climate and seasonal conditions. Avoid holding tent revival under extreme weather conditions to ensure the comfort and safety of participants.

6. Create a Schedule for Tent Revival

Create a detailed agenda for the tent revival, including preaching, praise and worship, prayer, testimony sharing, etc., to ensure that the event flow is reasonable and coherent. Tent revival usually follows a series of procedures and content, although the specific arrangements may vary depending on the organizer, regional culture, and religious traditions. The following are the common procedures and contents of tent revivals in general:
  • Welcome and introduction:Tent revival activities usually start with a welcome and introduction.
  • Praise and worship:Tent revival activities usually include the singing of hymns and collective worship. People will sing, dance, and express their love and worship for God together.
  • Preaching:The core content of tent revival is preaching. The host or missionary will convey religious information through preaching, share stories and lessons from the Bible, and encourage the audience to believe and do good deeds.
  • Prayer and miracles:Tent revival activities often have prayer meetings where people can express their worries and needs and seek God's help and miracles. Sometimes, there are also claims of miracles.
  • Faith Response and Decision:In tent revival activities, people are often encouraged to make faith responses and decisions, which may include repentance, accepting Jesus as personal savior, etc.
  • Community Service and Assistance:Some tent revival activities also include community service and assistance projects, such as free food and clothing distribution, medical services, psychological counseling, etc., to give back to the community and help those in need.
  • Event Closing and Summary:Tent revival activities usually end with a prayer of thanksgiving and summary. The host or missionary will thank the participants and pray for God's blessing and guidance.
Church Tents

7. Prepare Music and Speakers for Tent Revival

Prepare appropriate music: Arrange a music team or a leader to prepare hymns and music, and ensure that the music content can lead people into a state of worship.

Arrange speakers: Invite appropriate speakers or special guests to participate in tent revival to share messages, testimonies, and spiritual content.

8. Plan and Promote the Tent Revival

Design promotional materials, including flyers, posters, emails, and social media ads, to publicize the time, location, and theme of the tent revival.

9. Count the Number of People Attending the Tent Revival

It is very important to have a rough count of how many people will come to your tent revival because it has a great impact on the planning, preparation, and execution of the event.

There are several ways to know how many people will come to your church revival meeting:

  • Pre-registration or sign-up:Before holding a church revival meeting, you can set up an online or offline registration or sign-up system to encourage people to register or sign up in advance.
  • Invitations and notifications:Send invitations and reminders to church members and community members to attend the church revival meeting through invitations, emails, text messages, or social media. Invitations can include an RSVP option so that participants can confirm their attendance.
  • Social media activities:Use social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to post information and invitations for church revival meetings, encourage people to leave comments or click the "interested" or "attending" button on the event page or post, and estimate the number of participants.
  • On-site registration:Set up a registration desk or information desk at the church revival meeting site to encourage participants to register their names and contact information when they arrive so that the number of participants can be counted.

Combining the above methods, the number of participants in the tent revival can be estimated more accurately, and corresponding arrangements and preparations can be made.

10. Choose the Right Revival Tent

Tents play an important role in revival activities. They provide a temporary gathering place for revival activities, can accommodate a large number of participants, provide shade, rain protection, and other functions, protect participants from the influence of the natural environment, and ensure the smooth progress of the activities.

Tents are often used as sacred symbols in the Bible, representing the encounter and communication between God and man. In revival activities, tents also have symbolic significance, symbolizing the gathering of believers and closeness to God.

Tent revivalists often prefer white tents because white tents with simple layouts and decorations can create a sacred and solemn atmosphere, which helps participants to devote themselves to worship and spiritual experience.

There are many types of revival tents, the most common ones are the following three: High Peak Tent, Pole Tent, and Frame Tent.

High Peak Tent

A High Peak Tent can be a fantastic choice for a tent revival event!
These tents offer a spacious and elegant interior with high ceilings, making them perfect for accommodating a large number of people while providing a sense of openness and grandeur. They often come in various sizes, so you can select one that fits the size of your event.

High Peak Tent

Pole Tent

Pole tents boast a timeless, traditional appearance, supported by poles—often featuring a central pole as the primary structural support. These tents require staking into the ground and are unsuitable for use on concrete surfaces.

They are known for their traditional charm, symbolizing tradition and strong faith. With simple support poles inserted into the earth, they evoke memories and reflections of a deep-rooted, time-honored faith journey.

Pole Tent

Frame Tent

Frame tents feature metal frameworks, offering versatile, freestanding structures suitable for mounting on various surfaces, conveying a message of hope that transcends obstacles and welcomes all seekers.

30x105 Large Wedding Frame Tent

11. Other Things to Note After Setting up a Revival Tent

After the tent is set up, create an environment suitable for worship, praise, and spiritual experience. You also need to pay attention to some other aspects that may be involved:

  • Stage setting:Build a stage for preaching, speeches, or music performances.
  • Sound system:Install and set up the sound system, including speakers, audio mixers, microphones, and other equipment to ensure clear sound, and good sound quality, and adapt to the size and shape of the venue.
  • Lighting equipment:Install and set up lighting equipment, including stage lighting, stage effect lights, stage background lights, etc., to create light and shadow effects suitable for worship and performance.
  • Seating and table layout:According to the type and scale of the gathering, place a sufficient number of seats and tables. The layout of the seats can be set as needed, such as theater style, round table style, or church style, which can be more dense and more conducive to communication.
  • Tent interior decoration:For decoration inside the tent, you can use flowers, curtains, banners, slogans, and other decorative items to create a warm and solemn atmosphere suitable for church revival gatherings.
  • Electricity and equipment:Install the required electrical equipment, including generators, extension cords, etc.
  • Safety considerations:Ensure the safety of the tent, including checking and re-fixing the tent bracket, checking the stability of the ground, preparing fire extinguishers, etc. to deal with emergencies.
  • Equipment testing and adjustment:Test the audio, lighting, projection, and other equipment and systems before the event to ensure their normal operation make adjustments, and be prepared to welcome participants.


With the above preparations, you have mastered the key to successfully organizing a tent revival!

Tent revival meetings pass on the faith, not only promoting personal faith growth but also bringing a positive impact to society. Tent revival gatherings promote the development and progress of the community.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you. If you are ready to prepare for a revival meeting and find a suitable tent, please contact [email protected].

Whether it is a revival meeting, church picnic, vacation Bible school, or prayer meeting, we can provide high-quality, customized tents to meet your various needs.

Finally, I hope your tent revival meets a smooth and successful one!

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