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How Much Does a Tent Wedding Cost ?


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Updated: March 26, 2024
Published: February 23, 2024

Cost of Tent Weddings: Factors to Consider

A tent wedding's cost can vary significantly based on size, style, and additional amenities, but generally, for a modest wedding with 50 guests, costs start around $2,000 for tent rental alone. For larger weddings of 150-200 guests, expect to pay between $5,000 and $8,000 for the tent rental, with prices for grand events of 300+ guests ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. When accounting for furnishings, décor, catering, and other essentials, a complete tent wedding can range from $10,000 to over $30,000, depending on the level of luxury and detail desired.

Cost of Tent Weddings Factors to Consider


From rustic chic to bohemian glam, tent weddings provide a gorgeous outdoor setting to say your vows. The style is photo-friendly, budget-conscious, and easy to customize. But hosting your wedding reception under a tent comes with many moving parts and costs. Here's a detailed breakdown of a tent wedding cost:

Tent Rental Fees

Arguably, the biggest rental expense is the actual tent and equipment needed to erect it safely and attractively. Tent rental pricing is based primarily on size, style, and components included.

For a more intimate wedding of 50 people, frame tents begin at around $2,000. These casual tents use metal corner frames and poles over which the tent top stretches. Pole tents cost slightly less at $1,500+, using center poles and perimeter poles for support instead of a frame.

Capacity plays a major role in tent rental pricing. For 150-200 guests, rental fees run $5,000-$8,000 on average. Especially large weddings of 300+ people require giant pole tents renting for $10,000-$15,000.

Beyond the tent itself, factor in delivery, installation, and removal costs. This runs a few hundred dollars or more. It also accounts for platform flooring ($800+), lighting ($500+), power distribution, climate control, fire extinguishers, and more. Many tent companies offer all-inclusive wedding packages to simplify planning.

If hosting at a private residence, you forgo venue rental fees, but permitting/coordination and equipment delivery prove more complex. Traditional venues with existing kitchens and infrastructure provide a more turnkey operation.

Furniture Rentals

Transforming the empty tent into a spectacular reception venue requires adequate seating and décor tailored to your theme. While buying furniture seems convenient, nearly half of couples rent items, according to Wedding Wire. Rentals prove morebudget-friendly, especially for occasional-use pieces, and simplify coordination.

First, select your chairs. The most affordable option is renting white folding banquet chairs for $2-4 each. While versatile and practical, some find banquet chairs lack elegance. Chiavari chairs with ornate backs and armrests better suit formal occasions, coming in metals like gold/silver for $6-8 per chair. Padded options add comfort, but even basic cushions raise rental prices by $3-5 each.

Next, choose tables. Round 60” tables seating 8-10 diners rent for $10-25 each; 6' rectangular versions run slightly less. Consider farm-style wood tables for a rustic feel at $12-18 each. Tailor table shape/size to your vision -clusters of smaller rounds encourage mingling, while banquet rectangles suit plated dinners. Table length also affects linen needs.

Don't overlook table linens when budgeting. Polyester rounds cost $15-20 each; premium satin or organza run $25-35. Splurge on luxe linens only for head tables on a budget. The same goes for chair ties/bows, charging $2-3 per chair.

Furniture Rentals

Catering and Bar Expenses

After finding your dream tent venue, prioritize the menu! Catering comprises 11-14% of total wedding costs. For a tantalizing spread under canvas, plan around $25 per guest. Formal plated service elevates the occasion but requires more culinary staff effort, boosting prices to $35-50 each. Other impacting factors:

To start, determine the format. Family-style dinners foster connections through passed platters at $18 per head. Buffets allow customizable portions, starting around $22 each. Plated service seems upscale but requires precise ordering/timing for $30+.

Next, consider cuisine styles. All-American BBQs save more over Asian fusion fare requiring specialized ingredients/cooking. Formal multi-course meals run $45+ versus passed hearty hors d'oeuvres closer to $15 each.

Dietary needs add complexity. Keeping menus simple avoids extreme modifications. Handling specialized meals for gluten/dairy/nut allergies costs extra.

