TFS Aircraft Hangar Tent

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TFS Aircraft Hangar Tent

Shelter’s TFS series is designed for Aircraft Hangar Tent with high arch roof.  Span from 18m to 50m, this hangar tent provides enough space for helicopter and aircraft. With its strong aluminum profile and fire proof PVC fabric cover, hangar tent is durable and strong enough to stand a high wind speed up to 100km/h.

Hangar tent is the best choice for private helicopters since it is relocatable, easy setup and dismantle and cost-effective. We also provide custom design according to your requirements. For example, we can adjust the roof height and other specifications according to your aircraft size and can provide doors, floors, etc.

We also provide installation guidance to your job site if it is your first time setting up a hangar tent.

Main Profile:

  • Framework: Hardpressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy T6061/T6
  • Available Size: 112 x 203 x 4mm, 120 x 350 x 6mm, 166 x 380 x 6mm, 130 x 310 x 5mm
  • Feature: Stainless, Lightweight

Cover Material:

  • Available Option: 850g / sqm Block-out white PVC Tarpaulin, 950g / sqm transparent PVC Fabric
  • Features: Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)


Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.
Shelter offers aircraft hangar with different size to support any solution. Lenght is unlimited by 5m each unit. Customized span size is allowed in Shelter (Click Here for Solution). Please check the size and contact us

Bay Distance(m)Max. Windload


  • Sidewall:
    Pure PVC Fabric;
    ABS Solid Wall;
    Sandwich Panel;
    Clear PVC Windows.
  • Door:
    PVC Door with Zipper;
    Roller Shutter;
    Aluminum Door;
    Sliding Door.
  • Floor:
    Wooden Floor;
    Caseette Floor.
  • Fixation:
    Expension Bolt;
    Steel Stake;
    Weight Basket.
  • Others:
    Air Conditioner;
    Fly Screen Windows.

Farbic Structures Application

Shelter Tension Fabric Structures are the perfect solution for temporary or permanent aviation usage:

  • Aircraft & Helicopter Hangars for Parking and Repair
  • Temporary Airport Terminals
  • Airport Security Screening
  • Airport Fire Stations
  • Air Cargo Sort Facilities
  • Aviation Equipment Warehousing
  • Airport Emergency Response Vehicle Storage
  • Auxiliary Baggage Handling Space
  • Airport Check-in Buildings
  • Airport Pedestrian Corridors
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment Storage
  • Other Airport Buildings

Pre-sale Service

  • Online-Inquiry: We will take care your project online within 24h.
  • Turnkey Solution: The tent size is depend on the size and quantity of aircraft, we will offer the suitable solution accorrding to your requirement.

Design & Mock-up

  • Customized Design: Our technology will show you the basic structures for your wish. In addition, customized design is allowed in Shelter including the height, bay distance, shape, fabric printing and more.
  • Mock-up: After the basic frame design, we will show you the 3D mock. Bring your idea into reality.

CNC Technology

  • In order to ensure the accuracy of production, we introduced the German CNC technology.

    • CNC Drilling: Increasing the accuracy of aluminum alloy frame.
    • CNC Cutting: Experienced technology in pattern cutting like brand logo and clear windows.

Quality Inspection

  • We have strict quality testing system for each produce process.

    • Aluminum Profile: Hard Pressed Extruded Structural Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 at least 250 MPa.
    • PVC Fabric: Premimum grade,high gloss white, thickness ≥0.67mm

Installation Testing

  • For giving reliable hangar with 100% safety, we will do installation testing including frame and fabric covered before delivery.

Package & Delivery

    • Considerate Package:
      • Aluminum frame packed in membrane film.
      • Roof and sidewall in professional PVC carry bag.
      • Hardware packed in wooden case.
    • Worldwide Delivery: Door to door shipping service.

Job-site Consultation

  • Job-site Measurement: If you are looking for event tents in customized size, our technology are willing to make the measurement on your job-site.
  • Installation Guide: We will send our engineers or project manager to your jobsite for installation guidance if you need.

Maintenance & Repair

  • We are willing to make the maintenance for your structures including aluminum alloy frame, connection and covered fabric replacement.

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