Beyond food, there's alcohol. Hosting beer and wine only saves substantially over full bars, starting at $25 per guest. Limiting pours decreases not only beverage expenses itself but also liability and staffing requirements.

For seamless catering, inquire about what's included upfront. Servers, bussers, culinary staff, table settings, glassware, timing/coordination, and cleanup should already be factored in by professionals. DIY options seem frugal but prove demanding for hosts. Leverage caterer expertise.

Décor Costs

After securing functional rentals like tables and chairs, inject personality through décor details. Budget $10-30 per guest for attractive accent pieces like centerpieces, signage, lighting, linens, and floral arrangements transforming the blank tent.

Centerpieces anchor the tablescapes. Choose statement pieces like tall floral designs, eclectic candle collections, or eye-catching geo wire frames. Or keep it simple with scattered votives and greenery runners for an approachable feel. DIY-ing arrangements with grocery store blooms saves over professional florist fees.

Next, consider signage needs like directional signs, reserved seating charts, customized hashtags, and display boards showcasing photos or menus. Chalkboard easels prove popular and reusable, but proper placement takes coordination.

The lighting casts ambiance over the entire event. String lights overhead or along tent poles to mimic stars. Use lanterns, branches, and votives to illuminate pathways and accent tables. Rent lighting packages for impactful uplighting or programmable LEDs to fit your palette.

For extra grandeur, add luxe accents like abundant floral garlands bedecking the tent peaks, specialty lounges for separate mingling sections, gold/glass charging stations, and dramatic draping. But these bump costs to $30-60 per guest. Focus splurges only on priority elements.

Décor Costs

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Tent Wedding Wisely

  • Choose in-season flowers like hydrangea and sunflowers from grocery/farmer's markets as budget-friendly DIY centerpieces. Local sourcing prevents costly shipping fees from exotic peddlers.
  • Spotify playlists or a friend's DJ equipment can substitute for a formal DJ hire. Similarly, buying/borrowing vases, chalkboard signage, and other decorative items saves over rentals.
  • Opt for family-style, heavy hors d'oeuvres or barbecue to bypass expensive plated dinners. Sheet cakes, donuts, or bar cookies also suffice over elaborate multi-tiered versions.
  • Only offer beer, wine, and a couple of specialty cocktails rather than a full open bar. Signature drinks feel customized while limiting high liquor costs and liability.

Properly preparing for tent rental logistics, locking in vendors early, and embracing some DIY can yield significant cost savings on your dream outdoor wedding! Allocate 35-50% of your total budget to the reception and adjust according to priorities. With creativity and compromise, you can craft an incredible event under canvas without breaking the bank.


Q: What Influences the Cost of a Tent Wedding the Most?

A:The number one factor determining tent wedding costs is the guest count. More attendees require a larger tent, more tables/chairs, expanded catering/bar, additional staffing, a bigger dance floor, etc., doubling prices. The second biggest element is extra amenities like plated menus over buffets requiring more culinary effort. Personalizing décor also causes costs to balloon.

Q: How Early Should I Book the Tent and Other Rentals for My Wedding?

A:Ideally, start sourcing tent and furniture rentals at least 6 months out. Scheduling early ensures you get your preferred vendor and desired items are available. Peak seasons book up quickly! Visit rental showrooms to better envision options. Once your guest list is confirmed 2-3 months out, add final details like specialty lighting.

Q: Are There Any Hidden Costs I Should Be Aware of When Planning a Tent Wedding?

A:Hidden fees that could catch couples by surprise include overtime labor charges for vendors staying longer than contracted if events run late. There may also be fees for generators, power distribution, plate ware rentals, liability insurance, permit applications, parking coordination, security deposits in case of tent/furniture damage, and more. Ask direct questions.

Q: What Are the Best Months for Tent Weddings in the US?

A:Spring and fall host optimal weather for tent events before extreme heat or cold hits. September and October are hugely popular for their cooler temps, fall foliage backdrops and seasonal inspiration. May-June also delights before humidity intensifies. Have backup plans and consider portable fan/heating rentals to accommodate guests even during transitional months.

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